Asda Storesgeorge management

K Jul 27, 2019

we had a new manager arrive on our department since then she has been completely unhelpful, rude towards some colleagues and whenever we ask her for help she totally dismisses us and she always stays upstairs off the shop floor and has an unproffessional attitude towards us colleagues. customers have been known to complain about her aswell and she never follows company policy especially when holidays or sick are concerned, and when she has the cheek to dicipline us, she raises her voice on the shop floor in front of customers, she always makes everyone feel small, talking down to only her evening staff and belittling us into doing stuff and basically treating us like vermin and as if we were beneath her. She always bad mouths other colleagues to other colleagues, eg she called her section leader a [censored]. She is making everyone very uncomfortable and ill and wanting to leave that department. She has been reported before but nothing seems to be getting done about it.

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