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Arizona Jean Company Complaints & Reviews

Arizona Jean Company / mens jeans

Sep 26, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyMy husband purchased 3 pairs of jeans from JC Penny in North Aurora about a month ago. First pair he put on the right back pocket seam split open. I set them in a pile to try and sew. Today he put on another pair and after a few hours the same seam, right back pocket side by the middle...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jeans for kids

Sep 22, 2019

I went school shopping for my kids this summer (August 13th). Went to River town crossings JcPennys (Grandville, MI). I got my youngest daughter two pair of your skinny Jean's. We love these pants and have never had a problem with Arizon Jean's before that's why we get them. She has wore...

Arizona Jean Company / men's arizona jeans

Aug 05, 2019

What is going on with the jean material? At first I thought my son was wearing the wrong size, every pair was tearing beside the inside rear pockets. But then my oldest son's jeans and my youngest all started tearing. Origional material ones and the flex jeans. Your jeans were their favorites from...

Arizona Jean Company / neon green one-piece bathing suit

Jul 19, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought a neon green one piece swimsuit only a week or two ago. I was on vacation and I washed the suit and wore it one time. It faded and the bright color I loved about it is now a normal light green. I paid over $40 for this suit because it was on sale. I am deeply upset about this. I...

Arizona Jean Company / girls shoes

Jun 16, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyBought this pair of sandals from JC Penny for my little girl who absolutely loved them. She wore them only three times before they started coming apart. The first strap came out but she was still able to wear them but by the end of the day the second strap had also come out. Also, as you...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jeans rip

Jun 14, 2019

These jeans have turned to terrible quality. They used to hold up decent now the pockets rip off with very little use. Five pairs have tore in no time. It's clear they have changed to a stretchy material. The elastic fibers can be seen within the tears in the fabric. As an aside I do not...

Arizona Jean Company / boots

May 12, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought two pairs of boots to wear to work. I wore them maybe 10 times each if that and one heal on each boot broke. Its like they were dry rotted and just cracked. Now I have 2 pairs of boots I cant wear. I am highly disappointed. I can not believe how much this company is going down hill. I will make sure everyone knows not to buy Arizona Brand.

Arizona Jean Company / arizona original bootcut

Apr 29, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI've always worn Arizona jeans great fit and durable jeans but I bought two pair of original bootcut this year and both pair have ripped on the inside seam of the right pocket not real happy with the quality of the jeans if the the quality of the jeans doesn't improve I will probably not...

Arizona Jean Company / men's boot cut jeans

Apr 14, 2019

I bought 4 pairs of Arizona Boot Slim cut jeans in December 2018. Out of the 4 pairs, 2 have ripped in the crotch after a few wears and one ripped at the back pocket. None are repairable because of where they ripped. Before this my son had his Arizona's for years before they started to rip...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jeans

Apr 08, 2019

I had bought 5 pears of arizona jeand back in december of 2018 2 pairs are ripped in the crotch and the other 2 pairs are ripped in the back of the pants they have been warn a hand full of time and i am not satisfied they wher purchaed at a jcpenny i habe bought and worn your pants my...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona girls jeans

Apr 07, 2019

I purchased dark blue denim jeans for my daughter and washed them and my entire load of laundry was dyed by with blue stains. Normally if jeans are going to bleed dye there are special instructions for washing but this particular pair had no special instructions so I had no idea my laundry...

Arizona Jean Company / t shirt quality

Apr 05, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI purchased a tshirt for my daughter at J.C. Penney's. She HAD to have it cause it had pretty good glitter writing on it. After the first wash just like the tag says to wash it, the glitter is almost all gone and ALL over my washer and dryer and the other clothes in the load. The shirt i...

Arizona Jean Company / mens jeans

Mar 29, 2019

I have had 3 pair of jeans all less than 6 months old rip from the inside top corner of the back pocket all the way down to the crotch running along the pocket. I have spent almost $90 on these jeans and have $12 pairs that have lasted longer. I do not carry anything in my back pockets to...

