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Armstrong Management Services Inc - Abuse condo owner

purchased one condominium lower than 1/2 county assessment value in 10/21/2008
And another condominium 1/3 county assessment value in 12/11/2008
Now I have seen sold ¼ county assessment value,
My real estate agency had not informed reason why these condo price were keeping down,
Yes housing bubble, but I had no idea reason why this condo sold less than 1/3 county assessment value until I purchased these two condo,
My duty to pay condo fee, and this company duty to inform me how to pay or where to pay,
This company had not given me one single information where to send condo fee or how to pay condo fee,
And I must went to condo office and find out where to send condo fee,
I had sent condo fee without bill and request bill,
Almost 4 month later I received first unit condo bill,
Later again 4 month later I received second unit condo bill, show late charge $79.06
I had sent condo fee without bill on time every month,
I was very anger, asked them number of time "send me bill" or send me your company condo fee payment policy, never responded, later I feared late charged requested direct debt from my bank account,
A month later this company debit from my bank account but no clear state that which condo unit debit, then I received bill with late charge again, I was panic as soon as I saw any bill in mail box I had sent bill, result I paid double condo fee, I started requested return my unfair late charge and over paid condo fee,
I called and faxed number of time, two return certified mail and send mail to Armstrong and hoa president and general manager in 5/1/2009 no answered and ignored,
But I found back and forward condo fee of my two-condo unit without my consent,
“This is scam this company set harsh late fee rule $79.06(29%)
Selected condo owner who fear court and lack document keeping such as immigrant,
This company send condo fee bill not timely manner or not send bill, condo owner scare late fee,
Condo owner send bill without bill, then this company send bill with late charge,
Condo owner more scare and condo fee send twice, and never return,
No matter requested to asked explain, no answer and sit back enjoy condo owner suffering,
i sent condo fee in 5/2/09, to void debit from my bank,
but this company attemped to debit from my bank and tried charge twice condo fee, failed to double charge condo fee then charge me again $35,
I have never experienced this type abusing,
i become mentally paralysis so far i lost thousands dollars from my business,
Truly I love location but hate these condo
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Armstrong management now called First services is the worst company there is!!! Please do not use them. I cannot stress this enough!!!

yup, these guys suck, they charge me 3 bucks for trying to pay them, and cant set up my automatic direct debit, charging me late fees the whole time when its supposed to be already set up. wish we had a vote to kick out them out

I agree, I have had a lot of trouble with them as well. Have had to go repeatedly to their office to sit and wait forever for some administrative assistant to take my checking account info in order to enable auto payments only to find that after all the time spent going to their office during my lunch hour that the auto debit never took and now I have to pay late fees and again take the time at lunch to see the confused admin take her time.

Beware of posts that have been placed here by someone using another person's name.

At least you get people from Armstrong to talk to you. The so-called "Executive Director" never returns my calls.

Put simply, these guys are nazis and any community managed by Armstrong should be avoided at all cost. Legalized extortion.

The management company does not make any money off the late fees that are applied. The association takes that money. The management company only gets a small portion of your monthly/quarterly/annual assessments. That amount ranges from $6.00/unit to $25/unit, depending on a number of factors (are you a condo, an HOA, site staff, how many meetings, financials, number of assessments collected per year, amenities that require oversight, etc). You can very easily determine how much of your assessment goes to the management company by looking at the current year operating budget. Check out the line item for Management Contract. Divide that number by the total units in your commuity, then by 12 (months). That is what the management fee actually makes per month. So while you may be paying hundreds in association assessments, 98% of that money goes to the association to pay other contractors, utilies, etc.

I'd also like to add my complaint. I was levied a bogus $10 parking space charge, which should be included in the monthly condo fee payments. I was not informed of this charge that I supposedly missed until a year later. Not one call, mail, or email from Armstrong. By the end of that year that $10 ballooned to just over $100 due to late fees and collection fees for a charge that should have never incurred because it's included in our monthly condo fee assessment. I contacted Armstrong Management upon receiving my bill to dispute the charges. I fill out a request to waive the charges. I constantly had to call back to find out what the status was because Armstrong employees apparently don't believe in returning calls. I finally receive word that my fees were waived. Case closed right? Wrong. A few months later I receive another bill for an even higher amount. Apparently Armstrong does not believe in keeping records of anything. I call them back to dispute the charges again. Keep in mind that that it takes many many tries both via phone and email to get the Finance account lady Tracy Cox Zimmerman to speak to me. I submit my dispute to her insisting that she send me emails on every correspondence regarding my issue. I get the first email forwarding my second request for a fee waiver, and that was it. I don't receive any other emails from her. It took me several more tries to get into contact with her again. She finally confirms that I did get approved for the waiver a few months back. Problems solved for sure this time right??? Wrong again! I call to follow up a week later on my issue to obtain an email saying that my issue is resolved. Armstrong tells me that they have to verify what was waived because apparently they just submit a request to have some fee waived for some unit owner who's complaining and the Board automatically waives it. Long story short, my condo association has switched to a new management company and it appears that Armstrong has passed the cost to them. Now I'm still dealing with the issue.

If you are considering Armstrong Management as your management company. I would HIGHLY advise against it! I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT USE ARMSTRONG MANANGEMENT INC.

JibJab your rude. not everyone is perfect. Also it's Armstrong's duties to send out the payment coupons for our condo fees. We don't make them with a magic wand.You sound like a board member who owns property and put the crack heads and drug dealers in our neighbor hood.

"abuse condo owner"
Sorry for your problems. Yet they do this to people who even reads the bylaws. You can send it out weeks early and they'll hold your check for two weeks to get your late fees. They are money hungry. Their property is not up to par and the association just hangs the phone up when you call, so honestly, get a lawyer. Stealing from the home owners, even outside of the condo fee. Gather your bank statements and ask for their copy of the bills and expected community maintenance bills. Their is a lot they are hiding. Pools fees, when they haven't had one for over 6 years, mine takes $6000.00, a year for the pool yet we can't use it. Playgrounds with rats and sewer drains. Black mold every where. You can't even stand outside without getting a trespassing charge. Sell and Move, your going to keep having this problem.

I'd like to know why in this day and age of online payments, Armstrong Management does NOT offer online bill paying for monthly condo fees? Gee, could it be to keep raking in those late fees? Never in my life have I EVER dealt with such incredibly rude, uninformed people who "pass the buck" rather than accepting responsibility for their own screw-ups as Armstrong employs. This management company is THE WORST I've ever had to deal with in the 30+ years I've lived in condos.

First of all, perhaps some of your problems result from communication issues. Unless you were in a very big hurry writing your complaint, the grammar is nonsensical and I can barely understand what you are saying. Perhaps you did not understand what the management company was explaining to you. Secondly, did you read the bylaws for the condo association before buying your units? If you had, you would have seen spelled out the late fee and collection policy written by your board. The management company can only enforce what YOUR association decides. Therefore, the "unfair" late fee you were assessed was not the result of the management company, but of the already established policy of which you were legally required to receive a copy upon purchase of your condo. Perhaps you would have been better served to complain about your condo association, instead of the management company. But it is all too common when an owner does not understand the bylaws, the management agents become the scapegoat. Please.