Appletree Medical Grouppatient care

E Jul 17, 2019

I went to the York University location due to a post travel bug. I was treated with antibiotics and was required to provide a stool sample- which i did onsite immediately. After my week of antibiotics I was not better at all. I called back to find out about the stool sample as clearly this would indicate wether the course of treatment was relevant to my ailment or not. After 10 days no one had heard anything about this stool sample. I had called numerous times following up in order to get any care at all since i was using the washroom upwards 2-3 times an hour with debilitating nausea. I called the only number listed for appletree in ontario and they had no idea what was happening on my file- they didn't know there had been a stool sample at all.
1. where is it and who loses that sort of thing?
2. how is there no result 10 days later?
3. how come i cannot get a followup?
further- i was told to keep calling and following up about the sample. Not one person (4 different people in the call centre) had any idea what is happening- only 1 offered to call and check. the others were not even able to provide for me a number for the location i visited.
The fact that i was told to call and THEN told to physically visit the location - i am currently living in adult diapers- i cannot leave my home without assistance right now and it is absolutely obscene that a stool sample has been lost, or at least not documented in order to provide for me relevant care since clearly the antibiotics didnt work. I am sick- i should be able to rely on the doctor to help me- meaning tests are followed up with and administrators know where they are. All i want is for them to follow up on the test they made me do onsite - in a public university bathroom while i was deliriously dehydrated due to my intense stomach bug. 2 weeks later, I am not better and have been just given the same prescription and we don't even know if it is treating the right thing, we don't even know if i have a parasite. i have lost 5 pounds in 12 days this is dangerous and negligent medical care and i am appalled at it.

1. follow up on tests
2. some infrastructure to track such things
3. phone numbers for clinics so that patients can reach locations to inquire. sick people need things to be accessible.

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