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If a rebate deal on a phone is enticing you to sign up with AT&T wireless, or to renew your service commitment, think twice. On not one but two occasions, it is failed to send me, after months of my phone and service purchases, forms to obtain rebates. On both occasions, I have had to call their customer service lines, wait on hold, and finally deal with clueless representatives. Furthermore, AT&T does not send a check, but a cash card that took me multiple calls to activate and comes with multiple problems complicating or preventing its use. I presume AT&T must build these obstacles into the rebate process because, while they are permitted under law, they prevent a significant number of customers from claiming their rebates. My advice: When comparing deals, look at the price of the phone, and ignore AT&T's rebate offers.
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AT&T Wireless - the customer service at at&t is one of the worst that I have ever experienced!
United States

My phone has been giving me trouble since I've been with AT&T and the service is horrible. I first went into a store to "purchase" another phone. I wanted a refurb but the store clerk said I would have to go online for that. I went online and there the option to buy another phone kept going around in circles. Later that night I called AT&T and no one new how to help me. I only wanted to buy a phone. Is that too much to ask. I ended up being transfered 4 different times and disconnected twice. The next day I went online to speak to a representative via instant message. She informed me that I couldn't buy a new phone unless I go into a store(where I started out). The customer service at AT&T is one of the worst that I have ever experienced. All they care about is getting more customers and care less about the customers they already have. I will definitely be looking for a new provider.
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AT&T Wireless - service
United States

AT&T must have the worst service of all wireless phones. I have spoken to them, e-mailed them, etc. I have NEVER had so many dropped calls or being unable to use my phones as I have in the past year. I cannot get any satisfaction from them & it is always a canned letter or speech. I make calls & they just go right to the persons voice mail. Their phone doesn't even ring . The same thing happens when they call me. It is so frustrating. Then I get"emergency calls only". What is this all about????
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This evening my husband and I were on the phone with AT&T wireless from 6:44PM until 9:30 PM regarding a refurbished Blackjack phone. Ours was sent to us and upon activation did not work. We were looking for a replacement. We waited on the phone for so long that the part of the company who could replace the phone for us was no longer open. In all AT&T has poor customer service. Please do not use this company. I will not ever again.
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AT&T Wireless - terrible service!
AT&T Wireless
United States

I purchased a Sony Walkman phone 29 days ago and now some of the keys are unresponsive. I have only used the phone in normal conditions and at one time in a slight rain storm when I had to walk due to having no signal in the area to an area that had signal to get help. I have talked to several people from a store to customer service to warranty... I have had little assistance to this point. I have talked to a CSR manager and then lost signal again, and he never tried to make further contact with me. I am not happy with the customer service both at the store and with CSR and disagree with the accusations against me as I have only used the phone in inclimate weather once and now everyone is telling me there is moisture damage. The only option I have been given is a replacement phone at 149.00 outright or 49.99 with another 2 year agreement. At this point with the accusations I am unsure I even want to sign another contract.

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AT&T Wireless - the most dropped calls
AT&T Wireless
United States

I have so many dropped calls at my house that I or any of my friends that have AT&T have to use my land line to make calls or call people back when they call on our cell phones. There is a cell phone tower which is visible from my back yard that does belong to AT&T and we still have horrible service from them. We still have several dropped calls; most of them are from our home but we have dropped calls in all kinds of areas. (Most of the time it happens on urgent phone calls of course!)
Cingular/AT&T’s customer service has very few competent people working for them. I have run across a few nice knowledgeable ones but the majority of them are lazy. Most of them cannot answer questions nor do they have the brains to think about asking someone for help or consulting a manual to find an answer. I have been told one lie after another as to why we are having dropped calls.
A supervisor was supposed to go over my bills showing several months of dropped calls and call me back on a certain day. He never did. I have been playing phone tag with him for 6 weeks. When I do catch him on his cell phone, he is always very busy and has to call me back within 2 hours and never does. I have complained to other supervisors but they can’t do anything since he started working on this for me so they send this jerk an email because he is in a different AT&T office. I have tried buying new phones and I still have the same problem. It is there crappy service at least in the area that I am living in. (Where AT&T advertises the fewest dropped calls). I have had them when they were originally AT&T before they became Cingular and then AT&T again. The service was better when they were first AT&T, when I first had them with dropped calls now the level of dropped calls is just unacceptable.
We are being held hostage by AT&T until our contracts are up. I want to leave them because they are breeching their end of the contract and not supplying the service that they advertise and I refuse to pay the early termination fee so if I don't pay it they will ruin my credit.
They are holding me hostage...AT&T is a corporate terrorist in my opinion and they should not make it so hard to get out of your contract when they can see for themselves how many dropped calls are on the bills that they mail out to you and expect you to pay!!! IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING AT&T FOR A WIRELESS SERVICE DON'T DO IT!!!
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The same thing happens to us...they are holding us hostage. We want out of our contract so that we can go somewhere else to get service that works!
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After calling costumer care and being assured I could switch my BlackBerry at the Gonzales La. corprete store I was denied the switch. Costumer care talked to the uncareing ###. Man. Lance for 30 minutes but was not able to get the ###.Man. to repklace the phone. I am back on the Razor and the BB is turned off until issue is resolved.
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Do not go to this store and sign up for service!!! The sales people flat out lie to you and offer all sorts of discounts that never show up on your bill.

