Aspen Dentalincompetence


A while back I went to Aspen dental to have 3 or 4 teeth pulled, and have partial plates made. I was told at the outside it would take 6 months. The teeth were pulled and thats where all the problems started. I told the dentist I could"nt take tylenol, he gave me oxycodone with 500mgs of tylenol, so no pain meds. The customer service is the worst, I was told several times I would be called back in a couple days, once was 10 days, once was 2 or 3 weeks, once was almost 4 months to the day. Of course these all came with excuses about computer problems and other stories. long story short after a year I come in for a fitting, guess what the plates dont fit because they did"nt finish the surgery a year ago. They told me they would make it right, but at this point they had proven this job was out of there league. I have never been offered a refund or adjustment so I paid 1, 600 or 1, 800 hundred dollars to have 3 or 4 teeth pulled, Beware Aspen dental. Dan Wenzel

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