Australian Bollardsdamaged beyond repair item


We had consignment: CPAG35Z0047889 returned to our Heidelberg West warehouse yesterday 18.10.17 at 3:20 pm extensively damaged-the delivery driver also dragged the item in in front of staff members one being the boss, showing total disregarded for the item..
Packaging was ripped, the item is scratched and marked with dents and will not be able to be re used...The treatment of this item is as such that it has been thrown around and damaged beyond repair...Not only do we now have a un usable item we have had to have one of our staff deliver a new item to our customer causing further cost to our company.
Also this item was collected from us on the 11.10.17 on a two day turn around and returned on 18.10.17 can you explain this.
This matter needs to be resolved with reimbursement of item cost-time spent re delivering-initial cost of delivery.

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