Kris King works there and he is not to be trusted. He will tell you what you want to hear and then not come through on his promises. And when you call him to express your concern, he will not call you back. Even if you call him on his cell phone or leave him messages at his office (8 times) he will not call you back. And when you call the store and talk to his assistant manager Kevin, nothing happens. He tells you that something will happen...but it doesn't. And when you call for his manager Carlos...he is never there.

I left another company because of poor service and now am stuck with this company that cannot even provide half way decent service. I will not be renewing my contract when it is up and will NOT recommend this store or company to my friends or family. Remember, Kris King will LIE to you and cheat you out of money!!!
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AT&T Wireless - they buy out local service, charge higher rates to captive audience
AT&T Wireless
United States

We are stuck as customers in Juneau, AK, and have no choice now but to use AT&T, who charges us higher rates than our previous providers, and for services that were previously free.

Our previous providers, Dobson Cellular One (who were bought out by AT&T), provided free text messaging from their website. Additionally, with Dobson, a person was only charged if SENDING a text message from their phone, but the person RECEIVING the text message was not charged. With AT&T, a subscriber is charged for INCOMING text messages, as well as being charged for SENDING text messages from AT&T's website. There is no reason a person should be charged for sending a text message from a website. I already pay a monthly cable internet bill, thank you.

AT&T is just another corporate giant, milking their customers for all their worth. There has been NO added benefit from the takeover.
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AT&T Wireless - scam and cheating
AT&T Wireless
United States

On April 04, 2017 I have called AT&T Customer Service with voice plan modifications. No wireless data plan for text messaging and internet modifications have been requested. At that time my data plan for had 400 text messages with unlimited mobile-to-mobile and 1MB of internet for $15 per line for two lines on my account. After all requested modifications to voice portion of the plan have been completed CSR named Leon Sellers came with unsolicited offer of changing my existing wireless data plan to family data plan. He had been advised that there is no plans to change pattern of data usage and that only two lines will be using this, however he ensured that this would be exactly same as existing except single payment of $30 rather than two of $15. Being appreciative of Mr. Sellers efforts on working on voice plan I took his word for granted without questioning motives and reluctantly agreed. What Mr. Sellers failed to disclose is that they would be no return to my existing at the time data plan and that 1MB of Internet is not included.

On June 06, 2017 I received statement with Internet charges and immediately contacted AT&T. CSR stated that there is absolutely no return to my original plan and that statements by Mr. Seller that there would be no changes were indeed misleading. She credited extra charges and did change date plane to another one, as she said, being closed to original one as possible.

The statement I received on July 07 showed even higher charges for data usage and called AT&T on 07/08. CSR advised that she can not rectify the problem and on request transferred me to Resolution Center with representative John Seger. Mr. Seger expressed absolutely no desire to resolve the issue stating that from his standpoint that it was me who actually wanted to pay more for the same thing. All appeals to Mr. Seger common sense and logic were unsuccessful and I had to ask to be transferred to his supervisor. Mr. Seger became very agitated and it took several times to repeat my request before he agreed to do so and transferred to his manager who introduced himself as Sam. In the middle of conversation we were disconnected.

I called again and next CSR genuinely tried to replicate original features of the plan with adjusted monthly payments same as original, but system did not allow him to do so. Call on 07/09 brought no fruits either with CSR refusing to escalate issue to the next level.

The whole issue is caused by AT&T drive to increase revenue deploying deceptive business practices and subsequent cover-up by shifting blame on customers.
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AT&T Wireless - error with contract and phone upgrade
AT&T Wireless
Las Vegas
United States

I hibernated my account back in March 2017. I was in the process of canceling the account when I was advised that I had 4000+ rollover minutes and that the new iphone would be out sometime in the summer. My phone number at the time was 850.910.3949. I was placed on a suspended reduced rate plane... I never used the phone btw. On Thursday, July 10th I phoned in to ATT to reactivate my account so that I could pick up the new iphone. I was then told that I had fees on my account and I owed 162 dollars. I advised the care rep that it was a mistake--after about 30 minutes she stated that I was correct and comp the charges.

