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Could've been much better, but also could've been worse. This company does respond, but not as often as you'd expect to.

Arca Solutions Inc.

7004 Little River Turnpike Suite 0
United States - 22207

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Arca Solutions /

Dec 13, 2018 Has sold me a website that had full of bugs! 1 made me upload lots of data which I worked for weeks to create 2 and after I have upload it all, it was not searchable by people who used the site! 3 their customer service were very rude, and was not able to solve...

Arca Solutions / Edirectory - produto extremamente defeituoso, suporte só de péssima qualidade.

Apr 27, 2016

Arca SolutionsA arcasolutions tem sido uma empresa completamente desorganizada e desleal. Investi cerca de R$5.000, 00 e o produto não funciona direito. O suporte não resolve os problemas e é extremamente lento. Investi em e-mail marketing, vídeo de lançamento entre outros app's paralelos que contratei...

Arca Solutions / eDirectory / Unethical service


I gave these guys close to $2, 000 several months ago. You would think that I would get the service that their junior sales guys promised. Instead, I agree with person who said that the project manager was full of HOT AIR. This guy was talking in circles at every step. I still have not...

Arca Solutions / Poor Service


There is no manual and no one to assist with a very cumberson directory software product. While the price is okay, it seems as though service could be better. I have called several times with set up questions only to get a partial answer. The templates are loud and tacky; the software ha...

[Resolved] Arca Solutions / eDirectory / Faulty Product and Services


I have been ripped off. I purchased Arca Solutions edirectory software product. I then paid a few thousand dollars in having them customize it for me. They took my money and created error upon error upon error. I was patient, however, since they are hiring college kids in Brazil. When I...