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11:21 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Artistic Cabinetry & Interiors Con Man

I have had the unpleasant experience to deal with two different homeowners who made the mistake of using this con mans services. He made claims that he could remodel these homes with high end results. The truth is he scammed these trusting hard working folks into signing a ridiculous and one sided contract that allowed this weasel to hold them ransom after he started his con man rip off games. He pretends to be a general contractor which he is not, he allows his under paid unskilled workers to destroy your plumbing, electrical, structures, etc. All without the required permits, putting both of these homes at extreme danger of fire in one and severe mold intrusion in the other. I looked at his web site and almost puked when I saw this short ugly bald weasel who has to hire strippers to make him look like a big man. He failed as a cook and now takes his frustration out on unsuspecting working folks. Several people in the kitchen remodel trade backed up what I said about him, as he has burned more bridges with local supply houses. They refuse to extend any credit and most will not sell to him at all because of his shady practices. I stand up for people who have been done wrong, and if you take anything away from this, it's don't give this clown a chance to screw you . Spread the word!

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Update by Fl GC
Feb 05, 2012 2:09 pm EST

Check out his facebook page to see who he's spending your money on?


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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4:13 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Artistic Cabinetry & Interiors Kitchen renovation nightmare experience

The most miserable experience with a kitchen company I could ever imagined. This will be the biggest mistake you will ever make if you hire this kitchen design company. We went to their office last December to show them what we wanted in an extremely high end kitchen. We new exactly what we wanted for our new home on the water in Lighthouse Point. Should have been the quickest and most simple job for the company. Over 14 months later our kitchen is finally complete. Yes 14 months! I basically designed and managed the overall project myself. Artistic was very rarely at the site to manage the work being done. They hire cheap cheap labor from Cuba to do their installations. Which was not was agreed upon when I hired them. The owner John never took blame for any mistakes. There were many. He has no attention for detail or design talent. It was as if he never did a kitchen before. He is a short, no talent wimp with absolutley no back bone. Jose, the non license installer has absolutley do business doing anything as far as construction. The most ignorant man I ever met. They left the site in the messiest condition you could ever imagine. Very sorry ever met them and hope he is out of business very soon. I was always on time with payments yet he was always begging for money the entire time. A definite sign of $$$ troubles for the company. They always tried to cut corners and everything would have been done half ### if I was not there to supervise. Basically don't anyone ever hire this place to renovate your kitchen or bath. I am not making any of this up. I promise you will regret it.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Pompano Beach, US
Dec 17, 2009 9:37 am EST

Home remodeling often stresses and inconveniences a family that occupies a residence during the process. These stresses are compounded when the work is performed to an older home that requires updating and in most cases are not discovered until the process begins.
In response to Mr. MacLean’s complaint. We would like to mention that this contract was not just for a kitchen but also for a significant amount of new stone flooring, construction to open passageways, re-build higher ceilings, build a new laundry room, and to convert a small closet into a walk in wine cellar. Remodeling included a great deal of protective services for non-remodeled areas and dust control for living areas, electrical, plumbing, a/c, new gas lines and tank, construction, drywall, as well as finish goods and fixtures in a 50 years old home.
The design process started on 10/31/07 with the retainer agreement. Followed by normal standard time for designing, selection of materials, revisions etc. The contract was signed on 12/11/07. Custom cabinetry standard delivery time 8 to 10 weeks, plus 1 week that the Factory closes for the Holidays.
The initial project started March 08, and then once underway, we discovered “as expected in remodels of older homes” that additional work was needed to improve structural conditions to achieve the new designs, as well as replacement of major underground plumbing lines as the old cast iron was in severe decay.
With those changes, revisions of permits were needed, all that translated in more time required.
To set the record straight, here are the dates documented by permits, inspections, from public records from the building department.
Permit application to Lighthouse Point 2/25/08
Notice of commencement to Broward 3/08/08
Permit issued 3/04/08
Revision permit (plumbing) 5/02/08
Revision permit (gas) 5/28/08
Planning stages working with client 11/01/07 to 12/11/07
Workmen present in home March ’08 to June ‘08
Service work by appointments July ’08 to August ‘08
Design and cabinetry lead time: 3 months
Time to coordinate with revisions: 1 month
Full time remodeling work: 4 months
Follow up service work (with everything back in working order for the family’s use): 2 months
Total of 10 months of overall business from the design retainer to the last check 11/01/07 to 8/29/08.
Documents will be revealed to anyone upon request.
The project was very challenging and complex, however we at Artistic made sure that everything was ultimately to the client’s satisfaction. The project did take longer than we had thought but due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. We made every accommodation available to help the MacLean’s during the process and the end result was in fact to their satisfaction. During the process the homeowners not only approved of the newly discovered additional work but also hired us to more work adding an additional bathroom and laundry room remodeling to the overall project.
The clients did in fact like the way we invoice in several smaller increments during each step of the process. We collect only with a delivery or with a completion of a specific phase of labor. So satisfaction is assured at each step before moving further. In fact the MacLean’s never offered any resistance to when a payment was due and all payments where collected in full. So this report comes as quite a shock to us at a later date.
We apologize for any inconveniences we have caused Mr. and Mrs. MacLean. We believe the work completed stands for itself and is quite beautiful, photos are attached.
Sorry Laura and Fred, and thank you for your business.

Weston, US
Aug 02, 2009 5:59 pm EDT
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Unlike your experience, I can only say the best about Artistic and John, in particular. I too did a fairly extensive renovation of my house. The first phase consisted of installing marble flooring throughout the main areas in the house, popcorn ceiling removal, a total kitchen gut and renovation and a master bath installation. We felt John was very professional throughout the design process, guiding us through marble and granite selection, cabinetry, plumbing hardware and lighting design. My friends know that I am not always easy to please but when a job is done correctly I give credit where it is due. I wholeheartedly endorse John's work. Look, I know construction time can be nerve-wracking. We lived with the construction with kids and a large dog for thirteen weeks just one week over the original estimate. Not bad when you have to consider that permitting has to account for down time. When the first phase was complete, everyone else who had done construction before thought i would hate the builder and never want to do anything again. Wrong! I hired John to do my family room, dining room and guest bath and love it. As far as his workers are concerned, I believe we overlapped with a contractor that John was using. When I showed John some of the problems that the other contractor had created, John took full responsibility, let the contractor go and hired on Jose, and I couldn't have been happier. Jose is a true craftsman, always making sure that everything lined up perfectly. He designed and built a custom cabinet to match my Drexel Heritage dining room and it looks great. As far as his tile person, Omar, the man is an artist. He worked the marble throughout the house as well as some extensive work in the bathrooms. He has a gift with tile and a love for his work. I have recommended Artistic and John to friends and some have used them for their kitchen remodeling already and are quite pleased.

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