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BUYER BEWARE: This is what I just found while reviewing /link removed/ This is not my personal experiance but one I found on them.
Hello everyone, Please help me and my wife against these crooks! I have purchased many products while upgrading my home and did not think that the window treatments would be such a NIGHTMARE! We order basic blinds and some wood shutters! I called this "store" and they answered the call as MR. B BLINDS and then showed up to my home as Arjays window fashions? A little suspicious looking back on it but my wife was insistent on going through with the appointment! WELL NOW THAT IM OUT $6000 I wish i would of listened to my gut. I ordered the product with a promised delivery time and have and am now 11 weeks past that promised time, with no help from the company! And I cant even find an answer from anyone regarding what is going on! However Ive been told that the owner of the company John Edwards has been doing this kind of business ethics for years now! BUYER BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY WITH ARJAYS WINDOW FASHIONS OR MR.B BLINDS JUST LIKE I DID!!!

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    I am just a person who knows of this man John Edwards: If you look at his website here is what you will find under is name:
    John Edwards / Principal has been in the window and window covering business for over 25 years with a unique background in energy management as it relates to glass. A native of Arizona, he served as Chairman of The Arizona Energy Management Council for three years, was President of one of the largest window shading company’s in the country and has provided fenestration consulting services to a number of public and private utility companies; as well as window, high performance glass, window film and solar screen manufacturers. He also developed and taught a solar optical and thermal properties class in conjunction with the Department of Energy and has several published articles in industry trade magazines. In addition to his energy management expertise, John is also certified in Lutron, Somfy and Hunter Douglas Platinum motorization / automation. John currently resides in Channel Island Harbor, California and enjoys sailing, kayaking and playing tennis.


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    MaryH1488 Mar 12, 2010

    I read the complaint on here and was just a furious when I realized that this had happened to someone else who is working person that is just blindly mislead by a company like this! Myself and my husband went online and saw their website, it looked OK and we thought we not give a local company the business. Well I can tell you next time I'll just stay away from companies like this! I made my appointment asking for wood shutters to be brought out to my home, they showed up with these plastic looking shutters on this thing that held it up by a chain. I was totally turned off immediately by them when that happened. The sales person made promise after promise about it being wood. We ended up purchasing a mixture of blinds and shades for our kids rooms. After weeks of not hearing anything from anyone we finally got a hold of someone in their customer service that answered the phone as Mr. B's Blinds?!?!?! I was confused and distraught? The company we purchased from on that number is Arjays window fashions! After a long hearted explanation I still wasn't satisfied, they gave me a time that they would be coming back to put my product in. I waited around after hours of them being late to that appointment to finally have them show up and install the product! WELL I WAS RIGHT, they installed plastic shutters! THEY LOOK TERRIBLE! I wanted a refund and have had no avail to getting anyone to reach me. I've had other companies come out who have verified that I was correct! STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!

    feel free to contact me if you can help me!

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    marydoesnotexist Mar 12, 2010

    WOW! It seems as though poor Mary was ripped off by Arjays and Meridian at the same time (I saw her post on another one of these very helpful sights). Like most conscientious consumers, she probably had one company doing the downstairs and the other doing the upstairs and ended up with nothing but heartache! Well Mary, if you can ever bring yourself to trust another shutter company, then do what I did and call Mike Margott and The Blind And Shutter Pros. Although their shutters are a little pricey at $13 per square foot, when you consider their impeccable quality, wonderful service and Mike's commitment to integrity, it is easy to understand how they command such a price. I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and the Contractors State License Board and their reputation was above reproach. I was even able to take a tour of their beautiful factory and meet many of their long time, hard working employees--some of the folks had been there for over 20 years. To top it off, they gave me a complimentary cup of tap water when it was time to take my meds! This company ROCKS!!! Good luck to you, Mary, and thanks for the fair warning.

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    Patrol123 Mar 13, 2010

    I to have read the reviews on this company and found them to be very interesting. This man known as John Edwards who owns this company Arjay's Window Fashions, Mr B's of whatever they go by this week does do some funny things. They set you up under 2 different names and try to get you to purchase from one of the companies either way by making you think you have had 2 different estimates from 2 different companies.
    Then they go out and try to bad mouth all the competition by harming other companies with attacks and it usually bites them. When they went to our house and tried to bad mouth both 3 Day Blinds and others like that we just wound up going with The Blind and Shutter Pros anyway. There products were better and there company did what they said.
    Thank you

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    Patrol123 Mar 14, 2010

    To The General Public: ALERT
    I have been watching this company ARJAY'S Window Fashions for sometime and its owner John Edwards. His website where as he likes to put himself out there for everyone to see and to learn about him has lies in it. He claims clearly to have been the former president of a large west coast manufacturer, this is a CLEAR LIE. Please do the research on this and you will easily find this is a clear and false lie. He was fired from this manufacturer he is referencing for breaking the corporations policies. This is fact! If you have any questions please email me and I will provide you the proof. Now with that said, Arjay's Window Fashions is also going out and attacking there competition by making statements to homeowners about there competition that are just UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. These same homeowners that are documented people who have not signed with Arjay's Window Fashions for these unethical business practices have had it. Arjay's Window Fashions and John Edwards must learn that doing business the old fashioned way is ok and that is earn it, Don't try to steal it.!!!

