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K Sep 11, 2018


Have duly perform my check in on 8th september 2018, however, was extremely surprise to see that you put at my disposal another appartment but obviously NOT the one I book on Airbnb... This property is definitively not the one described on Airbnb. The quality and the standing does not match the photos at all! If we had known the true standing of this property we would not have booked it, at least nog at that price...
You will see attached the pictures that confirms that difference! This is not really honorable from this agency services to just publish false advertisings.

The day of the check in, I've already mention that point to the person (Diana) of the office with who I made the check in - she also totally reconize that huge difference... She honestly explain that the appartment below I've booked and payed for, is the 21J and the agency give me the 21I.
More, the cleaning have not been well made too...

When I've booked and paied that appartment (that you confirm to me), it's because of his luxury and quality, but obsiously, I found a less quality appartment that not afford the amount that I pay (1 145, 15€)...

Actually, I try to find a solution of compasation with the agency because, but it's impossible to joint them on their 3 email adresses ;
[protected] no valid MX hosts found
[protected] no valid MX hosts found
[protected] non-existent domain
Have finally succeed to send them a email on ana. bispo. [protected] but of course no reply…

Talk finally to the agency by phone 5 times to sort that situation, and a compensation of 2/3 days staying for free, because the appartment they give me do not value the one I've really booked and paied for.
Unfortunatly, the 2 persons I've talked with, are just keeping me waitting and turning me around with stupid explanations. Obviously, this is a this is a very well organized scam!

Picture1: Booked And Paied Appartment With The Agency APTINLISBON
Picture2: Appartment 21I, Gave By The Agency APTINLISBON

Apt in Lisbon
Apt in Lisbon

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