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Atlantic RemodelinTraumatic experience


On Saturday April 1 we were visited by Dan of Altantic Remodeling, located
in White Marsh MD. This was our third roof estimate in a week. Initially
Dan was very cordial as he explained his company's flawless track record (no
unresolved customer complaints) and showed us how Atlantic had ranked in the
top 200 in a home improvement periodical. He said he would gracefully
accept a yes or no answer to his offer. After preliminary discussions and
measuring the house, he sat down to write up the estimate. In the meantime
my wife's friend had arrived because they both had an appointment to be
somewhere, so I asked Dan to finish up.

When he presented his unprofessional-looking estimate, it turned out that
his offer was over $5000 more than the others two estimates we had received.
When my wife told Dan we wanted to "think about it", his mood abruptly
changed and he become irritated and belligerent. He repeatedly demanded we
explain "what was wrong" with his offer. My wife told him she never accepts
an offer on the spot, but Dan would just counter with questions about the
other offers, and it became a circular waste of time. I told him we were
feeling very uncomfortable, as if he was holding us hostage. He indicated
that since he had invested his time at our house, we "owed" him an
explanation, but apparently none of ours were good enough for him. I tried
to usher him out but ordered me to sit down. I would not have complied but
he seemed very unstable, and I didn't want to set him off. He was a big guy
and very intimidating.

My wife and her friend went upstairs while Dan continued to bide his time,
asking for a glass of water and asking to use the phone. After speaking to
his boss, he finally got up to leave, and I told him we'd call and let me
know, at which point he said "I'm betting you won't". On his way out, he
told me to fax to Atlantic the other offer my wife had mentioned to him (as
if). Once he was gone we were all in disbelief at what had transpired. And
then, to our horror, we discovered he had left his samples in our kitchen!

We assumed they were left on purpose, to give him an excuse to return and
badger us some more. We set them on the front porch, and I called Atlantic
Remodeling and left a message to have a manager call me. When I was called
back, I explained the situation, and the manager Phil was very apologetic
(much to my surprise). I told him they needed to send someone out to
collect the samples, but if I saw Dan, I would call the police. He said
they would send someone else out to collect them during the day on Monday,
and they did.

Beware of this company. Atlantic remodeling is obviously using bully
tactics in order to intimidate potential customers. This experience was
beyond upsetting - it was traumatic. I spoke to a police buddy of mine, and
he said I should not have hesitated to call the cops.


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    JesusGeroge May 02, 2009

    Atlantic Remodeling Corp's CEO, Bert Lebhar, has employed Steve Troppner and Jim Young as his Sales Rep. and Manager to do his dirty jobs. Despite the fact that Lebhar, Troppner and Young claimed that all of Atlantic Remodeling Corp's contractors and sub-contractors are licensed to work as contractors and sub-contractors, THEY ARE NOT. At least 4 of their so-called sub-contractors are illegal immigrants who have NO sub-contractors' license, driver's license and proper paper to live and work in the US. Young and Trappner even told us that their illegal immigrants workers have been registered at the American Institute of Architects which is a big fat lie. Atlantic Remodeling has not completed our roofing job as of May 1, 2009, but we still keep paying for that job. PLEASE DO NOT USE ATLANTIC REMODELING CORP ( You will be sorry. There is no customer service exist. They will never return your call, voice mail message or e-mail. They always have excuses which will make you extremely upset!!!

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    AVGWarhawk May 28, 2009

    I ran into the exact same method last night from Atlantic Remodeling. Right down to the letter. High pressure sales tactics and over inflated quotes that seemingly come down to a reasonable level thus making it look like you are making a deal. This particular salesperson called my wife an idiot because we refused to sign a contact. He was advised we wanted estimates only upon arrival at our home. He was at our home well over 2 hours. We were never advised that this would take two hours. Come on, be reasonable. Measure the roof, show some samples, get a competative estimate. Don't pull the wool and inflate quotes then bring them down to a competative price making it to look like a great deal when in fact it is part of the pressuring to 'ACT NOW' to get this great price.

    I had to throw the saleman off my property...he was getting physically aggressive.

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