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Artoc Auto (Skoda Dealer)Using fake parts

In 2005 I bought from ARTOC Auto in Egypt a SKODA Octavia A4 car. I was under the impression that if I serviced and repaired my car with the dealer’s service center I will always get professional workmanship and genuine Skoda parts and that is why since I bought this car I did all service and repair work needed at the dealer’s service center and I have complete records of all my visits. In 29/6/2008 the dealer’s service center replaced my front break pads with beak pads of unknown brand (not manufactured by Skoda or VW), which consequently did severe damage to the front rotors. I serviced my car twice after that with the dealer and they never informed me that there is anything wrong with the front break pads or the rotors. On 25/4/2009 I went back to the dealer’s service center because the car vibrates when I press the break and produces a strange noise. The engineer who inspected the car told me that my front rotors have been damaged and need to be replaced because the front break pads currently in place are defective and not genuinely manufactured by SKODA and this means that the break pads also have to be replaced. I showed them the break pad receipt and demanded that both the break pads and the rotors should be replaced at the dealer’s expense since it is their problem in the first place but they refused to comply. I took this matter to the top management in company who in spite of admitting that the break pad installed in the car is defective are still refusing to resolve the matter at the excuse that I discovered that the break pads are defective ten month after it was installed and not before. I think that ARTOC Auto by these actions is damaging the image of a reputable company like SKODA in Egypt. Please advise me what to do.


  • He
    here to help you Sep 02, 2009

    Hello Mr. Abdel Hamid,

    I m working at ARTOC Group Egypt, and I saw your complaint by chance while I was surfing the internet. I wonder if I could be of any help, as I m really concerned about your complaint and ARTOC reputation.

    I created this account here just to contact you, please let me know how can I help you.

    An ARTOC Group Employee

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  • Ah
    ahmed nour eldin Oct 14, 2009

    same happened to me i've an Octavia A5 2005, Actually the car service over this 4 years are all in Artoc auto service center every 5 to 10 km i always check them, at 60, 000 km the oil of gear box should have been changed, i left the car to make the necessary service but they didn't change this oil, actually i didn't know that this should have been changed at this time, after time at 100, 000 km i had a problem with the gearbox, i went to the center and they told me about that oil should have been changed, i told them that i came at the service for 60, 70, 80, 90, 100000 km and it's shown in the car service booklet that it's not marked about changing, why no body didn't tell me ?
    It costs me to solve this problem about 2500 USD !!!
    this only for changing a VALVE.
    i am really dissapointing and i feel that it's a kind of carless and cheating as well.

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  • Sp
    spirit75 Oct 19, 2009

    Hi, I am about to buy the new Octavia Fantasia. what i read here really scares me off. I think i am going to think of changing the model.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Hazem Oct 20, 2009

    Hi, I was about to buy a Fantasia also these days but I will consider it again because I was willing to buy it from the company and not Khaligi but it won't matters.

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  • Sh
    Shiham Nov 17, 2009


    I think there is a major defect in the service centre of the skoda, in addition I think there is alot of complaints not published over the internet.

    Very strange behaviour and reaction from a great company like skoda

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  • Sk
    Skoda owner Dec 07, 2009

    I wonder that today after 95 days Artoc did solve Mr. Abdel Hamid problem or not yet, I'm a new Fantasia owner, and it would give me a clear direction whether ARTOC has responded or not

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  • Ab
    Abdel Hanid Zaghw Dec 07, 2009

    Up till my problem with Artoc Auto has not been resolved. The customer service of this scompany is very unprofessional. There are many unsatisfied customers right now from Artoc Auto and the company simply doesn't care.

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  • Dr
    dr_aaw Dec 16, 2009

    i'm a fantasia owner, so where can we service my car, to keep away from artoc auto?? any suggestions??

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  • Ma
    Maged Hanna Jan 01, 2010

    reading all above comments will direct me NOT to buy any car from this carless company ARTOC & it is much better & cheaper to buy it from the honest importers directly as I'm going to buy a Fantasia this comming week!!