    Arjay's Window Fashions, John Edwards, Arjay's Window Coverings and Mr.B'S or what ever name they are going by this week are also setting YOU the homeowner up by advertising 2 different company names and phone numbers. NO really, this is a GREAT TRAP! They get you to respond to one of there company names and they send out 2 different designers to set you up, that is correct, you get trapped into there web of sales tactics and they decide who gets the sale and how much you pay. Don't take my word on this CALL THEM TODAY !!!

    Call them today and look up there company names online. Just Google Mr.B'S and then Google Arjay's Window Fashions and you will see 2 different companies with 2 different websites. If they are not hiding this trap then why is there no mention on of Mr.B'S website? and why is there no mention of Arjay's Window Fashions on Mr.B's website?. Are you getting the picture people, your TRAPPED. Good Ol John Edwards has been doing things like this since his day's in Arizona where his now defunct company SUNTROL was forced to close with him at the head of it. The Crook Patrol is here to watch and monitor business ethics like this and if they continue so will these reports and more. There are many former employees and people that have crossed paths with this man " JOHN EDWARDS " and know his ethics and tactics very well. Ironic his name is JOHN EDWARDS like the good ol senator.

    CLOSING ADVICE from the CROOK PATROL: STOP bad mouthing, STOP running 2 companies so all the poor homeowners do not get set up in your careless trap while they are relying on you for FAIR business tactics. Try to compete on a fair level, most importantly STOP BAD MOUTHING your competition and your internet name could get cleaned up one day.

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    Patrol burner Mar 28, 2011

    I've known both John Edwards and Mike Margott for several years. This so called "Patraol 123" is Mike Margott trying to discredit John Edwards company. You see, Mike Margott is the one that is a crook. He has had several companies over the past 20 years. You see, what he does is he rips off so many people and distroys the business so bad, he has to open another one and start all over again. He uses other peoples names to open the business's so his name will not show up anywhere. The blind and Shutter Pros is just his latest scam. Why do you think the posts above tell you to go to that company? It's Mike Margott. The Blind and Shutter Pros do not have a factory. They buy Norman Shutters (A china company) and also Onyx Shutters (also shutters from China). Go to their little warehouse in Simi Valley on Chambers way and you'll see that all they are is a little shop that buys from vendors and resells to you. Most of the time you get screwed. Mike is a fast talker and a crook. He goes under different names such as Keith or Chris. He drives a black Escalade and he'll promise you the world. I had a friend of mine call him out for an estimate, and boy oh boy did Mike Margott give him the fast talking sales pitch. Telling my friend that he invented certain types of shutters and went on to tell him that he has patents on Shutters. What a crock of bull&*%$! This guy can't even read a tape measure and has to have another person come with him just to measure the shutters correctly. What a joke! Just Google Mike Margott and you'll see the trail of destruction he's left behind.
    Mike Margott... Get a life and get out of the window covering business. You've destroyed so many lives already. You cheated on you're Ex wife Cindy with your brother in-laws girlfriend, got divorced then you cheated on your current girlfriend with that young next door neighbor you had when you lived in Bigsky Simi Valley. You are a crook and a lier. John Edwards is a good guy and you can rest assured that Mike Margott is the crook. You see, the reason Mike Margott is so upset with everyone is because he cannot run a business on the up and up. He would rather discredit others to try and gain your business. Well Mike Margott (or whatever your name is this week), your time is up!
    John Edwards was the President of Excalibur Window fashions. This was a former company that was owned by Mike Margott! Just a little more info you can research. Mike Margott, go crawl back into that hole you came out of and go away. You have the worst name in the window covering business and everyone hates you!

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  • Mike Margott - who has been in the window coverings industry for many years but under MANY different alias' & company names, continues to badger and provide negative press towards the companies of Arjays Window Fashions, Mr. B's Blinds & Shutters and Meridian Window Products. I concur as a homeowner, industry business professional and consumer that the many companies and the man, himself, Mr. Margott, intently purposes to discredit former employees of his from years ago - including John Edwards, owner of Arjay's Window Fashions, Mr. B's Blinds & Shutters & Kenny, owner of Meridian. Mr. Margott's damaging history on [redacted]s left by consumers has caused him to do the same - create [redacted]s on companies to discredit them - however he is slandering good companies due to the credibility, high-standing and good reputation of the companies of Arjay's Window Fashions, Mr. B's Blinds & Shutters & Meridian Window Products. It speaks for itself that this man, Mike Margott, lowers and stoops to slandering his competition. It's also interesting that he is not being honest by leaving his name. Any inquiries can be directed to Arjay's Window Fashions, Mr. B's Blinds & Shutters or Meridian Window Products for further discussion.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this dispute on Mr. Margott's hostile comments. Thank you.

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  • Jo
    joe blow nobody Oct 25, 2011

    Wow, that response coming from a person with a background like this?
    Just be a good little girlfriend of John's and stop spreding you lies.

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