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I posted this on [redacted], and now posting it here.

In early June 2007, I am sitting online on looking for a job. I see this add from 'Peruzzi Nissan' which I later found out to be an ad from Automax. Things like $500/wk, $90, 000 annual earnings with no experience necessary stand out to make it seem like the dream job. Who wouldn't want that kind of money?

I applied and was emailed about a session to come in for an interview on Monday, June 11th. I was excited. I arrived at Peruzzi Nissan and met Dave Peaschek(was under the impression that this man was a Peruzzi employee, and had thought that until I got ripped off ) We do the interview thing, and he tells me to come back Wednesday for training. Ok, cool. I'm pretty much in. Why would they train me if they didn't want me, I thought. I soon found out they didn't want me per se, just my money.

I arrive on Wednesday, along with a few other people. Dave tries to sweet talk all of us immediately about how this was a great decision for all of us and telling us how much money we will be making. Everyone was excited (who wouldn't be?) He gives out packets and starts talking to us about the business. Half way through the day, he decides to tell us that it will cost money for us being there. He didn't want to say how much at first, but then someone managed to get it out of him. He said $499.00. I could tell everyone was shocked and hesitant. That was outrageous. Murad, the man next to me, asked him why we have to pay so much money. Dave responded like a snake and used the analogy 'Well, you have to get certified. When you become a car mechanic, you have to play $2500 dollars, when you become a realestate salesman..etc' He went on with that. From that, he made it seem like the $499.00 dollars was for our sales license. If I had known otherwise, I would've never returned. So he went on with that gimmick, saying that if we don't pay the money, we will never be ceritfied, and if we don't get certified, we won't be allowed to sell cars. I figured, hey, I'll be making all of that money, what's the big deal if I pay it, I'll earn it back.

The next day of training was nothing that stood out, just more of Dave's slimey sales tactics, except he wasn't using them to have us buy cars, he was using them to take advantage of us.

The third and last day was the worst. He started collecting money from people. I gave him my check. Near the end of the day, he took me aside and gave me the 'contract' to sign. I asked him again if doing this will get us our sales certificate, just to be sure, because I had bed mislead before. He kept assuring me that it would. I sat there, trying to read it, and he kept using his salesman facade to get me to sign it by saying things like 'you've come this far, why don't you just sign it, and 'Why don't you want to sign it, Don't you want to make all that money?' I felt pressured, as if he wouldn't let me not sign it, So I signed it, hoping he would shut up so I could read it, but before I got the chance, he took it from me. I was never able to read what it said, and I never saw it again until I filed a complaint with the New Jersey Office of Consumer Protection when Automax sent it to them, even though on the bottom of the contract I found it it says I am entitled to a receipt of a copy of the contract, which I never received until months later. Dave took off from the building shortly after, I never saw him again.

After that, one of the employees from Peruzzi interviewed me and said I got the job. I was confused for a moment because I thought that was the whole reason I was there in the first place. At least that's how Dave made it seem.

They tell me to come in to work on the Tuesday. I did. When I get there, The manager tells us that we need to go to Harrisburg and buy our sales license or we won't be able to sell cars. Wait a minute, I spent $499.00(money I couldn't afford to throw away)for what I thought was my sales license, and now he wants me to go spend an additional $75.00 that I didn't have to get something I thought I already paid for? Clearly I was mislead and screwed over. After work that day, I never went back. Dave does not return my emails or phonecalls. The owner refuses to speak to me as well. I am still trying to get my money back, but its unlikely because these people are very seedy and greedy.

I am posting this here to help others avoid what happened to me;

Please people, spread the word to everyone.

Avoid this company like the plague. They will lie to you and mislead you, just to take money from you. They aren't there to help you, they only want to take the money from the unemployed.


  • ethics win Jan 01, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I reported this company, AutoMax, to the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs way back in 2003! I provided undisputable evidence that AutoMax actually tudors their "trainers" to manipulate prospective "students" into paying for training that would effectivly guarantee them a job. Now it's 2009 and AutoMax is still in operation and have taken advantage of several thousand more desperate job-seekers.

    If you have an experience with AutoMax that you deem fraudulent, contact Donald Golden at the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. Phone [protected]

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  • Co
    CONFIDENTIAL May 13, 2009

    I too was taken by Automax in California. I guess they moved to another state. See my story within this website.

