Asia Fashion Wholesale Complaints & Reviews / Customer service is bad

Jan 28, 2016

I was a customer for a long time and was always satisfied. But unfortunately things changed. Few months ago I ordered some items from Asia-Fashion-Wholesale website. They changed my chosen courier without informing me. When my order finally arrived it was delivered by that new courier who... / Waste of money and time


I’m fuming the clothes are ridiculous sizes that fit a 5 year old instead of a 25year old all the cloths have marks on that can’t be washed out buttons missing off some item and the quality of the item are shocking crap and they are not taking the responsibility for their mistake it’s a joke waste of money and time!!! / You'll wait weeks to see your money turned into CR*P


I wanted to earn some money cause I started university so I thought about selling some clothes. Soooo, stupid me, I thought I found a gold mine and bought 225 $ on clothing from this site. What I payed was 453 $ with shipping. The consumer service was good, they always responded and politely...