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Fake Rebate Advertisement

Dear Vigilant Readers,

This is to bring to everyone's attention that I am experiencing a very hard time getting the rebate for the ATS phone that I bought about 5 months back.

The phone or the service is also very poor and you will be on hold for long time for any questions or concerns.

I went to a website to check the rebate status and it shows as they received everything that they needed from me to process the rebate. However, the status did not change for long time and when I finally found a phone number to call, the automated message goes - please forward your enquires to [protected]@atsphone.com.

I sent emails three times at this email address and haven't got a single response. I found another phone number on the website and finally got hold of someone in the company. She turned out to be so rude and did not bother to get her supervisor on the phone either. Her attitude was like - "Do whatever you can, we do not care". I am not exaggerating, trust me.

I am hoping to return the product back to the store now. If they don’t accept it, I may file a legal case against the company.

I feel that I have been cheated by this company. I am posting this complaint on this website so others don’t fall prey to American Telecom Services.

Best Wishes,
ATS Phone Victim

  • Bo
    Bob Spilrey Jan 15, 2008

    I had a similar experience and I warn others from buying anything from ATS any time.

    Very useful description of the experience !



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  • Wi
    willean Jan 16, 2008

    I brought a ats phone also in june of 07, and I'm HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM TOO. HELP.

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  • To
    Tom Silver Jan 16, 2008


    It is a mistake on our part to buy this crap. I called Company CEO Bruce Hahn and left a voice message. Can you imagine the company CEO now handling the rebate issues with so many annoyed customers?

    I will try to follow up again tomorrow and see what is going on.

    I also filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau as someone suggested in this forum.

    I am sure this will be good example of the strength of the customers against such irresponsible companies.

    Hang in there ...

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  • Ki
    Kira Jan 18, 2008

    I bought phone at Walgreens with complete price, $15 rebate offer, as well. Have called and am just left on hold for 20 mins. everytime...no one even picks up anymore. Have done query online and a predone answer email comes immediately after hitting enter button, which of course means no one is even reading them. I did get through one time and the rep made me give Model# and serial number. When I asked WHY I had to do this, considering I was checking on rebate....she bacame rude and said she would NOT help me any further if I did not give her the information. I did and guess what happened.....My phone went dead for over an hour, while I frantically tried to reboot the computer chip in the unit. She said they were way behind in rebate submissions...RIGHT...it states 6 weeks, not 6 months!
    Though the phone unit is a good quality for fighting outside signal interference...I do not like being taken for a fool, nor do I enjoy fraudulent practices and false promises.

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  • Ma
    Manny Kassler Jan 24, 2008

    I have been waiting for my rebate since July 2007. Numerous calls are unsuccessfull. I am told on the phone and on their website that the rebate has been approved and is in progress for completion... but still no check.

    ATS maintains that they have nothing to do with this. They say at it is the rebate company in Minnesota who is responsible. Easy way out??? I think that the think so. Unable to contact the rebate people in Minnesota. This is a massive misrepresentation and FRAUD!! How can we force them to pay these rebates... there must be many more like us.

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  • Jo
    John Davis Jan 26, 2008

    I bought my phone after Thanksgiving 2006. Th only reason I bought the ATS phone was for the $70 rebates.

    I have never gotten that money. I spoke to one person who told me that it was postmarked too late. They were using a date diffeent than the rebate form. And, of course they do not keep copies of the rebate forms.

    Luckily, I do.

    The representative then said he would correct it on the system and the check should be mailed to arrive within a month.

    One month later, no check, I call back and they have no record of my having called before. I explain my situation again. They tell me I'll have to re-mail everything. After much prodding, thy finally agree to accept via fax. I fax and email what I have.

    NO response.

    No response.

    Call back and am told to direct all inquiries to the address on the form. Can't get hold of a human.

    So now months had past and I gave up.

    I figure I am out $70 and will do everything I can to disparage the name of this company.

    Now, I am having problems with the phone system I got. If I had taken that money and bought a quality product, I would still be out the money, but at least have a product that works.

    If anyone ever figures out how to get their money or how to send this company into oblivion (figuratively, of course), please let me know.

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  • Nr
    n r Jan 28, 2008

    ATS phone has cheated me too; i bought their phone in May '07 and still no check... multiple phone calls go unanswered; or if i get lucky to talk to someone, standard answer they are not responsible for it - it is the rebate company. emails to CFO and CEO have gone unanswered - guess we have to keep emailing and calling them... and file complaint with BBB and our state attorney generals office. i have learnt my lesson - will never buy anything from this company, and will tell everyone else not to buy either.

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  • No
    Noel Franz Jan 29, 2008

    I also bought the ATS phones in February of 07 from Office Depot with the promise of a $70 rebate. I have been calling and emailing and can't get anywhere. I am to the point of mailing the phones back because 2 out of 4 don't work. I even expressed this to the rep and she offered for me to mail them back in for new pieces of crap. I told her I would rather purchase new phones on my own from a different company. I have written,emailed,called and left messages everywhere for this rebate. No luck I guess I know how they stay in business by ripping people off.

