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Resolved business fraud liar scammer

Aotop electronic industrial just do not deal with this company unless you have money to throw in the gutter or send it to me! In some trade websites they claim the company was setup in 1995 and in others it was setup in 1998 and they have a turnover of $50m usd!!!

All started back in june 2006. This company is just a total scam from the point you contact them (I only found out later). There is a david liu and a ted zhang. Both of them are compulsive liars. Made me believe they are a factory (I even went there in shenzhen) they had all the office taken care of. Mr david took me there and above the factory in the small office and the deal was done. After I had placed a order of 23,000us$
I ordered 75pcs of car dvd players 50pcs of single din and 25pcs of double din. All the goods arrived in begining of july 2006 and within a few weeks I started to sell them. I found a good customer whom would purchase 12pcs of single din systems a week and all this was whilst I was advertising and selling on ebay. Whilst selling on ebay the 2 din systems were selling well at a good price and the single dins were doing well in wholesale and I was making money.
In october 2006 I got a call from my customer and told me a long list of problems and as the month filtered by more and more stock would return. I contacted david and he told me to send them to him via a agent in hongkong, (my cost £150 for 40 single din pcs). I travelled to manchester uk from my home town 1 hr away and got them ready for delivery. I advised david and he told me to send them to shenzhen instead which meant that another trip to manchester to collect the goods and then re-deliver them to shenzhen at a cost of £400 ($780) so as he insisted I got that done on the 1st december 2006.
Jan 07 arrived and he wouldnt collect the goods as he claims that it will cost him $5000 to collect goods from customs and he wont do this. After a few days of back and forth negotiations I thought that iwill go to shenzhen and collect the goods myself. Believe it or not I did not have to pay any customs charge as I had proved to the customs people that these goods are not for sale and are faulty goods, they opened the package and found that I was telling the truth! Well I thought whats all the hassle about. I took the stock to ted as david had apparently gone to beijing on business while the week I was in shenzhen.
Back in the office ted told me and that david was a bad man and will soon be sacked from the company (just lies he is still there) and he would make sure that I get all my goods replaced by new stock, different newer models. With that agreed via email and verbally I returned back to the uk.
When I got back to the uk I waited this month and also kept in touch with mr ted and he was always sweet in chatting on the phone and msn.
By begining of march 07 I got the goosebumps that somthing is wrong and I knew that the spring festival was due so I contacted mr ted and he told me 'all my stock is ready but cannot ship because of spring festival' I got slightly suspicious and after the holidays I asked him but he just made excuses and put the phone down on the meantime I was going on holidays abroad but I kept in touch with them. After I came back from my holidays a month later and given them alot of hard talking I managed to get 16pcs of goods but they were a cheaper model. Then another few months went by and I still kept in touch with mr ted that he would send me more goods! Eventually he did send me 4 pcs and by this time I understood what had happened to me (thay had just been stringing me along).
By septomber 07 I was at my wits end and after a lengthy phone conversation with mr ted he told me they owe me nothing more as I was still around 20pcs. The value of the goods total owed was $6000 upon ralising this I had strong words with mr ted and he advised me that he knows nothing and that the best he could return is $1000 (how can I accept this when I paid £400 shipping return of stock approx £800 to goto shenzhen to release goods from customs) I told him I dont accept this daft offer and he told me that he now all of a sudden "had a boss whom they cannot contact because they don't know where he is" I told him this was a complete lie and that this is cheating and is not acceptable. I also had msn conversations with this guy and he claimed that "his company or his staff have not befooled me and its all my fault"
I told him that its not my fault that he and his so called factory made faulty goods.
Now im on his case and have made it my new years resolution that I want to ruin this man and his company.
Although I would like to get my money back I would also like an extra $2000 for returning goods to him and my trip to shenzhen to clear customs. I would like $8000 back from this company.
Beware there is also a 3rd person, mr michael he takes care of shipping, he is also very dangerous

Just go into a search engine and put in aotop scam or aotop fraud an you will see results

If you do get in touch with this company do ask them what happened to naveed, im sure they will get weak at the knees.

