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I have a gov. Provided assurance wireless phone. (schok volt sv55) the phone broke while I was attempted to restart the phone cause the volume was stuck in the middle of my home screen. I pushed restart an it cut off an wouldn't come back on. That happen june 18th. I called assurance, an they asked me questions about trouble shooting? The agent I was on the phone with, could hardly speak good english. I was on a landlines phone. She insisted that I try a new charger. I told her nothing was wrong with my charger an no damage was done to the phone. She told me 3 to 5 business days I would receive a replacement phone. It took 3 weeks to get the phone. They say it was a problem with the shipping address. I talk to at least 6 service agents who each time said it was resolved. I would wait 5 days an each time the same thing. The phone will be there 3 to 5 days. It took 3 weeks! I finally received the phone june 29th. Today is aug 3rd the phone had broke again. Cut off an won't cut on. They sent me the same phone that I had before an it's broke again. (schok volt sv55) I asked if I could get a different phone an they told me no. That I could purchase a phone. I'm not the only person having problems with that phone but they continue to send people the phone. Now in without a phone again. It didn't last me a week. The service is bad,. People call me an they can't get me half the time. You can't hear when your talking. If I wasn't trying to keep my same no# I would leave asap. They sent me a prepaid postage to send the other phone back. An before I could send that phone back the replacement phone has broken. Now what? 3 weeks before another replacement? Or they can't send me a phone until they get the other broke phones back. I did nothing to the phone. Didn't drop or damage the phone what so ever! I'm disabled (wheelchair) if something happen I can't call for help cause I have no phone an I stay alone! This is the worst service an phone that I have ever experienced! This is a gov. Service program an they shouldn't be allowed to service the public an this is the type of service they provide. Assurance wireless is a complete fraud! An i've read other complaints of people going threw the exact same ordeal that i'm going threw. When will enough be enough? As you can see there is no damage to the phone. This is past frustrating!

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Aug 04, 2022 9:49 pm EDT
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They are a fraud because they shouldn't be able to offer a service to the disabled or financial strapped and not provide the service. Because of this phone company many individuals have missed important calls from health care providers and other agencies that we depend on to keep our bodies going. Stealing money from the government


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