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  • Sh
    Shari Weber Jan 30, 2008

    I bought my ats phone at Walgreens on July 30, 2007. I sent away for two rebates that were offered in my phone package. One rebate was for $15 on the purchase of the phone which was on sale for $15. The other rebate was for a $10 gift card if I charged their calling card with $20 of phone use minutes, which I did. I sent the rebate by August 8, 2007. I still have not received my rebates. Today, January 30, 2007, I called the 1-866 number that was on the rebate form. No answer only a recording to check status at [email protected] I went to the site and could not display it. I contacted a customer service number on the back of my calling card and selected the prompt for rebates. I did receive a customer service agent that was nice. She stated that she did not work in the rebate department, but she was able to see that they had received my information including my receipt for the $15 rebate and they are still processing rebates. She also stated that the rebate center had sent a letter to me in October stating they did not receive my original receipt for the $10 rebate. Of course they did not receive the original because they are holding my original receipt hostage in the $15 rebate devision. In fact, they are holding all of our bar codes and original receipts hostage so we all cannot return their phones.

    I plan to call the president and CEO to leave a message. Thank you whoever gave out their numbers.

    I just would like to comment to all those looking to buy the phone for the rebate do not do it. However, if you just need the phone and not the rebate ok.

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  • Ho
    Howard Greisman Feb 01, 2008

    I have the same problem. I say we start a Class Action and sue them.

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  • Bw
    bw Feb 02, 2008

    same old story here not able to forward box closed-no orders!!! its sad that rite aid is selling this rip off phone!!!!! good luck to all of you

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  • Vi
    Victor P Feb 06, 2008

    We are havig the same problem in north fl. as well. 7-months, countless phonecalls and still no refund!! They are telling us the same thing, that the "refund company" is behind... Yeah O.K> and I still have water front property available when the tide finnaly lets out!!

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  • Va
    Vanessa Powell Feb 08, 2008

    I too had said experiences about due rebates. Let me know if legal actions are in the works. They still have me hanging for $25. since a July 2007.

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  • Ch
    Chris S. Feb 09, 2008

    I recently purchased an ATS phone at CVS in November of 2007, which was advertised as $10-$10 rebate = FREE. The $10 rebate form in the box was an outdated form that went to YA (ATS's old rebate house), but I was quickly able to Google up the new form (which goes to Helegson) on ATS's website, www.atsphone.com. I printed the form off their website, and mailed it on time to White Bear Lake, MN with the receipt copy and the original UPC code.

    Two months later, the rebate submission was returned by the U.S. Mail, with a yellow "RETURN TO SENDER - NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED - UNABLE TO FORWARD" sticker over the address. "BOX CLOSED - NO ORDER" was stamped in red over the P.O. Box.

    A previous submission for the $15 Walgreen rebate received back in August is also stuck in rebate hell, on the "ATS Rebate" website.

    I called ATS directly, and got the same rude CSR everyone was talking about. She said, here is the new P.O. Box to submit the rebate to:

    PO Box 3925
    South El Monte, CA 91733

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  • Si
    Sid Feb 10, 2008


    Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

    I wanted to update you on my situation. I had started this discussion thread and then I contacted Better Business Bureau and Walgreens. I called ATS CEO Bruce and left him a message and call back number. Did not receive call from him.

    Walgreens replied saying that the check has been mail. BBB also did their part.

    Finally, I received the check from ATS.

    I would suggest that you all chase it down to this point to get your money back.

    ATS might have a backlog but then they should atleast have friendly customer service who can attend phone calls and keep customer informed, requesting for their patience.

    Good Luck to you all !
    Ex- ATS Phone Victim

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  • Ne
    nee Feb 18, 2008

    I've been getting the runaround since May 2007. Purchased at Office Depot - why don't they stand by the products they sell? They're the ones who suckered me into this deal. Office depot also needs to be reported to the BBB because thye're the ones who collected our money and won't help now.

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  • Ki
    Kim Feb 19, 2008

    I agree here on the terrible service with the American Telecom Rebates. I also purchased the phones at Office Depot almost a year ago now with absolutely no luck in getting my rebate. I have called numerous times and they have always said, the rebate has been processed, you should receive it any day. I now have called again and get the recording about dealing with the rebate online, with again, NO LUCK. This has been very frustrating to me. Please everyone, stay away from this company..

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  • Zw
    ZW Feb 22, 2008

    American Telecom
    2466 Peck Road
    City of Industry, CA 90601

    CEO Bruce Hahn
    President: Donald G Norris

    1-562-692-2369 has been disconnected. They are too smart.
    We need to take action. Class action is the answer to them.
    I agree that it is a scam. They did not intend to issue a rebate check when they distributed a rebate form. Their calculation is that after a while, consumers will forget about the rebates.
    This is one of the reasons why companies issues a mail-in reabte, instead of instant in-store rebates.

    But, this is the worst company I have ever met in my life with many dozens rebate submissions.