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  • Dr
    dr/mohiey Feb 07, 2010

    oopssss i just about to buy a fantasia from artoc auto but these make me directed to khaligi models cause it is no matter u deal with official agent and i will gain the big difference in car price then i will deal with a trusted center of one of my eng.friends or i will shift to another model with a respectable agent not a cheating one like artoc auto egy. i very sad for that thanks

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  • Mo
    moh. Sa. Feb 12, 2010

    i'm with you alls i think that what happened with me and you all due to untrained people and fake parts to get max profit the status of transimission in a5 and fanatsia in unknown because here in artoc when these cars was newly they haven't any orders or info. about changing this oil "when and how" it was the 1st car with no measuring oil bar

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  • Le
    Le Sphinx Apr 21, 2010

    Dear "here to help you",
    The several complaints show that I should buy any other car than Artoc's Skoda.
    WWhat are the results of all these complains

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  • Ca
    captainmohamad Jun 03, 2011!/home.php?sk=group_221502514527457&ap=1

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  • Ab
    abdelrahman elashrfi Aug 25, 2011

    I am dr abdelrahman from alexandria and i have a serious problem its about the valve body in the gear box, i was told that it will cost me 10 thousand LE, why that it is too expensive and do you have any cheaper solution, i was told that it is a manfacture's mistake

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  • Ab
    Abdelrahman Anwar Jan 04, 2013

    To whom it may concern
    My name is Abdelrahman Mahmoud Anwar and I am contacting you in regards to a service I had on my Skoda Octavia at the Nour EL din EL Sherif Branch in Alexandria in Egypt
    The service that was performed on the vehicle was changing of the brakes . This service was completed to the required standard although there was been a great discrepancy in the contentsof the vehicle when it was returned.Upon leaving the service centre it was discovered that my IPad was missing from the backseat of the vehicle I informed the center immediately and they informed me I am free to come view the surveilance tape from the day .Upon returning the following day I discoverd that the cameras are facing away from the area of service and my vehicle was out of view for the entire period of service .Following this the manager of the service center informed me that he will look into this issue but he could not see any problem as the employees had all been there for a considerable amount of time and are alll truthworthly . I have filed a police report on the item in question but i am utterly displeased with the way this all has been handeled, not only was my personal property stolen, the integrity of this center is in your hands and circumstances like this should not occur .
    I would appreciate your comments in this matter
    Thank you
    kind regards

    Abdelrahman Mahmoud Anwar

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  • Ga
    gamal ahmed shawer Jan 26, 2014

