Atlas Editionssending die cast toys which I did not order then sending demanding letters


About 12 months ago a friend who has no Internet asked me to order him a watch from said company on a special offer he had seen in a news paper about three pounds or so.
I did .
Then a few weeks later I received another watch which I did not order for the value of about twenty pounds with no return address.
Then to my amazement a couple of weeks after that they sent me a die cast toy which I did not order then I started to receive demanding letters for the extortionist value of this junk and still no return address.Now a dept collection agency (C.C.C. Collect) has sent me demanding letters for a watch £39.45
for a watch I did not order .Now the value has doubled.It is a disgrace that screamers like these can use dept collection agencies to collect there ill gotten gains
Something needs to be don about this company and quick as I fear hundreds of other people will fall fowl to this scam

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