Aspen Dental Managementcredit card reimbursement

F Aug 01, 2018

After three weeks of phone calls, e-mails and stopping into the office in person Aspen Dental finally credited my credit card. But they still owe me $37.00. I was credited $2090.70 they were supposed to credit me 2127.70. What gives? Aspen Dental you've lost my business and I will spread the word to others that you are not reputable. Credit card reimbursements should be instantaneous just like any other business. Give me my $37.00 back. Not to mention it took the Dentist two hours to pull my tooth. I was not numb enough and was in a lot of discomfort throughout the process. Finally after several injections of novocaine, the last shot of novocaine I felt it go right where it needed to be and she was able to extract the tooth. Who knew it would take two hours to pull a tooth and three weeks to get some of my money back.

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