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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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Know what i went on that website, all their clothes look cool with the reapers, so i brought from my mums debt card and they told me its out of stock and it will go up for 28day so i told them no reply and i gave up. If u want goth clothes go to london camden they are goth Never go on that... / Stay away from this website


Totally agree is a con site parent group is Dijital Hub who own various domains all with clothing and other products like whey proteins. If you have purchased from them contact your credit card company to begin charge back claims, I've done an extensive search on them and have found... / Argoth is a con-site, do not buy from them


Argoth is a con-site! do not buy from there! the internet is full of reviews of disatisfied, deceived customers, who ordered, paid and never received their order! so did a close friend of mine... he is a guy, so he wanted to do some "fast shopping" and so he didn't search for any...