Arizona Jean Company / pajamas

Mar 24, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought my daughter pajamas and they were clearly incorrectly sown the hem in the pants missed the piece of fabric. Since it was missed by me for a while and my daughter never brought it to my attention until tonight I was wondering what could be done if anything? It is clearly a...

Arizona Jean Company / relaxed straight leg jeans

Mar 24, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought a pair of Arizona relaxed straight leg jeans for my boyfriend not to long ago, he put the pants on to head to work and the back side from midseam all the way down the left pocket split. I am not real impressed. Kinda disappointed. Anything that can be done about this issue? He...

Arizona Jean Company / blue jean's

Feb 25, 2019

I had the Jean's for 3 weeks I had worn them maybe 5 times and this afternoon I bent over and the Jean's ripped from the waist to the middle of the right rear pocket I am hugely disappointed because I have bought these Jean's in the past and I was very happy with them because they have...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona winter boots

Feb 21, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought myself a pair of winter boots for days that it snows... I got to wear them twice and everything was GREAT. They are so cute. Then on day 3 the seem that holds the sole of the shoe on came undone on one of the boots. I was bummed but I wasn't mad- I added a couple stitches thinking...

Arizona Jean Company / boots

Feb 14, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyOn 11/14/18 I purchased a pair of your boots. Last week, I wore these boots for maybe the 5th time since I purchased them and noticed that the heel felt a little funny. I took a look and realized that the heel had separated from the boot! This blows my mind because not only have I only...

Arizona Jean Company / men's bootcut jeans

Jan 25, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyWe bought my husband 6 pairs of the Original Bootcut jeans last month. The fit of the jeans are great, especially for men you don't like their jeans too tight but unfortunately the quality has gone to crap over the years! Out of the 6 jeans purchased, so far 4 of them have ripped in the...

Arizona Jean Company / arizon syrus boots

Jan 24, 2019

I purchased a pair of Arizona Syrus boots in November. I have worn them maybe 5 times and entire sole pulled away from the boot. Looking at the other comment here it seems to be a manufacturing issue. I am very upset because I rarely purchase items for myself, and really liked these boot...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona denmark tall boot

Jan 23, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought a pair of the Arizona Denmark tall boots in November after the first month one of the boots heel messed up now 2 months in the heel has blowed completely out! I gave $60 for these boots and am not happy with the outcome!! No one has that kind of money to spend for the boot to tear...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona women’s syrus pull on winter boots

Jan 23, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI purchased a pair of Arizona women's syrus winter boots for my daughter for Christmas. She has wore then 3 times and the the stitches came all apart from the sole . This is not a great boot. I also purchased a black pair that looks like they will come apart also. This was a total waste of...

Arizona Jean Company / girls puffer jacket

Jan 21, 2019

Arizona Jean CompanyI was so happy to find this coat for my daughter at such a great price. She loves the color, and it is really warm and perfect for our winter weather. However, less than a month later, it has torn at the seam. I am very disappointed in the poor quality of construction of this coat. I am...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jean slouchy boots

Dec 27, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought a pair of black slouchy tall boots on Black Friday, wore them about a handful of times and the soles are falling apart :( I'm so upset about this because they aren't cheap boots:( now I can't get a hold of anyone to help me replace the boots or at least give me my money back! I've...

Arizona Jean Company / jeans

Dec 23, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought a pair of jeans about 2 weeks ago and have worn them 4 times and the rear right pocket has torn away from the jeans, leaving a gap showing my underwear. I don't have the receipt anymore and I need to exchange this pair for a new one. The jeans are a 38x34 and the RN is 93677. The...

Arizona Jean Company / kids jacket

Dec 11, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyHello, I'd like to start by saying that i genuinely love this company and have never had a problem before. My mother bought my daughter a winter jacket a month ago. This morning, it was impossible to zip up and i saw that there was a small tear near the zipper. I wasn't able to get the...

