Athem Insurance Com. supplimentPut me into a plan that MO will not take. When I called them, they said, &Well they take it in Wisconsin.&

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I called them and they discussed their suppliment plans.

We settled on Smart Value Classic. I made sure that it was in place before I cancelled my previous plan.

When I got ready to use it. I was told that Anthem has several plans, but they don't take this one.
When I called them, they said, "Well everyone in Wisconsin takes it."

Then I had to call Medicare and they had to take back my medicare. Then I was not able to get any other insurance for a year. I have had some pretty expensive health problems.

I think you need to investagate. My plan was H2613-001-000 The confirmation number was [protected] The address that they gave me was 1831 Chestnut St. St. Louis MO They told me to add M95135

I just think it was so sort of fraud.

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