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  • El
    Ellen Solomon Aug 30, 2009

    Automax in now in Florida. My son was also unemployed and went for the training. We paid the fee and about 3 of the 9 students from his class were hired at that particular dealer. The trainer helped my son get a job a week later at a different dealer. We have since found out that most of the students from my son's intial class had been let go after 2-3 weeks of working and now after 4 weeks of working for the other dealer, my son was also let go with 2 other students from a different class at Autmax that had been held a week later than my son's class. I wonder if these dealers get a kick-back for the hiring, hoping these new sales people will help them sell cars temporarily and then just let them go.

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  • Ih
    I_have_a_bridge_to_sell_you Jan 15, 2011

    You stupid people!!! You all deserve to be ripped off!!! It's your fault you didn't do research on these companies prior to sign on the dotted line. Hey, I have a bridge for you to buy. Only costs, at the low, low price of $499!!! I only have one left! There is no such thing a a "Sales License" to sell cars. Hello, red flags go up when you have to pay for training. Certain industries have training you pay out of pocket and get reimbursed, like real estate and your stockbroker's license once you bring in clients. You're all dumb!!!

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  • Be
    be aware of AutoMax!!!!! Jan 31, 2011

    My husband had begun the training and it started off just as everyone else was saying and this is in Michigan. The 2nd day of training when they said that he had to pay, that was his red flag. Then we started doing hard core research on this junk, and he did not go to the last day of training. The guy that was doing the training emailed my husband and was like "hey dude where are you, you were hired, but now you aren't." He told him that if he was still interested that he would see if he could hold the job open for him and he could send his money via PayPal (OMG!! he was STILL trying to get his money!!) Ridiculous! It made my stomach churn just reading all this stuff about AutoMax. I am a law student and you can betcha that I am going to do some digging of my own to see if there can be some good legal action done about this. Oh an the odd thing is the dealership called, after my husband stopped going to the "training" and the dealership said "oh you are probably expecting our call" and my husband of course was not..and they said that he was hired. This just isn't good! I still can't get over this! It is all a bunch of awful bull crap! An to I_have_a_bridge nice. A lot of people are out of jobs and are desperate and when something comes along that sounds as good as this originally sounded they will jump on it. You don't have to be an inconsiderate jerk about it.

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  • Wh
    What the frack Feb 22, 2011

    Well lets 1st look at what a scam is:Definitions of scam (n)
    scam [ skam ]
    dishonest scheme: a scheme for making money by dishonest means
    trick somebody: to obtain money or other goods from somebody by dishonest means
    Synonyms: con, cheat, trick, swindle, sting, rip-off, fiddle, dodge
    It seems to me from most of the post that no one was dishonest! You people were told that there was a fee for training! If you had not been told then there was a scam. If you were not hired then it was a scam! Most of you were hired! So what you had to pay for training, stop being a bunch of cry babies! You got ripped off by the computer manufactuer that you sent this post from! And the internet provider that you used and from the cell phone company that you get your calls on! And to the "Beware of Automax" lady. You are pissed that he got the job?!?!?!? WT??? Some legal action because your husband WAS hired by the dealership?! Wasn't that what the guy promised would happen? I don't get how something is wrong!Just because you don't like the way something is does not make it a scam, wake up people.

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  • Kv
    Kv1029 Apr 20, 2011

    I had an Auto Dealer invite me to an interview where the guy failed to reveal that he did not actually work for the car dealership at all, but was a trainer for a company that partners with Car Dealerships to get people to come to their 3 day sales training and pay $500 for the experience... With no guarantee of a job. Below is my email to the Dealership and The company AutoMax.

    Thank you for the opportunity to interview today. However, I don't feel very comfortable at the moment. After being led to believe I was interviewing with someone from the actual dealership not a trainer from the 3rd party company doing the training, after no mention of the money I would have to pay to attend this class during the interview. I Decided to reread the job post where the fine print pointed out I was not applying for the dealership at all just signing up for a class, I decided not to attend the training tomorrow. I feel very betrayed and embarrassed... After having what I thought was one of my better interviews since I've been unemployed these past few years, I called my friends and parents to let them know the good news, that things where going to start getting better now... then had to call them all back to let them know I was scammed. I don't hold you guys totally responsible, Libertyville Nissan is now on my list of shady businesses as well... I will be letting everyone I run across know this until I calm down after the embarrassing events these 2 evil businesses have put me through.

    Here are the clues that I should have noticed leading to my eventual scamming.

