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On November 20, 2022, I purchased a sofa and loveseat from Ashley Furniture at the AHS Naperville location (1584 South Illinois Route 59, Naperville, IL 60564). During the first delivery a couple of weeks later, I noticed significant damages to the sofa, leading me to refuse acceptance. Some of the damages were even pointed out by the delivery driver.

After discovering damages during the first delivery, I contacted customer care and arranged for a second delivery. The furniture was redelivered at the end of the first week of January 2023. My wife, who was at home during the recent delivery, pointed out the damages to the driver and requested the item be taken back. Regrettably, the driver, citing time constraints, directed us to contact customer care for further assistance. Subsequently, we followed the instructions and sent pictures of the damaged sofa as per the representative's request.

While we appreciate the effort to schedule a technician and order the necessary materials, our preference is to receive a new delivery. Understandably, policies are in place, but after a month without any updates or technician contact, the frustration has escalated.

Despite numerous phone calls and emails, it took considerable effort to reach a customer care representative. Unfortunately, I learned that the materials for the sofa repair were not ordered promptly, as the previous representative responsible was on vacation and failed to place the order. I received this information after several weeks of waiting and initiating follow-ups.

Unfortunately, despite reporting the issue promptly, we were still facing delays in resolution. Furthermore, I have not received any communication from the technician or the customer care team during this extended period. It's disheartening to learn that the case was closed due to alleged difficulty in reaching me. I assure you that my contact details have remained consistent, and I have been eagerly awaiting updates.

Given the protracted nature of this matter and the lack of progress, I kindly request the opportunity to discuss these concerns with a manager. believing their intervention may help facilitate a more expedited and satisfactory resolution to this unfortunate situation. After many attempts, I finally got a hold of a manager. She confirmed the inaccuracies in the previous representative’s claims saying that the materials were delivered, and the technician attempted to reaching out to me were false. After the manager acknowledged the errors and promised compensation, the call was unfortunately disconnected, and subsequent attempts to reconnect have been unsuccessful.

Despite investing significant time and effort in discussions with various representatives and supervisors, the only proposed solution thus far has been an exchange. Unfortunately, the selected furniture is discontinued, and the offered 10% discount for keeping it falls short of a satisfactory resolution.

Upon refusing this offer and pressing for a refund, the company eventually approved a reselection. Regrettably, this process has been marred by four consecutive deliveries of damaged and defective items, intensifying the strain on the situation.

Despite company policies allowing for a refund, resistance has been met, leaving me with no alternative but to select another set. The recent issue revolves around the company's refusal to refund the price difference for the newly selected, less expensive set — a detail not communicated during the reselection process.

I've taken the initiative to contact the company's headquarters twice through written correspondence, unfortunately receiving no response. The significant stress and inconvenience caused by this situation warrant a fair resolution. I have records of time spent on the phone (with screen shots)

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