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Dear sir/madam

My name is Mr.Mohammad Joomratee. My mum who is an elderly lady, travelled from Mauritius to London Heathrow Aiport on the 20th of June 2009 on flight MK046 ( Air Mauritius) to visit us . I have made arrangement for her to have wheelchair facility at the airport through the travel agent . This was made to ease her situation at the ariport. She is a person with high blood pressure, diabete and other medical conditions, which prevented her to mobilise well. Her travelled journey was 12 hours from Mauritius and UK.

I was very disappointed When we saw our mum coming out and was pushing a luggage trolley. She was struggling and was unable to maintain her composure. She had to be helped by fellow passengeruntil we came to support her. She was in tears and exhausted. She told me that she was given half way wheelchair facility. She had to look for her luggage and put it on the trolley.

I write to inform you that I am personally disappointed with the situation. This could happen to any one, not only my mum. I hope to hear from you

Kind regards

Mohammad Joomratee
14, West Drayton Park Avenue
West Drayton

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