    السيد المهندس / مدير شركة سكودا
    اتقدم اليكم بخالص التحية والتقدير لشخصكم ولشركتكم أولا
    ثم اود سرد شكوتى هذه بايجاز شديد لعلها تلقى منكم القبول والإهتمام اللائق
    فأنا د/ جمال أحمد حسين شاور أستاذ دكتور بكلية الطب جامعة الأزهر و كلية طب القوات المسلحة
    حيث قمت بشراء سيارة سكودا موتور رقم 08445 وشاسيه رقم 2122683والسيارة 1.4 TSI DSG وتحمل أرقام (و ص و 157) بتاريخ 28 / 3 / 2013
    بعد ستة أشهر فقط حدث عطل بالفتيس ادى الى ابطال المحرك عدة مرات أثناء السير مع أصوات دبدبة ورعشة شديدة مع الحركة من D1 to D4 & with R also فتوجهت على الفور فى 1 / 10 / 2013 الى مركز الخدمة الرئيسى بالقاهرة (القطامية)
    وأخبرونى أنهم سوف يرسلون E Mail الي التشيك وبعد حجز السيارة عندهم أربعة أيام أخبرونى بأن الرد جاء بتحديث السوفت وير واستلمت السيارة وبعد يوم واحد فقط عادت للسيارة العطل كما هو وكأن شيئا لم يكن وكانت الشركة فى أجازة لمدة أسبوع بسبب العيد
    وذهبت اليهم بعد أجازتهم وتم حجز السيارة مرة أخرى أربعة أيام بحجة ارسال E Mail وانتظرت الرد طويلا مالا يقل عن شهر كامل والسيارة بدون حركة وكل مااسالهم عن الرد يقولون لم يأت رد بعد وأخيرا بعد طول انتظار جاء الرد من المهندس أحمد محرز مدير الشركة للصيانة بأنه سوف يتم ارسال mekatronic وأخيرا تم ارسال هذه ال mekatronic وأحضرت السيارة وتم حجزها بالمركز خمسة ايام لتركيب ال mekatronicوعندما ذهبت لاستلام السيارة أخبرونى أن الmekatronic القادمة ليست لهذا الموديل وارسلنا الى التشيك حتى يتم تغييرها
    وانتظرت عشرون يوما أخرى حتى جاءت ال mekatronic الجديدة وأحضرت السيارة مرة أخرى للمركز وتم حجزها خمسة أيام أخرى لتركيب الmekatronic وأخيرا استلمت السيارة وبمجرد الخروج من المركز وجدت السيارة كما هى بنفس العطل
    ورجعت الى المركز وقالوا أن السيارة تحتاج الى basic sitting وأخذت السيارة بعدها ووجدت أن نفس العطل كما هوورجعت الى المركز مرة اخرى و أخبرونى أنهم سوف يرسلون E Mail الي التشيك وبعد حجز السيارة عندهم أربعة أيام أخبرونى بأن الرد جاء بتحديث السوفت وير مرة أخرى واستلمت السيارة وبعد يوم واحد فقط عادت للسيارة العطل كما هو وكأن شيئا لم يكن وذهبت الى المهندس معتز درويش المدير العام بالمقطم وقدمت له شكوتى بهذا الحال العجيب لشركتكم الموقرة فأخبرنى باستياءة من هذه التصرفات ووعدنى بالحل
    وجاء الامر بعد ثلاثة أيام وبعد أن توقفت السيارة تماما وأحضرتها بونش على نفقتى الخاصة بمبلغ 700 جنيه بعد رفض المهندس حسين الوردانى نائب المدير العام احضار ونش لحملها بعد الإتصال به تليفونيا. وتم حجز السيارة ثلاثة أيام أخرى بنفس المركز وذهبت لأخذها فأخبرونى أنه تم تركيب طقم دبرياج لها بناءا على أوامر التشيك . وأخذت السيارة ووجدتها كما هى بدون أى تحسن على العطل الذى بها .وتعليقى الآتى:
    1. أنا أستاذ دكتور بكلية الطب وبعلم كل من فى شركة سكودا مصر كم عانيت من هذة السيارة
    2. هل هذه هى سياسة الشركة العريقة وهل هذه هى فعلا أوامركم وتوجيهاتكم (اذلال العملاء بهذا الاسلوب المهين)
    3. أشترى سيارة جديدة من الوكيل شخصيا ثم أتعطل بهذا الشكل لكم تتخيل خسائرى هذه الفترة من عطل السيارة وبسببها التى لاتقل عن عشرون ألف جنيها بسبب عطل السيارة وحجزها بالمركز كل هذه الفترات
    4. أنتظر ردكم الذى ينبغى أن لايقل عن استبدال السيارة بسيارة أخرى وتعويضى عن هذه الخسائر.

    أكرر شكرى وتقديرى وتفضلوا بقبول فائق الإحترام والتقدير ،
    أ د. جمال أحمد حسين شاور

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  • Ga
    gamal ahmed shawer Feb 13, 2014

    لقد عجزت شركة سكودا بالكامل عن اصلاح السيارة من عيوب الصناعة وهى فى الضمان

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  • Ga
    gamal ahmed shawer Feb 15, 2014

    السيد الأستاذ والمربى الفاضل / محمد شفيق جبر
    رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة سكودا
    تحية من القلب وعرفانا بالجميل لحسن الإدارة وكمال الخلق وأكثر بكثير من المثالية فى استقبال سعادتكم للعملاء كما لمست ورأيت ذلك عيانا بيانا معى.
    من واقع شكواى المريرة التى لاقيتها وللآسف من العاملين بشركتكم الموقرة بعد عطل سيارتى وعرضى عليهم منذ البداية تغيير الفتيس على حسابى الشخصى(ودون الإعتماد على الضمان) بشرط عدم تعطلى إلا أنهم رفضوا إلا وتعطلى و للشهر الخامس.
    وبعد الإتفاق أمام سعادتكم على تغيير السيارة بأخرى مقابل 42000 ألف جنيه (مع اجحافى لحقى كثيرا) وموافقتى الإضطرارية حتى ينتهى الموضوع بأى شكل فقد كلفت من قبل السيد الدكتور المهندس / مظهر الشيخ بعمل عقد البيع والذى كلفنى 2000 جنيه وشهادة المخالفات وقمت على الفور بعمل المستندين فى صباح اليوم فى المرور والشهر العقارى (حيث منتهى المعاملة الاإنسانية فى هاتين المصلحتين) وأحضرت السيارة والفلوس والأوراق المطلوبة الى مقر الشركة وبعد استلامهم من قبل الأستاذ أيمن عفيفى إلا أنه فوجىء بإتصال من الدكتور مظهر بإيقاف البيع وزيادة المبلغ عشرة آلاف جنيه بحجة خطأ فى الحساب.
    وهذا المبلغ فوق طاقتى حيث أننى جمعت كل مافى البيت حتى أكملت المبلغ المتفق عليه أمامكم .
    وعليه فإننى وللأسف الشديد لم أصل إلى إتفاق مع هذه الشركة الموقرة.
    كما أرجو إبلاغ السيد الدكتور مظهر بأن قيمة سيارتى القديمة كما سألت عنها مابين 180 الى 185 ألف جنيه وليس كما سمعت منه.
    وأسعار سيارتكم الياتى فى المعارض الخارجية تقل عن أسعاركم المعلنة بمبلغ 15 لألف جنيه فمثلا يمكنكم سؤال معرض سمير ريان الذى يبيع ال ياتى فئة أولى ب 195 ألف جنيه مقابل سعرها عندكم 210 ألف جنيه, ومعرض أباظه يعرض ال ياتى فئة ثانية (جميع الألوان) بمبلغ 214 ألف فقط وليس 232 كما يقول د/ مظهر
    وهذا بخلاف مطالبتى بقيمة تعطلى كل هذه المدة(5 أشهر) بسببكم الذى لم نتطرق اليه فى حديثنا بعد،
    وتفضلوا بقبول فائق الإحترام والتقدير ، أد/ جمال أحمد حسين شاور

