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replacement of dishwasher diagnosed as unrepeatable

I have been caught between the repair company sent out by the warranty company and the warranty company itself. I have been told by the service tech. that the dishwasher could not be repaired. I have been calling and calling the warranty company to resolve this matter for over 2 weeks. I have not had a working dishwasher since 1/5/20.

Every time I call the warranty company I will have a choice of cash buy out or replacement within 3 - 5 days. When I call back to check on the status I am given a new date. the latest date given to solve this was 1/31/20. I called this morning and promised a resolution by 4:00 pm today.

It is now all past the deadline time.

I called the warranty company and I am still being put off. There is always a reason they cannot either replace the dishwasher or give a cash buy out. They are now being very vague and possibly next week I will receive an offer.

This is not acceptable. If they admit liability on their part, they need to step up to the plate and make good on my warranty.

Resolved Terrible company

Associated Insurance Plans provides insurance through some of the major colleges in the U.S. I had this insurance for a semester and paid around $1200. When I ended up going to 3 doctor visits within those 5 months I found that the insurance company would not pay for a single dime. They claimed that the visits were not covered by the policy. I went to their website to look up up doctors in their network (Beech Street Providers) and that was who I made my appoints to. I only went to Family Practice doctors for sinus infections, so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary. They just wouldn't pay anything; I received bills for the full amount from my doctor's office stating this.

All in all, I wish someone had written something like this so could have read it before I even signed up with them. $1200 down the drain and that's not to mention the doctor bills I was responsible for. So, please, fair NOT go through this company unless you would like to waste your money. I hope this post saves some of you the time and money.

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    AIP Student Insurance May 16, 2016
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    Dear Sir:
    Associated Insurance Plans is not an insurance company, and it is not the third party administrator who processed your claim. We are an independent insurance agency who provides the day to day service for our clients. Please contact us at 800-452-5772 or [email protected] so that I can obtain your name, your student ID number, the school you attend, and investigate your specific situation. These are limited duration term policies, with benefits determined by the college or university you attend. I would be happy to investigate to see why your expenses were denied, or if you need to submit additional documentation in order for your expenses to be reimbursed. I hope to hear from you.

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