    Jane Emailed me - Jane wasn't an @LibertyvilleNissan address or something similar. Jane has no last name and an unprofessional 1400 attached to her email address and it's tied to @verizon. Multiple claims have Jane using names such as Paul, while keeping the [protected]@Verizon.

    Awkward Interview Process - When I showed up to the interview 15 minutes early I walked in to the Nissan branch. Inside there were customers walking around and a few sales people. When I asked to speak with Anthony I was directed to the Volkswagen building where it was eerily empty. 15 minutes early, I walked around the showroom looking for someone to talk to and ultimately locate Anthony. After finding him I was instructed to fill out an application. With my interview scheduled at 10:30am I was surprised to not be invited into Anthony's "Office" until an hour and 15 or so after my appointment. Through my years interviewing people I would have never made a potential employee wait that long and surely would apologize (which didn't happen) and applaud this prospects prompt early arrival.

    Inside the Office - I sit down and immediately notice Anthony has multiple magazines from 2009 with his picture on the cover. This surely means Anthony is a big player and this dealership is very successful and lucky to have such a successful General Manager. Wait... Did Anthony tell me what he does at Libertyville Nissan. Ah no big deal he has a big office and of course you can trust a man on the cover of a magazine.

    The Questions - I'm thinking to myself... Kind of nervous. This is a new industry to me. I hope he is forgiving of my lack of actual car knowledge and respects me as a salesman and person that has strong abilities to connect with customers and understand their needs while guiding them along the path to an investment we are both comfortable with. Or we can just play games... Anthony plays word association with me... I'll say a word then you say the first thing that comes to your mind... Ok go... Scam. _______. Did you say Mark, Fool, Manipulated? If you did that's what I would have said too. Would have also excepted Money. Which was not talked about at all during the interview. No Pay scale, incentives bonuses nothing.

    Wrapping up the interview - Anthony gives me a look that I've waited almost 2 years for... The look said I'm not sure about you yet but I'm willing to take a shot on you if you can prove your passion for this job. I started belting out with the frustration of job searching fueling my message. I can do this I say. Anthony seemingly agrees and offers me an invitation to the "Dinner for shmucks" type training that will begin promptly at 9:30 tomorrow. I pump my fist in my head and say I finally did it. I'm going to be ok after all. My life is going to be so much better now.

    Oh yeah I'm really good at computers and stuff - So I go on a little site called Google to prepare for this training tomorrow get an idea of what I'm in for. Wait... First search result... Automax scam. That can't be right... $500??? I don't have $500 I could barely afford the gas to get here... Oh that's fine the dealership is gonna give me a $2500 bonus... After 90 days... wait hold on. Let me email Anthony and ask him what this is all about... But I didn't get a card. Oh yeah Linkedin. Anthony and I had an interview it's acceptable to find his information on the popular business site... Oh here he is... Ok Ok Ok so Anthony is not a big shot at Libertyville Nissan... He's a trainer for Automax. But he used words like "we use this company called Automax" I thought implied his role with Liberty Auto Plaza... It says he went through a training class just like this before he started selling cars (Credit the AutoMax website) Doesn't he think I'd like to know I'm not talking to a Liberty Auto Plaza employee then??? Now this is all making sense... I wasn't supposed to piece this puzzle together... Now let me see what people are saying about this training... (quotes) "Not really car sales training" "Not everyone stayed after the mention of $500" "We weren't guaranteed jobs" "I was told not to talk to the dealership employees about this training" "Most of it was just motivational speaking and glorifying Salesmen jobs with promises of big Money". "We were told the dealership we applied for didn't have anymore positions open" "I called the dealership during a break and they said they were not hiring" You get the picture. And you all know everything about those statements as well.

    I know that your company has been in business since 1997. So the likelihood of me changing this is very slim. But after the embarrassment I suffered after telling my friends and family that I'm going to start working soon, I decided to take my anger out on the business that can suffer. Sadly the dealership will be topic of choice for the next few weeks. Thanks Twitter. and I will resume my job hunt with honest companies.

    If this wasn't a scam and the dealer was looking to hire and I would have been a good fit. I don't think I could work for a company that miss lead me like this. The lack of details, the whole I'm not lying if I don't mention attitude, the affiliation with dishonest companies like AutoMax. Well I deserve more than that.

    Thank You again.

