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There was a $149.99 charge on my July 2007 Juniper statement. It was for AutoVantage membership. I never heard of this company and immediately contacted Juniper to have the charge removed from my account. Three letters later they explained that they couldn't reverse the charges but instead AutoVantage would send me a check for the $149.99 which came in September 2007. They also accused me of accepting a $20.00 Home Depot card, which I had never received. I was furious.

Now I have $82.00 in late fees and penalties. I always pay my credit cards off... this is ridiculous!!! I called Juniper "customer" center and was told that my account is closed because of this $82.00 fee and I had to pay it. Even though they have the letter from Sheri Pinkerton, Dispute Advisor, apologizing for this transaction. Juniper customer service says there is nothing I can do except pay.

Come to find out that AutoVantage is a subsidiary company owned by Barkley/Juniper Banks.

This must be illegal... I know I'm afraid this will mess-up my credit standing and I did nothing wrong. How can Juniper allow this kind of business practice to continue?


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    Shannon Fuell Dec 17, 2007

    I have had the same problem with AutoVantage. They are sneaky. They made it look like I was getting something from my bank. The letter was even mailed from my bank. They have deducted over $200 from my account! And then when you call to find out who they are and why they are taking money out they are rude and lie to you about how to cancel. I would be ashamed to work at this company or do business with this company. Scamming people out of money is pitiful!

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    WENDY MURPHY Sep 21, 2008

    I received a card in the mail that I DID NOT ask for & my account better not be charged for it

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    Snelson Oct 31, 2008

    same thing just happened to me 149.99...
    just filled a dispute with my CC company.

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    Mishka Apr 03, 2009

    I'm sorry you guys have gone through this. I happened to have a good experience with AutoVantage. I signed up with them through WellsFargo for a trial period and a month later never received anything. I called WF and they patched me through to an AutoVantage rep who apologized, said my kit was on its way, sent a backup one just in case, and extended my 30 day trial period (ending in the beginning of April) through to June! AutoVantage has amazing discounts on auto services, rentals, hotels, and 5 free tows!
    I'm happy I signed up because today my fiance's tire blew out and so tonight we will be using our free tow and discount tire service from Firestone!

    I'm sorry you guys were dicked around but I believe this is a good company if you give them the right chance.
    Oh and I will be canceling my service before my trial period runs out. If I don't, it's only $14.95 a month.

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