Arizona RoomStore. Complaints & Reviews

Room Store Furniture / 6 months already passed and I didn't get the order or refund

Feb 12, 2015

I bought furniture set from the company Room Store Furniture. I placed the order in November, 2014. I waited 6 months and still haven’t received my order. Each time, the rep provided new promises and excuses. I was sick of them and asked to return my money back. The rep refused and...

Room Store Prescott, AZ / Defective piece with no cust support

Jan 07, 2014

We purchased what appeared to be a "leather" dual recliner with a section in between with remote storage and cup holders. The salesmen did not bother to tell us the return policy has to be initiated within 5 days including the delivery day for a refund. One of the recliners does not meet...

Room Store Goodyear AZ / extra charges

Jul 19, 2013

Purchased a sectional for our living room, was told by the sales person because we were not sure if it would fit, that we could have it delivered and if it didn't fit to call and they would pick it up within 5 days. Called the Room Store the next day and told them to come pick it up...

The Room Store / Won't stand behind their furniture


I bought a whole living room set with wood end tables and a couch table. I really liked the couch table because it lifted up so you can eat on it while you watch TV. I bought a set of wooden coasters to us on the tables. We have barely used the couch table. A little over 2 months after it...

Room Store / Delayed Delivery Scam


Went to the roomstore because I saw a specific sofa in a specific color I wanted. Told the salesman I wasn't ready for delivery due to having to find a home for my other sofa. He told me they had want is called a delayed deliver, it's for 90 days and you can pay on it just like a...

Room Store / Public Notice


From BBS Website! On 12/12/2011, the business filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case# 11-37790-DOT. This permits the business to continue to operate with court supervision while developing a plan of reorganization. Those with monetary claims against the...

Room Store - Rockville Location / Unsatisfactory Delivery and Customer Service


I am so upset!!! I was looking for a customer service website, complaint board or hotline for assistance with my current order I placed at the Rockville, MD Room Store location. In early December 2011, I received a letter from one of your finance companies, Okinus, telling me I had been...

The Room Store Furniture / Poor Customer Service


I purchased a Living Room Suite from the Room Store in Fayetteville, NC. After waiting for the Love Seat to come in. I picked the suite up, due to the fact that the delivery was $99-way to high for this area. When I got the pieces home 2 of the 3 of them were damaged. I called CS...

Arizona Room Store / Broken Dining Room Table


Bought the Dining Room Table March 29, 2008. After owning the table for less than 1 year, one of the legs broke ( February 2009). My wife called the Customer Satisfaction Number (above), left a message. After three days with no response, I called them and sat on hold for thirty minute. I...

The Room Store / BIG WASTE OF TIME


Bought two bedroom sets for my kids from the Room Store. After far to much shopping around "for a guy" we settled on the room store.Very friendly sales people that gave us space and were helpful when we needed them. Paid for furniture Feb. 22 They say it will be delivered March 4. On...

The Room Store / Poor Customer Service, Worse Store Policies


This is a general alert, particularly directed towards military families (which accounts for most of Charleston). Beware of buying furniture from The Room Store. While the prices are good for the quality of furniture, if you are military, you will find that it may not be worth it in the...