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  • Us
    U.S. Air Force Hua May 03, 2011

    Well I guess they are in New Hampshire as well. I was on Craigslist where I originally found a job for a car salesman in Salem NH for Nissan. I walk in and Im suppose to ask for this guy Tony, which I did. I fill out the application and he interviews me a little bit. Then he gets to the, "Oh and we ask you pay $599 for your training materials, because we don't want to hire deadbeats just to come for training for the weeks pay" So at first I was like uhh ok? And what if I dont have the $600 to just fork over? He told me we could work something out. So I go home on this lovely day, and find this website because I knew something was fishy. I feel bad for the people who lost all of that money. What pisses me off even more is I'm also in the Air Force, and he knew that, and was still willing to take my money, while I'm off fighting for this damn country so ### like him can sleep peacefully at night. If it makes anyone feel any better, I literally just got off the phone with Tony, and told him to go ### in his hat and to rot in hell. I hope these D-bags dont get anyone else.

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  • Ja
    James 208 Oct 05, 2011

    I have had roughly the same negative experience with AutoMax as those described. Applied for job through a posting board, contacted by email to set up interview at host dealer. Interviewed with trainer posing as dealership employee, offered position that day to return for training later in the week. On the first day of training there are 20 or so people in the class but by the second day after hearing of the fee less than 10 return. The trainer falsely says that some people may be tapped on the shoulder to leave and that's why they did not return. The program teaches nothing about car sales, it is all theoretical, motivational, etc. Nothing about four square, payment buyers, dealer accessories, financing, etc. After talking to many people I know in the car sales business none of them attach any value to Automax certification. In fact, one of the managers at the host dealer had some rather uncomplimentary things to say about the Automax trainer. Ask yourself this: would you rather get the job by paying the $600 or go straight to the dealer and get the same job without paying anything? The answer is obvious. If you paid the training fee you should try to dispute it with your credit card issuer (if you paid that way) on the ground that the "placement" services part of the contract was not rendered (which in most cases it wasn't). Tell your card issuer that you got the run around when inquiring about it and that no services of any value were ever rendered.

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  • Au
    automaxscam Aug 31, 2013

    Newburgh Nissian in Newburgh NY currently pulling this scam with automax. They charge ppl money for "training" saying you'll get it back after being hired. The dealer might only hire one person out of the whole 20+ ppl in training, then let that person go before the 90 reimbursement, they probably get a kickback from automax. Its a scam. Never pay money to try to get a job. The employer pays you, you don't pay the employer. If they want to drug test you, or train you, they pay, not you. AUTOMAX IS A SCAM AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN BY REGULATORS AND SUED BY PPL IN A CLASSACTION WHO GOT SCAMMED.

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  • Ec
    Echo Z Sep 21, 2013

    This company is nothing but a pure scam, absolutely worthless garbage masquerading as "training". The only thing worse than paying the $500 or whatever for this program, is to apply for a job and stating that you are an "Automax" ?? graduate. You will get laughed right out the door!!! If you want to get into car sales, just go into the dealership directly and apply like any normal salesperson would do to get a regular job. Then if you run into an Automax graduate there, tell them how you got off your butt and applied to the job in a normal fashion, not the lazy online thing where they paid $500. Just tell them how you went in there, fill out the application took your drug test, and got hired for free!!! That will get them to write their own Automax horror story!


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  • Du
    Dustin Dyer Mar 08, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This review explains how I was offered a job at this dealership. I also believe it reflects the poor management that I experienced.

    I have been job hunting for awhile now and saw an online job posting for Stephens Honda Hyundai in Bloomington, IN. I couldn't have been more excited. I applied for the job and quickly received an email requesting to setup an interview with them. I responded to their email by expressing my interest and arrived at the interview. I was given the name of Heather Allred which you can see on Yelp and Facebook she has left a review for this company including 5 stars.

    Upon arriving at the interview, I asked to meet with Heather Allred. The receptionist I first spoke with said, "We don't have anyone here by that name." I found this to be very strange. She made a phone call and said she apologized but Heather was waiting for me in the lobby. Once meeting with Heather, she never stated who she works with but had told me she was hired by Stephens to do the hiring and training for the lot and that they were currently hiring a large group. She had continued to speak about the large group throughout the whole interview as if I would be concerned. As quick as the interview started was as quick as Heather had offered me the job. I was told to start on Wednesday at 9:15 AM and Thursday at the same time. I went home to discuss everything with my family. The interview didn't sit well with me. The reason being: I was upfront about my background in which I stated that I have a past conviction on my record and I am a current felon. After stating this at the very beginning, she immediately overlooked it and never asked any questions. She even stated that it was expunged which is has yet to be.

