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D Aug 14, 2018

APS has done a stellar job in one respect. They have succeeded in making it impossible to find an email address to contact them on their website. Contact appears to be via telephone only, which I refuse to do.

Likely their corporate attorneys are behind this in order to prevent any record being made of correspondence with customers. You can bet however that your phone calls to them are being recorded, "for training purposes."

In case someone at APS is monitoring this site, my reason for trying to email you is, two road "BUMP" signs have obviuosly been forgotten by you or you subcontractor. They were in place while a failed underground power wire was being replaced several months ago. The signs are an eyesore in our neighborhood and it would be appreciated if you would have them removed. Both are located in Scottsdale (McCormick Ranch Subdivision) on N. 86th Street, between E. San Jacinto and E. San Lorenzo drives.

See APS? Was that so bad? Perhaps allowing customers to contact you could be a positive for customer relations?

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