I was then told that since I was moving back to Vegas and wanted a vegas number I would have to contact relocation. I did and long story short it finally happened on Sunday. I later found out after trying to pick up the iphone i had a new contact and my upgrade date was pushed to 2017.

I made several calls in to ATT and finally was able to get the contract updated but their system would not allow me to upgrade because it saw my contract as **new**. A case was opened and I was given a resolution date of July 22nd.

I phoned back into ATT tonight to check on the status and was told that no updates. I decided to cancel because of the hassle and advised the rep that on march my account was notated with instructions to waive the etf because of past issues. I spoke with Erin Kouril a retention rep who was little help. I asked him to read the history on my account for both numbers---i really don't think he cared at all about looking into my issue.

I asked to speak to his supervisor and he placed me on hold for about 10 mins and came back and asked me for my past number. He finally agreed that yes... my account was not new and it was moved over incorrectly. After 56 minutes I was totally flustered and about to let go out of anger. His supervisor Bryan Karl never spoke with me.

All i wanted was to be heard and my account looked into. I told the rep to cancel the account at the end of the month and that I would rather deal with anyone other than ATT for phone service. I was a good customer who paid his bill on time with no issues each month and this is how att treats it's customers.


BTW... I just got off the phone with att and had to write this... sorry for the typos but my blood is boiling.
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I am going through the same crap with AT&T. I relocated from and they termed my contract as new and extended my contract. I tried to pick up an iphone (waiting 4 hours in line) and was denied the upgrade. Absolutely totally BS and I am sick of dealing with the incompetant people that work for them. I am very close to changing carriers but I have family in media and I'm not going down without making some noise. AT&T sucks!!!
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AT&T has been the worst experience I have ever had with a Cell phone company. My husband and I switched from T-Mobile and that was a huge mistake! AT&T has a headquarters here in San Antonio yet the service is simply terrible. I am on my third phone now since I assumed the garbled voice of the person I was trying to talk to was the phones fault. No such luck. I can understand about every other word in a conversation if the call does not get dropped. I had a voice mail the other day that was almost five days old before I received it. What if there were an emergency!!! My bill is a whole different source of frustration. Since our service began in March of this year we have had to pay them over $2, 500.00. Our bill is supposed to be $219 per month. I have to spend between an hour and an hour and a half every month arguing with them about fees and overages on the account and I quite literally am at the point of tears trying to deal with it. I seriously have considered paying the $525 for terminating our three lines just to be rid of this terrible experience!!!
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AT&T WIRELESS SUCKS! I agree completely. EVERY single call I attempt to make is dropped. When my phone rings and I answer, the call is dropped. I have complained several times and at one point they told me the problem was the LG phones we had. The replaced the phones with Nokia. New phones, same crappy service! I have told them time and time again I want out of the contract that they are in breach of because they are not providing the service they claim to be. The fact that their commercials are complete lies makes no difference to them, to get out of the contract they cannot keep their part on I would have to pay the early termination fee for two phones! WHAT A RIP OFF!
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AT&T Wireless - fraudulant contracts
United States

When I originally signed up for contract cell service, they said the area code we were moving to had coverage. There is zero coverage in our neighborhood and for 7 months at about $100 per month and 4 phone calls to ATT to complain about no service we have been told there is nothing they can do unless we pay to get out of our contract. We use about 5% of our allotted minutes because the phones are useless at home. Trying to get out of the contract is more difficult than escaping from Alcatraz. Our attempts at getting out of the contract usually yield hours on the phone in a convoluted maze of BS customer service people eventually telling us that to terminate would cost $175 per line or $350 total. Pay to terminate a service that does not provide us with said service? This is clearly fraud, extortion and cannot be legal. So why is ATT allowed to trap people into contracts that are not valid? If they provide a service as they promised at our zip code, then contract is valid. No service, no valid contract. $350 to get out of something I pay for already and get no return on is absolutely absurd. How is this allowed to happen?
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ATT's customer service is focussed on one thing, ATT and their best interest. That equates into screwing the customer at all cost. ATT conducts business in a clearly illegal fashion. As customers complaining, it is up to us to clearly articulate how they put customers into a corner and give us no options but to fork over more cash to services we don't want or they can't provide correctly. ATT is an example of big, corporate American company gone amuck. They have little integrity and serve only to line their pockets at the expense of crap customer service. It is an example of white collar corruption because they give the customer very little say. And they have power to hurt customers. If we don't pay for a screwed up service they charge us for, they can report us to the credit beaureu or collections, creating havoc on our credit.
What course of action do we have?
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AT&T Wireless - at&t billing
United States

