Arrow Creditdisputed late charges

Re: Arrow Credit Account# [protected]

Dear Sir/Madam,

In November 2003 I paid in full my Care Credit card with the exception of a $29.00 late charge that I disputed. For 10 months Care Credit added late charge on late charge until the balance was $290.00 and then they sent it to collection. Collection charges have also been added. Since these charges were added after my account was paid in full, they represent extortion, and should never have been charged to my account. They were instead placed negatively on my credit record.

For three months I have struggled to have them removed. I have talked to at least 15 people, all of whom either had no knowledge of my situation or no authority to do anything with the exception of one kind lady at Care Credit, who said all charges would automatically be cleared in November of 2010 because of a 7 year limit prior to expiration. I have an emergency situation, and cannot wait until November. I have run out of time, and request you clear my credit as soon as possible. This verification of the clearance of my credit record should be sent to Ralph Aversa, Key Bank, Buffalo, New York by FAX at [protected].

I have presented this matter to the office of my state senator, Catherine Young, who has filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General of the State of New York. The attorney general is currently investigating the case. Investigations take time, which I do not have. Since these false charges are to be erased in a few months anyway, I would hope the erasure might be moved to the present day in order to aid me in a critical situation, which I must resolve. I will greatly appreciate your haste in clearing this charge from my credit report. Thank you.

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