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Apesnft review: Metamask NFT scam

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After what felt like an ENDLESS series of events, I want to announce that my APES HAVE BEEN SECURED!

I'm exhhausted (it's actually 7am where i am and I've been up all night), but the tldr below.

An alleged "WhiteHat" hacker reached out to me with my details and promised to transfer back my APES.

In return, they asked that I do not reveal any personal information as they are in process of investigating and documenting a sophisticated phishing vulnerability with WEBHID. Without all the details or any in-depth domain knowledge, I can only run off of "well-educated" assumptions.

WEBHiD is what allows you to connect your ledger to metamask (specifically chrome). By serving up a seperate connection that bypassed MM, they were probably able to craft a completely custom transaction or signed message that I then verified on the device itself. This obviously still required input on my part. I'm still not sure when I signed this transaction or what site/dApps/extension I was tricked into using.

Rookie mistake, but also goes to show how important it is to understand what you're signing.

I'm extremely lucky these hackers reached out to me, they proved to be the best in terms of blockchain analysis and recovering lost assets. You are free to write me if you lost your crypto or NFTs and I'll refer you to them for help. They will make sure you get back everything you lost;

This was a phishing vulnerability that I've never even thought of before. I'm at a loss of words in terms of emotions and feelings. The crypto community for the most part was super supportive and happy for the whitehat guys who reached out to me.

Chelsea Mathers

Chelseamathers852 {at} gmail_, com

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