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Auswide Vanlines reviews & complaints

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Apr 01, 2016

Auswide Vanlines - The entire "service" or lack thereof

I can't stress enough to potential customers not to use this company. This review may be long but please read on to save yourself the pain!

They didn't show up on the booking date and never called. I had to make contact with head office to find that "they didnt know where the truck was". 4 days later the truck arrived after 8pm. Then it took them almost 2 weeks to deliver, after changing that date about 3 times. I had to extend my lease and cancel without refund bookings I had made for my drive interstate. No apologies or compensation. I made a formal complaint and when I received no response I involved Fairtrade Ombudsman. Eventually got a response basically telling me it was my fault for booking this service and that I should have anticipated delays. The response was extremely insulting and disrespectful. Why would I anticipate for the service not to be delivered in the way it was promised too? How was that my fault! The removalists made the whole process more stressful with the begrudging way they handled. The job and not to mention smoking and sleeping in the truck with all the customers' furniture! I'm not a smoker so I don't appreciate having cigarette smell permeating my belongings.

All in all I wish I could go back in time and look elsewhere. For your own sake do not use this company even if they are the cheaper option. You will end up saving money by using a more well known and trustworthy company.

Auswide Vanlines - worst people on the planet

Moved from Queensland to Melbourne. Wish I had of read the complaints section before I hired this guy. Picked up my stuff but the truck arrived two days late without any contact, no body would answer the phone. Arrived in Melbourne three days late, dropped off my stuff in storage container without telling me where our why, then told me I would get my stuff when he felt like it. And I quote 'it may be next week, it may be the week after' the hung up on me and wouldn't answer my calls. Unbelievable. I called the cops. I can't believe he is still in business.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Auswide Vanlines - Grossly incompetent

I chose this company to move my furniture because they make the right promises to be reliable etc. on their website and because they provided the cheapest quote. However, they turned out to be a...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Auswide Vanlines - Water damaged goods

DO NOT USE AUSWIDE VANLINES! I know it seems cheap but it's not worth it in the long wrong. My partner and I had to move to Queensland from Melbourne, so we organised our move with Auswide. Unfortunately due to personal reasons we had to stay in Melbourne. This is where the problems began - Auswide couldn't tell us where our furniture was! We had to speak to 3 different people before someone "had an idea" of where it might be and this happened over a number of days. So by now we had been accepted for a property but had no furniture to move in or even knew where it was. Then when they arrived to our new property proceeded to explain to us that it would be extra for them to move our furniture. So we moved all of our furniture inside. Finally a few of our larger items were water damaged. My bookshelf, entertainment unit, quilts etc. We rang as insurance is meant to be included - this was 5 months ago! We have been to consumer affairs, rung Auswide they play dumb and won't pay the insurance. So please don't waste your money on this removal's company.

I suspect the positive reviews are posted by the company. They were so atrocious in every way I can't believe they could ever do the right thing! If the positive reviewers are genuine, you people don't know how lucky you are!

Wonderful Service.

I am seeing a lot of negative comments about Auswide Vanlines however no one ever writes positive comments so I thought it was about time that someone did.
I recently had Auswide Vanlines move my household belongings from Melbourne to Brisbane and all I have to say is positive things.
The guys turned up on time and gave plently of notice and kept me informed as to when delivery would be. They were very professional and handled everything with care. All my gear arrived in the same condition that it lleft Melbourne in.
I will have no problems recommending Auswide to family, friends and anyone else who is moving!


Recently had Auswide move my gear from QLD down to Sydney NSW. They were excellent. Very professional. Nothing was damaged or broken in any way. The guys that moved my gear were great, called to advise pick up times and advised delivery times as well. Also the office staff were very helpful, even with me changing my list a few times, they were very understanding and gave me updated quotes due to the changes. Honestly every company I was looking at moving with had bad reviews somewhere on the internet. You really should talk to the company and get their take on it as Auswide was the only company that actually spoke about their complaints while the other companies brushed it off and wouldn't discuss it! Which in the end is part of the reason why I went with them, also their customer service prior to moving day was super!
I would 100% recommend Auswide and will move with them again! Don't judge a company just by a few bad reviews as most people would rather bag a company out rather than post good comments or they don't bother at all! Hence why I am posting this!

Had Auswide move me the other week and found them to be wonderful. They called when they said they would and
arrived within the time frames they specified. I found the office staff were very helpful and the boys on the truck very professional and hard working. All my items arrived in the same condition that they left in. Best interstate move I have had yet. Would not hesitate to have Auswide move me in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is moving. They did an awesome job and they were very competitive with their quote!


They were great! Glad I'm not the only one posting a positive review!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


After calling on the morning of the pickup to confirm they would be there in the afternoon to pickup my things for a Sydney to QLD removal. I was told they would call me one hour before arrival and confirmed that they would be there in the afternoon. I waited all day for a phone call until 8pm that night and then tried calling and emailing them with no reply. The following day I spent most of the day again waiting for a phone call and trying to contact them. I eventually gave up and hired a truck and moved everything myself because I was unable to organise another removalist in the required time frame.

Auswide Vanlines - Lost items

I only wish I had seen the complaints listed on this websites before I actually hired this company for my own removalist job. I recently hired them to move 30 cartons and a rocking chair from...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


To all those out there looking for a removalist or know someone who is:


They are completely URELIABLE and their service was atrocious.

They DO NOT show up on the day they say they will.
They DO NOT give warnings about any delays.
They ARE NOT apologetic about any inconveniences you may experience.

My friend paid for 4 items of furniture to be picked on Sunday in Victoria so that it may be delivered to my place in NSW by Monday. By 9pm on Sunday, they had not shown up. They did not call to say they were delayed. WE WERE LEFT HANING.

I called the office three times on Monday morning to find out what was going on only to be told that 'Peter' would call back. He never did.

When I finally reached Peter on his mobile, he was NOT APOLOGETIC about the delays or LACK OF COMMUNICATION. Instead, he told me that he didn't need our business and that we should cancel if we weren't happy. Aparrently this is how it is with backload services. Delays are part of the story.

This company DOES NOT VALUE YOUR TIME. They think that you should just WAIT ENDLESSLY for them to get their act together.

Given all the bad reviews I have read to date, why is this company still in business? How can bad word of mouth not have travelled?

I implore everyone out there who reads this or a similar comment to boycott this company.




I am totally agree.
I had a bad experience as well. I am moving from Sydney to Melbourne last week (22 January 2010)
On the promises date SHARNIE (the unresponsible staff)said they will pick up the stuff on 22th, but on the that day, she didn't even call me, not even one time for confirmation.
I already moved all the stuffs but i was waiting until 5pm, the driver not come, and you know what she left home ?!?!?!?!
same as PETER who promise want to change the qoute, but until now he is just dissapear.
I got charge more then the qoute.



they ask the customer to complaint directly to their email, and I DID daysss ago, and no reply until now

I really had a BAD experienced and AUSWIDE VANLINES has the WORST service ever!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Auswide Vanlines - TERRIBLE SERVICE

Dealing with Auswide Vanlines initially seemed so straight forward. While I asked if they needed additional information on aspects of my interstate furniture relocation they said they had all they...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Auswide Vanlines - Bad Removalist

I recieved a quote for a backload. The quote certified the date of pick-up. It was explained to me that the date may vary by 1 day which I accepted. I payed half, with the other half due on...

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Mar 31, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Auswide Vanlines - DAMAGED PROPERTY

I employed Auswide Vanlines to move a small amount of furniture a distance of approx. 400km. I did my researcha and whilst they didn't offer the best price (over $500) i decided to go with them...

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