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  • Ah
    Ahmed Mahfouz Mar 30, 2014

    Im a sulerb owner . My media unit broke down and the cd changer got broken . And since im still under warranty i took it to your dealership in qatameyya the ring road branch. They told me the unit needs to be recoded and it didnt work so they said my unit had to be replaced so we placed an order in january. Till now my unit hasnt arrived . Please no matter how long it shoul take u to give me the unit 3 month is completly non sense . Please help me with this issue that im really frustrated. And on top of this each time i ask about it your employees start giving me a differrent excuse . Sometimes its the customs sometime its the telecom investgations sometimes its chezc republics problem . And sometimes its the dhl servise problem . Its a superb 2012 chaset no. 9040359 motor no. 7900 with liscense plate س ص س 358. Thank you

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  • Az
    azza behnassawi Sep 22, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After greeting
    I would like to inform you that I owned a Skoda Octavia 1400 Turbo and i often go to the maintenance center at the ring road in New Cairo – Egypt- in maintenance periods.
    I feel injustice when I bought Skoda Octavia 1400 Turbo, because its problems are many and spare parts are not available
    After maintenance of 17000 KM Problems began, I went to the maintenance center because I feel the car is not working good, the specialist told me that the status of the car is excellent and no need to worry, two days later I heard sound coming from the car I stopped the car and I loaded it on the Winch and went the maintenance center the specialist told me that the car needs a battery i replaced the battery from the center itself, but the car did not work so the specialist discovered that the car needs to change the Clutch Kit and I have to wait more than two months for installation because the spare parts were not available in the Center .
    After 2 months the spare parts reached to the center and during maintenance, the specialist said that we have to change Alfolam Fly Wheel with cost 12000 L.E I agree and finally I took my car from the center.
    After 2 weeks from maintenance, the car stopped suddenly in middle of the street and again I loaded my car on the Winch and went the maintenance center, the specialist told me that the car need a Gearbox and the installation after 3 months because the spare parts is not available.
    it is unreasonable to face these problems and pay these moneys after less than 3 years from purchasing date So what I am going to face and pay after five years
    I ask myself, do I am sinned when I put my trust in Skoda I think this is one of the disadvantages of the industry and the company has to bear its responsibility
    It is inconceivable that the Skoda does not meet the customer needs
    Finally, you know that the schools started and drive my children to school... so imagine how many troubles I face therefore I suggest to exchange my car with ones in 1600 cc and I am willing to pay the difference
    I hope what happened do not affect the reputation of Skoda among its customers
    Waiting for your reply
    Attached: payment bills and the car's l


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  • Az
    azza behnassawi Oct 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir,
    after i sent this email, member of the customer service talked to me and he promised me that I will receive my car after 3 weeks maximum
    And so far, nothing new happens, and my car still in the maintenance center
    I think that Skoda must meet its obligations towards its customers
    sir, I bought a car to help me and my children to find an easy way to move and not to put in the maintenance center waiting for spare parts
    i am waiting for your reply

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