Arizona Jean Company / sizes advertised not available

Dec 09, 2018

I am at the JC Penny store in Jonesboro Arkansas trying to locate Jean's to fit my son. It is advertised all over the Arizona Jean section that the size 36/36 is available in almost every various style, but I absolutely cannot locate one single pair. I even had a sales associate help me...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jeans

Nov 28, 2018

My husband only wears Arizona jeans and EVERY PAIR he has every bought or was given as a gift has busted the butt out of them at the pockets in the back. Jcpenny tells me I can't return them without a receipt. Some were gifts and I don't have the receipt on some of them and they give me...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona men’s skinny flex jeans

Nov 27, 2018

Almost two months ago I purchased two pairs of skinny flex Arizona jeans, both pairs I bought have ripped one pair in the left back pocket at the seam of the pocket, and the other in the right back pocket at the seam, only weeks apart. Before this I had always been a fan of Arizona jean...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona blue label flex jeans

Nov 18, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyI have been buying Arizona jeans for years when they were Red Label jeans. I could be assured that I would get at least one year of wear out of them before the material would start to rip, usually the back pocket. These new blue label jeans, however, are horrible!!! I'm not even able to...

Arizona Jean Company / women's boots

Nov 13, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyHi! I bought a pair of Arizona boots from Jcpenney about a month ago and the heel of the boot is already coming apart. They have had normal wear about once a day. I shouldn't have to pay close to $50 for a pair of boots to only last a month. I don't have money to just go buy a brand new...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona women's jones combat block heel zip boots

Nov 04, 2018

I love these shoes but I just bought a pair last week and the inside bottom is already coming out so I'm sad that they are already falling apart. It makes it extremely uncomfortable to walk I'm because the plush part is coming undone so my foot is in contact with the hard stuff underneath...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jeans fabric is not durable

Oct 30, 2018

How can I send you people a complaint about my jeans? You are so secretive. No email address and phones that are always busy. I have no idea if any company person will even see this because this doesn't appear to be an Arizona Jeans Company page. I have 2 pairs of Arizona Jeans I bought...

Arizona Jean Company / original straight mens. arizona

Oct 26, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought two pairs of the jeans in August. I took one pair back to the store because there was a flaw on the leg. It had hole in the denim. Now both pairs have rips at the pockets where they are sewn on. The quality is very poor to only get very few wearings of this product. I feel my...

Arizona Jean Company / men’s jeans size 38x34 original straight

Oct 20, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought my 16 year old son 2 pairs of your jeans less than a month ago. He wore the one pair only 1 time when he bent down to pick something off the floor the front of the jeans split all the way downfrom the bottom of the zipper to the seam between the legs. I thought it was just an...

Arizona Jean Company / little girls stretch pants size 6x

Oct 19, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyOur daughter received a pair of your stretch pants as a birthday gift. The first time she wore them to school the seam in the rear end broke open. I sewed the seam on my machine and the next time she put them on the fabric gave out in the seat again causing another hole in the rear end. I...

Arizona Jean Company / womens shirts/tops

Oct 12, 2018

I have been buying Arizona shirts and tops for the past 4 years they are my favorite shirts the ones that fit me the best. This year I bought them and when I got them home and wash them they all Shrunk the quality was not near as good as it has been. They were super thin and got hole...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona strawberry boots for girls

Oct 11, 2018

I purchased a pair of wedge boots for my daughter at Jcpenney four days ago! These boots are cute and my daughter loves them. However she wore them one time and the sole on the back is detaching on both boots. I find this incredibly ridiculous as the price being $50.00 on sale for $30.00!...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona flex jeans

Oct 03, 2018

Arizona Jean CompanyI bought about 4 pairs of the flex jeans blue label and they are shredding and splitting in the back pocket and croch area. These jeans are less than 6 months old. Have picture of the tags that contain the dates less than a year old since they have been made. I really want to purchase them again in the future but I would hate to have the same results.

Arizona Jean Company / arizona uniform junior black pants

Oct 01, 2018

I've been purchasing these pants for 5 years now for work I love the way they fit. My only issue is I cannot find my size ever! I even have tried online and going to several different stores. You stay out of stock. I need these in my life because I can't find anything else that compare. I...