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Bad delivery.

Ashly furniture sell products they don`t have, My husband and I bought some furniture from them over three weeks ago. they have change are dilivery date three times, and we have not received the furniture yet. for a furniture store that can`t delivery on time in a good time frame, they should not sell furniture. If a customer pay for a product they should be able to get within a reasonable time. I would never shop at ashly never get your furniture.

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    Delet Crosby Oct 20, 2008

    Ashly furniture don`t take care of there customer, they offer a service but, it don`t work. Abad company with a worst delivery service, it has been three weeks after purchase, and we have been given three different dates for delivery. purchased on 10/07/2008. First was told delivery would be 10/21/08, then 10/23/2008, and now 10/25/2008. why offer to sell furnitur we you don`t have it youself.

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  • Si
    sirHairu Apr 05, 2011

    I totally agree. I made a purchase and had a delivery date set. They are not able to tell you a time until two day prior to ship date. When they called to provide the time, half the order was unavailable. The representative said I should wait until the first delivery was shipped before I reschedule as the total shipment may be get mishandled. Now I have no couch for three weeks... Hopefully only three weeks.

    I really cannot believe they admitted that it’s a good possibility they would screw the order up. Not good Ashley... Not good

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  • Sc
    scarsman69 Sep 25, 2013

    Hi, I purchased a living room set from Ashley here in Central Florida. My furniture was a great sale that included that if the balance were paid in six months, there would be no finance/interest charges. The total of the sale was $1000.00 plus corresponding taxes. Total should have been $1070.00 We paid a down payment of $275. We then made an installment payment of $160.00 for a total of $435.00. We were then told that the new balance was $1050.00 WHAT? As it turns out this bastion of great furniture and prices sold/transferred (without our knowledge and consent) sold our account to RAC (an organization that I would never do business with under any circumstance because of their business practices). We never knew the RAC was a part of the contract. We would never have contracted with Ashley. Of the $160.00 payments only about $50.00 would go toward the price of the furniture. All other monies paid would go to RAC's fees and finance charges. This is practice is called bait and switch and also the contract is void because it is unconscionable and could be based on fraud. The good thing about the paperwork we were given was not signed by any of us. I am prepared to sue the living crap out of Ashley and RAC.. We signed papers with Ashley (for their furniture) but did not sign papers with RAC. If anyone out there has had a similar problem as stated above, please send me an email at [email protected] Thank you. - Joey

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  • Jo
    JoeJagent Jun 06, 2014

    Unless the contract says it can't be transferred it can without your permission. However, the terms must remain the same. Perhaps Ashley did not give RAC the proper information, or RAC chose to ignore it. In any case you need to write both of them about the problem and keep a copy. If they don't resolve it then file a complaint with your Attorney General and the FTC. In the meantime be sure to make at least the minimum payment so they don't try to use that against you. The contract is not void.

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