Attorney Nathaniel Dobson Jr / Atlanta GAsold out to injustice


WORD has it that Alisha McClendon (a *astard woman & traitor) and Norasteen Brown (who went to Dr. Beckles for help) sold out to Kim Davis, Frank Roberson & The Richmond County B.O.E. (with help from The Augusta Chronicle)!! Took money, in exchange for their silence on Corruption and School Administrators taking school funds illegally, and covering up rampet mistreatment towards students!! Even (Ms. Murray), the mother of the boy who was locked in a closet at Copeland Elem. School (under Kim Davis’s watch), took a settlement- so she could keep quit!! They even sabotaged the lawsuit against Roberson & the B.O.E. (formally represented by incompetent Lawyer Nathaniel Dobson, Jr.), the Attorney took payment from The B.O.E., to change his mind on representing Dr. Beckles and The Group of Parents!! These women (*itches), sold out to a corrupt Augusta/Richmond County School System, and sabotaged the efforts of a good man & civil rights leader to stop the injustice and corruption in the Richmond County Schools & The City of Augusta!! I say; Let those evil *astards like: Kim Davis, Frank Roberson, Tim Spivey, Missoura Ashe & Company, keep their jobs, these ignorant & cowardly parents deserve them!! They’ll continue to mistreat innocent children, fail African-American students, and encourage more injustice & dishonesty in a Corrupt City like Augusta, Georgia!!! The African-American Community is only tearing down themselves!! Especially when they join with evil people & **generates who attack a respected Civil Rights Activist, who was the only man, who had the courage to stand up against Roberson, Davis & The B.O.E., in defense of his son, and launching a crusade against injustice in our Augusta School System!!

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