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Atlas Editions / sending die cast toys which I did not order then sending demanding letters

Oct 20, 2017

About 12 months ago a friend who has no Internet asked me to order him a watch from said company on a special offer he had seen in a news paper about three pounds or so. I did . Then a few weeks later I received another watch which I did not order for the value of about twenty pounds with no...

Atlas Editions / Sloppy service bordering on criminal

May 17, 2016

I also made the mistake of purchasing a model from Atlas Editions. The models are accurate, but they are overpriced at £19. After months of messages and emails to them I contacted Citizens Advice who work with Trading Standards The following is the email I sent today: Re: Information about an...

Atlas Editions / Scammed

Jun 19, 2014

My husband bought a small truck (collectible/toy) for a small amount from a magazine article and paid for it - months ago! We have just had a debt collectors letter for £18.99. They have never written or contacted us in any way prior to this. Apparently it is in the small print...

Atlas Editions / Bad service


We have told this company 3 times we no longer want there products but they keep sending them and billing us.