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I brought a door gym from . I was alway for a month and when I got home I opened the package to find that the door gym had broken parts in the box. The equiptment was useless with the broken pieces. I returned the package to the company (paying for the mail) and emailed... / Very poor customer service


I received a GT Xpress 101 Deluxe and used it all of 4 times before it quit working. I contacted the company and they quickly wrote me back asking me to try several different things before returning the product. It did not work and they told me to ship it back. I asked how to ship it and... / Scam artists


I bought a Hungry Piggy Bank from these people for my son and it did not work. I put brand new batteries in, tried feeding it different size coins - EVERYTHING. The sensor seemed to be defective. I wrote them back and they told me I have to send the item back and gave me tedious specific... / Bad customer service

Let me start by saying that part of this problem is probably my fault. I ordered online from this company and received the product in an undamaged box so I wrapped it as a present. When the present was opened at Christmas the item was found broken. On 12/26 I started calling and sending...