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Rip off

Four years ago, I was driving my paid for Nissan Maxima, and after a 13-year run, it was time for a change.

Silly me: I went to Atlanta Toyota. It was a Sunday afternoon and of course, had to go to work the following day. A friend of mine had recently acquired a new Toyota Camry, and it seemed pretty slick. Apparently, there's quite a difference between riding and driving: my Camry was a dog!!

The salesman didn't really speak English: something out of Africa, perhaps? We barely caught two out of three words. Then, after an extremely limited test run allowing only right hand turns (!), we went back to the dealership.

This alleged salesman required us to sign a little piece of paper agreeing that we would buy that car. There was no legal jargon on it, just my signature. I didn't think much about it, but I can see the error of my ways now.

We filled out an application. Our salesman came back about every 20 minutes to ask yet another question, then disappeared again for a seemingly endless period of time. It's Atlanta's trademark apparently: they wear you down with the endless waiting and frustration so in the end, you'll sign anything!

And I did. I gave away my Maxima for a song, and bought this piece of junk for 4-years worth of servitude.

I came to my senses the following day and went back to the dealership to see about turning the car back in - no harm, no foul I thought, but the sales manager lied to me and told me he couldn't reverse the deal. I know it's a lie because I've done the job he was talking about: turning in the certificate of origin. Believe me, it was still there in the dealership!!!

Do not shop there! These people will lie to you and make the numbers look truly awful. I wish I'd read this before going there.

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    Anish George Nov 09, 2019

    Oil change was not performed correctly. All oil leaked and ran vehicle few days without noticing due to no warning signs on the vehicle.
    Engine started making knocking and tapping sound and also intermittent low oil pressure warning. Could cause huge engine repair issues due to bad oil change service

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