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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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Apply 2 Save / Mortage Loan Modification


Paid $395.00 to this company to help me and Chapermy spouse with a loan modification. Made several attempts to reach this company to request a refund. This company guaranteed my money was refundable. I spoke with several employees and mangers who assured me our money was being forthcoming...

Apply 2 Save / rip off


This company debited my Bank account 2 times for a Loan Modification for a total of 398.00 and has done nothing? All there phone numbers are all disconnected. pLEASE ADVISE

Apply 2 Save / False Company


I have sent all my paper work taxes, SSN number to this company and was promised that they would modifiy my mortgage. I was told to make a payment to Chase, my mortgage company last Thursday, for $1520. I did just that. Also I paid this company 995.00 to modify my loan. Now the phones are...

Apply 2 Save / Modification scam


I'm a former employee and am working with the Federal Trade Commission and doing everything I can to bring down Apply 2 Save (or anyone that signed up with Federal Loan Modification Law Center over the last 2 months) to get the victims compensation. You can read my post today on...

Apply 2 Save / Scam


on 12-20-08 I Sent in all the paperwork and documents they requested. I contacted them the next day to make sure they recieved my info and that it was done correctly, they said they got it and everythinng looks good. They also said that I should have no contact with my mortgage company...

Apply 2 Save / Stole my money and did nothing


I paid the company 500.00 dollars to save my mortgage that was behinde. Five months later I have still not gotten any closer to getting this problem solved. I am now into forcloser and it's to late to do anything about it. This company needs to be investgated and stoped before they scam more people out of thier money and there home.