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ASTAR Travel Has anybody actually tried to use their package???

I bought a travel package from Astar Travel several years ago & now All Seasons Travel on (05/05/2012) is advising me that as I never used my holiday package I can now reactivate it for US$296.00 & receive additional 3 nights Accomodation in Las Vegas. I have seen a lot of comments stating both these companies are a scam but all seem to be from people who never actually travelled to America to try it. I was clearly informed I would be required to attend a half day seminar on Time Share Accomodation, which I thought was reasonable for a Bahamas cruise, Accomodation in Florida & an optional night in Las Vegas. I chickened out when getting permission from my X to take kids O.S. proved difficult & when added Flight prices but never actually heard of anyone who went there personally & found out there was no cruise/accomodation. Eager to hear if anyone has tried to redeem package.

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