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work done improperly

My boyfriend and I own a 1999 dodge dakota truck. He was at camp and i had to take the truck in to get the heating/cooling system fixed. It took them 2 days and then it quit working again and I had to take it back in. They were working on my truck and forgot to put the radiator hose back in, I drove it and the truck started to overheat. ( please note this could have fried the engine and ruined our truck) I called them and they tried to make it sound like my fault. The next time I brought my truck in was because the brakes kept slipping so i was practically driving without brakes, they kept my truck for almost a week and then when they gave it back to me I took it driving and almost went through a red light when my brakes slipped because they were improperly fixed ( i could have been killed because of that mistake) They tried to blame it on me again. I never got an apology from them, I never got any money back ( I spent about $2, 000 there) They didn't offer me a complimentary car to use while they fixed my truck so I had to walk to work ( total time my truck spent in that shop inbetween their fixing it the first time and then their fixing their mistakes) over 2 weeks.

Dont ever go to Auto Chek.

I was naive or I would have taken my truck elsewhere. but after almost killing me I want everyone to know what they did.

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    raddest May 18, 2012

    Did you talk to the owner of the shop? I know that he is a real good guy and does not rip people off. Maybe give hima a call and talk to him about what your problems are before bad mouthing his shop..

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