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ATS Market ResearchDoesn't Sound Like Real Research

After hearing an ad suggesting that a person could get $1000 in free groceries as a part of market research I called. If you send $3.95 "shipping" they'll send you coupons... which can be used in certain stores. I asked WHICH stores because there are only 2 grocery companies with stores anywhere near my part of town. The guy referred me to a web address which had no site on it. I don't trust these folks.

Sounds to me like some "health insurance" I bought several years ago which turned out to only be discount coupons to specific medical providers. That's not really insurance. It's essentially advertising and directing business to certain businesses. Let's have some TRUTH in advertising!!


  • Bo
    Bobbyblue Jun 30, 2009

    So I just get off the phone with they pushy slaesman from ATS who clamied he was the supervisor when I asked for one. All I did was ask him one simple question and that was if the card they wanted to autodraft from was declined would I be sent to collections. Knowing that this in fact does happen this "supervisor" immediately goes on the defensive saying "Are you going to buy this or not?" this was after obtaining my credit card info then he goes on to say "You are wasting my time" and then goes on the attack me personally. I WILL BE MAKING A COMPLAINT TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL. Enjoy unemployment douchebag.

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  • Dg
    dgrey29 Jul 06, 2009

    I signed up for the program and just received the card. It is a free membership to

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  • Sh
    shortysweets Jul 09, 2009

    Has anyone noticed them taking anymore money from your account that wasnt authorized? My friend said she gave them her credit card number and now she is nervous that they will take her money?

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  • Wa
    Watch Dog Jul 19, 2009

    If she doesn't call [protected] for American Leisure and [protected] for Easy saver she will be getting charges 16.95 from each company.

    When I talk to the guy that answered, I asked him what this was, and told I would receive $1000.00 so they could track what consumers purchased. I asked numerous times of this was a spending card or coupons. He told me numerous times that it was spending card. and that I would also receive a $25 Walmart card, $25 Prepaid Gas Card and $100.00 Gas vouchure.
    None of those were received in the packet. Which was just a peice of paper with a card on it, to go sign up for coupons.

    I called and cancel and asked for a refund for the customer service #. After being on hold for 12 minutes waiting for some one to answer. Everett copped a nasty attiutute, and then informed my I had to call the 2 numbers to cancel. They do not do that.

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  • Aj
    Ajlova17 Jul 20, 2009

    I was just wondering how long it was after you signed up that you started getting these charges

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  • Ka
    kajmom07 Sep 30, 2009

    Just called them and it sounded fishy so I told the rep no thank you sounds like a scam and hung up. She CALLED ME BACK and said "if it sounded like a scam then why did you call?? "you should quit wasting peoples time when they are working" Called the customer complaint dept. and they were like o.k. so what . DONT GIVE THEM MONEY!!!

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  • Ka
    kajmom07 Sep 30, 2009

    I just emailed the Attorney General of the United States all their info. Don't know if it will help but if enough people do it~ Stop these people from taking our HARD EARNED money! So go online and search Attorney General contact info. It gives you an email.

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  • At
    ATXScam Oct 06, 2009

    A friend of mine called me to tell me about this radio add and as we are currently all trying to save money I called in. After being on hold for 15 minutes I talked to a customer service and he explained everything to me, including the $4.95 processing fee and the $1.95 fees for the "free" trial period. However, he did tell me I would receive $1, 000 in grocery money, which is misleading if this comes in the form of coupons.

    After reading all of the above complaints, I did cancel my debit card and informed the bank of the situation. I don't need any additional charges posted. The $4.95 had already been processed and instead of disputing this, I decided to wait and see what the $1, 000 in grocery money is all about. Even if it is $1, 000 in coupons, it will still help out with the grocery shopping. Thank you to all have posted their comments/complaints as it helped make me aware of the situation in advance and prevent any additional charges from being posted.

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  • Li
    Lisa Hoyle Oct 23, 2009

    I heard this advertisment on the radio and I figure it must be ligit if it is on the radio. Yeah Right! They told me that it was a 1, 000 in free money to spend on grocercies. Not coupons. Do not sign up for this! You can get teh same coupons out the Sunday paper. I ask a million times what exactly this was and everytime he never said it was a couopon card. I paid the 4.95 to ship it. Then I start to get odd transactions on my credit card for different amounts of money. It was small amounts at first that can go undetected very easy. I called to get my money back and the CSR went off on me and ask me what do I want him to do. He told me that I was wasting his time and if I don't like the service to call customer service. I am so pissed. i know it was to good to be true but this is a clear credit card scam. I have had to close my checking account becuase I can't stop all of the charges coming through.