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  • Ju
    Judy Aremka Feb 23, 2008

    I'm also waiting for a $50.00 refund since February 2007. I bought the phone system for my new home and they are junk. The main unit is in the den with the computer and causes the speakers to buzz constantly unless I turn the volumn up so loud the neighbors can hear. I need it there for my DSL connnection.

    Today is Saturday, but first thing Monday morning I'm calling the BBB. If a Class Action Suit is filed, I definitely want to be included.

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  • Al
    alice piercy Feb 26, 2008

    Bought phone at Walgreens. No rebate. No help from Walgreens. Walgreens says they do not know anything about it.

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  • Vi
    Vivian Feb 27, 2008

    I purchased myAmerican telephone August 21st. No rebate by November so called November 14th. Was told claim being processed. No rebate yet by December 17th, "Kathy" said I should receive by the end of the month. No rebate by January 24th, was told "they are running behind." No rebate by February 27th, was told "they are still working onit." sounds like a scam to me.

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  • Al
    Alice Beardmore Mar 07, 2008

    I have waited for 1 year for my 2 rebates from this company and they keep putting me off.

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  • Cl
    Claudette Mar 11, 2008

    I bought a 4 handset ats phone last year at Bransmart there was a $50 rebates wich I received 4 months later but as I bought an onther one this year (nov. 18,2007) at Bransmart with 2 X $25 mail-in-rebates and since january I called and went on the ats rebates site but no registration was done so they asked me to resend everything again but to an address to Monte Cal. I sent it in mid-february. I called this morning and they told me te rebates from November and December are not in the system yet. so I guess I'll have to wait again and hope to get my $50 rebates. I don't give up.

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  • An
    Anish Mar 12, 2008

    I think they are really fraud. Same case with me.

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  • Ro
    Ross Arnold Mar 28, 2008

    ATS is bankrupt. Company stock has been delisted and the offices closed. Game over.

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  • Al
    Alan Apr 08, 2008

    I have same exact problem. Bought phone in May 2007 because after $50.00 rebate, phone was free. Since then my experience has been exactly that of other people who posted...so exact that it's scary!
    It's so frustrating, it makes you just want to SCREAM!

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  • Ba
    bansh May 23, 2008

    Almost a year I have not received ATS phone rebate. I sent a few emails to [email protected] and [email protected], did not get any reply. ATS customer service at 1-888-928-7746 is very rude.

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  • Ba
    bansh May 23, 2008

    I just talked to Office Depot at (866) 541-0284, asked me to fax the copy of rebate submission to (866) 238-3145. They said they would honor the ATS rebate and asked me to follow up in 2 weeks. Let's see what happens.

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  • Al
    allan qian May 29, 2008

    I have same problem for the rebate from atsphone. I brought from Fry's California since 09/21/2007. but havenot receive the rebate check.
    my name: allan qian
    my email : [email protected]

    I hope anyone who can help me and give me a copy of the UPC code. the products is ATS 5103B.
    I knew the UPC code NO. is 893426000378, but I didnot keep the copy. so, please send a copy for me by the email. thanksfully.

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  • La
    larry atkins Jun 01, 2008

    I have experinced almost all of the above. Never again will I
    purchase a product from this companyand I will inform everybody else to do likewise.

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  • St
    Stephen F. Erb Jun 24, 2008

    I have been this rebate hell since 12/13/2007 with all the same results. No rebate has been issued, but every time I call I am told it has been received and is being processed. Call back in two weeks and check again. My rebate form said allow 8 weeks not 6 months. I purchased at Rite-Aid.

    Thank you all hope you get your money back.

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  • Ne
    Nelson Haas Jul 12, 2008

    Purchased Oct. 07 at Rite Aid Most efforts to contact are ignored. When I get someone, I am told the rebate program is far behind, but will eventually get mine.
    I finally went to Rite Aid and got my purchase price refund from them. I am still pursuing the real culprets ( ATS Phone) I was finally able to file a complaint and am waiting to see what happens.

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  • Bb
    BB Jul 30, 2008

    Its time for this phony phone company to go away. It is also time for Rite Aid to correct this situation. I bought this phone at Rite Aid and paid Rite Aid because I had faith in the Rite Aid name. I no longer do. Rite Aid should take the steps necessary to make sure the companies they buy from are reputable and sound financially. That's why I used to shop at their stores. No more.

    Please join me in going to the Rite Aid home page and send an email expressing your dissatisfaction with this situation.

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  • De
    debbie davis Oct 03, 2008

    I have the same problem. I purchased a phone from walgreens and have not rec'd the rebate for over a year. I have called and emailed and keep getting the same excuses and told to wait.
    This is fraud.

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  • At
    ATS Phone Buster Mar 31, 2009

    I suggest you call:

    1) Adam 917 856 2568
    2) Tonda Molice cell: (914) 645-5695
    3) General # (203) 270-4638 leave message to Tonda or accounting.

    There's a 20% chance you'll get a response, if that fails, file a bbb complaint against them:


    This will just increase their counters, chances it won't get your money. Only way to get something out of them, is to file a joint legal action against them.

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