I purchased AT&T phones for my son and daughter. I know big mistake but they are both older and have started small families and I wanted them to be able to keep in touch and use the phones when they are out on the road. We kept getting erroneous bills that were far higher than the quoted prices. Of course the kids were always late in paying and this last time the bill was over $600. I called to check the balance because the phone had been turned off. The person at customer service told me it would cost $600 to turn the phone back on. I asked if they were sure and they said yes. They said there was a possiblity since the payment was late there would be an additional deposit on the account. I asked them to check and be sure they said NO just pay the $600 and we will reconnect you the same day. I sent my son down to pay the bill..and what do you know..AFTER he paid the $600 they demanded an additional $900 for a deposit. Of course we could not afford that the phone only has two months left on it's contract. So I asked them what the deal was..Since I specifically requested wheter or not there would be an additional charge and was told there would not be. I was on the phone for 3 hours. Then I got disconnect. My son called and was on the phone an additional 2.5 hours..They told him they would look into it and call back. I called back the next day and asked for a supervisor. I was put on hold and every 10 minutes or so a voice came on and said "Hold on I'm trying to get a supervisor for you" After 40 minutes, they came back and said yes you do have to pay the $900. I aksed where the supervisor was. The employee said he talked to the supervisor so I didn't need to. The same day I get a call from someone I explain that I did not appreciate being lied to repeatedly..and wanted to know why they felt so free to lie. She said she was only calling me to let me know someone was looking into the matter. They call back two days later and tell me..yes were sorry you were lied to. We knowe we told you one thing and did something else..Sorry please pay $900.00. Are they kidding me??really?? they can just lie their pants off and it''s alright..no problem..?
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AT&T Wireless - poor service
South Florida
United States

I have been a loyal customer since 1998(Bellsouth mobility), for the last 3 years I have had poor service, droped calls or calls that just go blank (yes just like the commercial) what's the point of staying connected if you can't hear the other person!!! I changed my phone 3 times thinking It was the phones! well I have finally realized It is the service.
I have called 2 times in the last month expressing my frustration and how I am considering to switch to another company, they have not attempted in any way to save me as a customer or honor any of my samall requests. I have paid them a lot of money in the last 10years! and I always recommended my friends and family to use cingular/att . DO NOT USE ATT THE SERVICE IS HORRIBLE, GO TO VERIZON OR SPRINT
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i am having the exact same problem with AT&T I have called about the rebate before with a young man who said I would have it within 10 days of ordering the phones and no rebate. After a month and a huge bill he told me that I would be able to use my rebate on my first bill, I still have no rebate I call again and talk to another gentleman who says you probably got it and lost it look for it in your summary papers that were sent to you. I looked and no rebate. He said well I am sure that they will be there in a few weeks. A few weeks later today I still have no rebate. I am very upset so I call again and a lady told me on the phone I should have had them 10 days after purchase of the phones. I asked her if I could fill out a rebate form online and she told me a website url to type in and it was www.att.com/rebate and it was bogus and I kept saying maam do not hang up with me until I make sure that works and it didn't of course it went to a rewards site which had nothing to do with att wireless rebates. She said well it works on my end and I said just mail me a damn rebate and I will wait for it to come in the mail. And she said well... it will be 5 more business days. And I said well... I have already waited a month and a half I think i can wait 5 more days. What a hassel... Now lets see If I have the same problem as you did with activating their rebate card. If and when I get the form back in the mail and sent it back in. I am sure it will be another few months before I get the rebate card. Like I said What a Hassel... Thanks for your comment.
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AT&T Wireless - inability to activate a phone
EPCO Industrial Contractors
United States
Phone: 972-329-4594

On 11/5/08, I ordered an upgrade phone. On 11/10/08, I attempted to activate the phone. After 2 trips to the phone store and talking to over 4 representatives, I was told it would take 24 hours to activate the phone. I called back on 11/11/10, and was told it would be 24 more hours, plus my present phone service was suspended, and I was told that I might lose my cell phone number. They told me there was nothing they could do, and that I would have to wait another 24 hours.

They could not fix the problem nor they would they let me speak to a supervisor. I have no phone and have no idea if my old number is retrievable plus I have nobody at AT&T Wireless whom cares.

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