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  • Ks
    Ksriflegirl Nov 02, 2009

    Hi, I'm from Wichita, Ks. I heard this commerical as well on 96.3 radio. Apparently this is going on a lot more places than I originally though. WOW! I called ATS, and really thought everything was legit. He wanted a credit card number for me to go any further...and I currently do not have a credit I used my husband's card. So I'm hoping that he will be able to cancel any charges...Anyhow...I thought it was legit because it was on the radio. I even called the better business bureu and the lady informed me that it was indeed a legit company but I needed to be aware that there were charges I would be accepting...And I understood that because the gentleman I spoke to from ATS informed me about the "shipping charges"...and the easy saver card I might want to cancel as soon as I got it in the mail...because there could be "possible" monthly charges for more coupon offers in the future. Now I thought the shipping charges were a little HIGH...because I know how much things cost to be I asked him about this. And he informed me that it was for the "Packet" of information they would be sending me. Which I have not received just yet. Nor do I know if I ever will...but I received the grocery savers card, Which I now not actually a gift card worth $1, 000. But a card activating my online account to receive coupons to things that I would not normally buy.
    Anyways. I went to the phone number as suggested on this cancel my easy saver account. And was directed by Lorena to cancel at [protected]. I was informed that my account has indeed been canceled and given a cancelation number as well. I suggest any of you that have been apart of this scam to write names...FIRST AND LAST down...and any numbers that they give you. I am currently staying posted as to whether or not I have been scammed any further. I also spoke to a gentleman named Everett at the customer service department, and he informed me that it would take two weeks for my other information to come through about easy savers.
    I am nervous...and scared. Because my husband and I are barely making it as it is...we have a 16 month old daughter...and we cannot afford to loose any more money. I will certainly be complaining to the attourney general...and finding ANY way possible to correct the problem I made for myself. I hope any of you reading this...have not had the same problems...and are smart enough to know...if it sounds too good to be true. It IS!!!

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  • Ks
    Ksriflegirl Nov 02, 2009

    Hey...ok. So go to [protected] Press Three for Bargains for less...I spoke to Stephanie. Anyways...tell that person that you want to cancel services you currently have with thier company...and they should do so.
    Hope that helps.

    Kimberly Lowmiller

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  • Pe
    Peopledontlisten2009 Nov 22, 2009

    I work for customer service for this company and all of you are all wrong!! I get about 60 phone calls a days from people saying "they never told me it was coupons!!" and 99.9% of the time i listen to the recording and the agents clearly say its coupons but people neglect to listen! And as for the "unauthorized charges", you people again dont listen when we say you need to cancel your trial periods or they will charge you money!!! Honestly don't blame the company because if you actually used the coupons that we offer you WOULD get 1, 000 dollars in free groceries with your savings and you would save the money you spend the first time you go to the store but for some reason people dont want to use them. You honestly think you are getting a credit card or money and if you think that im sorry but your stupid! So next time listen when your on the phone with someone dont just go on auto-yes and agree to everything without knowing the details...not our fault, its yours!!!

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  • Bu
    BurghMomma958 Dec 12, 2009

    We fell for this 1, 000 dollars GROCERY DEBIT CARD scam. YES they told me it was in a debit card form, NOT COUPONS, so that they could track spending. I want to repeat for the person who supposedly works there... they stated in clear-as-day English, and I repeated it back to them, that it was a $1, 000 debit card for groceries... NOT coupons.

    Luckily I was able to cancel the other 2 companies charges before they hit my credit card, but I am currently unable to contact ATS to fight their $15 charge. This is buuulllll crap and I will also be complaining to the Attorney General and the BBB.

    Also - I checked out the coupon saver website to see if the coupons would be worth the charge before I complained, but it's NOT because that website then charges you an additional 10% of your total coupons. So if you order $20 worth of coupons that you like, they want to charge you a "processing fee" of $2.00 PLUS another $2.75 for shipping.

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  • Do
    dont whine Jan 28, 2010

    hehehe I got you. yall wanta buy a bridge under the ocean?

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