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S Aug 14, 2018

After only a year the dryer just stopped. Had extended warranty and got it fixed. One year later...the entire insides and motor had to be replaced on the washing machine. The repairman that worked on it did not get the ok from the warranty provider. I called ge to get the repairman and then realized I was suppose to call the warranty provider, so I cancelled the appt. He then later called me and told me everything would be ok and that they would contact the extended warranty. He then came out an tore all the insides out and the motor, ordered the parts and then came back 10 days later and fixed it. He then charged us even though I gave him the repair number and phone for the warranty company. Later that day he called and demanded our bank account number. Didnt give it to him. Long story shout this went on for several months. I called both them and the warranty company. The warranty company was never sent a bill., and they said that this whole mess was between them and Ge. It was all just because Ge never sent them a bill and they constantly harrassed us, and the warranty co. kept telling us not to give them a penny. It finally got resolved after 6 months of them harrassing us. For one thing what a shotty appliance that would break wihtin a year 2nd...even shottier that the entire inside of the washer had to be replaced after 2 years. I would advise anyone to avoid this company Their customer service sucks and so do their appliances.

  • Updated by shelley doyle · Aug 14, 2018

    it was a 2015 waser and dryer.

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