Asda Directincomplete product & no refund given


On the 24th April 2009 my partner ordered £280 worth of furniture from asda direct. This furniture consisted of 2 bedside drawers and a set of large bedroom drawers. These were meant to be delivered and built within 2 weeks. 2 weeks later the drawers arrived and the guys started to build them. This however was impossible as all the parts for the drawers had not been packed with the rest of the set. we had to wait a further 2 weeks for the parts to arrive. When they had arrived the guys started to build the drawers again only to find that they still did not have all the parts. so we waited a further week for parts which did not come. we then went to our local asda store to try and resolve this issue and we were told that we would receive a call with a date for the delivery of new drawers and a refund of £40. Today 19th June 2009 we had to go back to the store as we still had not heard anything from asda direct. We were told today that we would have to wait at least another week for the issue to be resolved. I do not feel that waiting another week is a happy resolve as we were told 4 weeks ago that this would be resolved and it is not. To make matters worse, the set of bedside drawers are already falling apart due to shoddy workmanship in assembling the furniture. As we are unemployed £280 is a lot of cash to part with and i am not willing to chase my tail any longer trying to resolve this, instead i intend to complain to all known authorities about asda direct.

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