Scam scam

They supply you with email leads and then cancel your membership when one of their CRAPPY email leads reports you for spam! $50.00 bucks down the shoot...never again.

Anyone thinking of marketers dashboard or automatic money machine...DON'T DO IT!

Here's my story, I signed up with marketers dashboard because it looked good for promotion (boy was I wrong). Anyway, automatic money machine looked good because of the 2 up payment system, I should have known better.

Marketers dashboard which is the same as automatic money machine. Anyway, they started giving 2000 leads per week of business opportunity seekers, less than 10 days old. One of these email recipients made a spam report on me! Automatic money machine / Marketers dashboard canceled my membership because one of "their" leads complained on me!!! I'm so mad!

Total rip off and by the way, honestly, Marketers dashboard is lousey for promotion...and emass, which is supposed to be a big deal is filled with dead links, and the admin of emass is impossible to button link is dead too. Their supposed "pro safelists" are junk...the entire thing is just stupid terrible.

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