    I decided to visit Stephens Honda Hyundai's Facebook page. I had noticed that 7 hours prior from the time I visited the page, Heather had posted the same post that is now on Yelp. I discovered through Facebook that she works for Automax Sales Training. I researched on Google to learn more about Automax. As soon as I entered "Automax" in the search bar, all kinds of tags came up with the word "scam." At this point, I became more concerned and somewhat heart broken. At the end of this review, I will post a few links I found on Automax.

    The following day, I called Stephens Honda Hyundai and requested to speak with the Sales Manager. I explained my concern about Automax. I had asked if the information I learned about online was true. The response was "What is your name and phone number? And I can't talk to you about this. I will have Automax call you back." His response was very unsettling for me. With my background in business, I know that the ability to answer a customer's question and help them resolve an issue is essential in customer service. About an hour after my phone call with him, Heather texted me back and forth several times within the next few hours. This was our conversation:

    Dustin, this is Heather. Mr Derek just gave me your message. I'll call you in a few minutes and layout exactly what you need to know.

    Okay thanks Heather.

    You bet. Just shows me you are throrough, detailed oriented, and research savvy. Like car buyers LOL

    Its my curse!

    No sir! It's good. I have one more interview then a break and I'll call

    We got swamped earlier ! Is it too late for me to call?
    Hope everyone made it home safely and had good mystery shop!

    Sleep well tonight and remember to dress to impress, sleep well, eat well, etc!!

    I did not respond to her last 2 text messages since she had put me off all day. Also the last message was very strange since I did not show up for orientation at the lot.

    Below are the links for Automax:

    Automax Sales Training — ripoff

    There are many of these reviews! If you have been a part of this scam, please email me at [protected] I, as well as many others, believe this to be a scam and hope to put a stop to this.

    Dustin Dyer

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  • Mi
    mikest Jan 25, 2016

    I was screwed by automax training last spring stories I saw on here similar to mine I said I wasn't going to pay for certificate if I didn't get job it was at Paul Huering Ford in Hobart Indiana I went in on Monday talk to david hoier thought he represent paul huering Ford I was wrong I was promised if I didn't get job there he get me job at different lot which never happen I wasted my time sending them back resume for nothing my advise to anyone don't go to car lot who use automax training I refuse pay for anything non refundable unless I use personal check I had reported them to ftc Indiana department of labor

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  • Ja
    JacobLaslo Aug 02, 2018

    I just nearly got screwed over by Automax training last week! I went to apply at Griffin Chevrolet in Milwaukee, WI and was skeptical from the beginning at how quickly everything was happening. I wasted 2 days at Griffin Chevrolet with the ''sales guru training'' and ended up with no job offer (BECAUSE THERE WASN'T ANY TO BEGIN WITH!) I was thinking of filing a scam report to the BBB and after much thought I am going to do so. They shouldn't be able to do stuff like this and waste people's time and gas to travel to their dealership! If you ever encounter Automax RUN and RUN FAST!

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  • Ia
    Ian Dotson Dec 25, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was ripped off by them years ago. I applied to Rick Hendrick Chevrolet in Charleston, SC. I was interviewed by a man named Lawrence Brown, who led me to believe he was an employee of the dealership. He told me to come in for a week long class. On the first day, he asked for $549. That should have been my first clue to get out of there and not come back. He told us the $549 was a small investment compared to what we would make on the sales floor. He wanted the $549 by money order. I assume that was so we couldn’t dispute the charge and get the money back. Like a fool, I gave him the money. It was only after paying that we were informed there would be no refund and we were not guaranteed employment at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet but he said even if we didn’t get hired there, Automax works with over 20 local dealerships and could find us a job at one of them. He said “never fear Automax is here”. There were 12 people in our class. Only two were hired at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet. I was not one of them. I applied at Gene Reed Toyota and took them my “diploma” as Mr. Brown said this would help me land a job. The sales manager said he had never heard of Automax and that he didn’t require his salespeople to pay for training. I was ultimately hired at Gene Reed but not with any help from Automax. If you apply at a dealership and you find out they use Automax, stop before you even start. Do not give these crooks even a dime of your money.

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