The full company details are

Aotop electroic industrial co., ltd

Office : 304, a1 building, jiazhou haoyuan, binhe road, futian district, shenzhen, china post: 518048
Factory : building 3, shapu industrial road, songgang town, baoan district, shenzhen city, guangdong province. China
Tel: [protected]-[protected] [protected] [protected]
Fax : 86-755-[protected]

Overseas sales dept :
Tel : 86-755-[protected],[protected]
Fax : 86-755-[protected]

[protected], [protected], [protected]

Online service:
Msn : [protected] or [protected]
Skype: cnaotop

Also advertise in alibaba (gold member), globalscources (verified member), made in china and many other portals

As soon as this blog in online I will definetly send them this link so they can remember me and maybe, just maybe do something about it!

Ps! One more thing, they told me in our first meeting in china that they were falun gong practitioners! Ooops have I just let the cat out of the bag?

Thanks for reading

  • Ri
    ricardo Jan 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for your information.

    I have just sent an email to say that I will not do business with them becase of this.

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  • Go
    Goodman May 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for the advice...i will not buy from this company

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  • Er
    Eric Feb 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i do business with this company longtime. not meet this question. Whether ur are make mistake

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  • Na
    nav Mar 18, 2009

    Oi mr eric.

    you work for this company thats why you think they are good on your behalf and so that you can carry on scamming other people. If you think they are right in what they do tell them to sort my money out.
    Let me tell you their time is up soon.

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  • Di
    Dirk May 13, 2009

    This good company, why are u say no good.

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  • Gi
    Gideon Shneerson Jul 01, 2009

    Aotop Electronics company is best, can trust. This content is not really. Wish mr. Naveed concell it.

    Aotop Company is best. We has done business 3 years, supply good service, good quality products. good support.

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  • Na
    nav Oct 01, 2010

    gideon & dirk are losers and they are not whom they say they are
    they are aotop employees !! just here to put a good word

    anyone need evidence regarding my complaint? feel free to get in touch

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  • Na
    nav Oct 25, 2012

    Firstop electronics (complaint) about me but you can see he works for aotop! please see the post on firstop electronics!
    Gideon is a stupid man! I have never met him or had any dealings with him.
    He is just a scammer himself. no wonder his website address dont work when you try it.
    He works for cn, these two companies are a joint venture. see them on ali baba.
    How can a foreigner owe a chinese company any momey, when they wont release goods with out payment, + the fact that they have not taken 30% deposit of me either! the buy is totally bonkers, he needs to sort his head out! I will go to see this company when im in china next time. oh and btw, im currently dealing with 3 companies in china business is booming with a buying power of $200.000.00 per month buying power!! so booo to you gideon, you are missing out on my money along with mr david & mr ted from aotop! w4ankers!

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  • Mi
    [email protected] Nov 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, Mr. Naveed, this is Micheal in your so-called complaint and mentioned me about dangerous person in responsible for shipping, before we heard from Mr. Eric (one of our client and friend) that you publish the slander of our company, but we don’t pay attention to it, we do think this case is fully over.

    Until today, one of our another client brings us here to read your complaints, I think it is time to tell the story in stand of Aotop to tell the happenings between us, and I am willing to stand all the responsibility for all my said, hope Mr. Naveed could have a see, and wish he could be responsible for what he said, and can you promise to your God you are honest to this case?

    In 2006, Mr. Naveed contacted with David and placed the order of 75pcs car dvd player, several months later, we received the email from Mr. Naveed and advised that some of them have some quality problems and need return for repair, we agree to Mr. Naveed according to company rules and notified him about the repair terms and cargo shipping address.

    But Mr. Naveed didn’t do the same according to our requested repair terms, he wrote the actual cargo value on cargo shipping list when he shipped them back to us, but later we got the letters from China Customs and advised that our cargo is detained because of the application values, and need us to make a statement for this issue in customs.

    During this period, we look for the related cargo shipping company, and advised that we need pay about RMB10000 charges and tax to get out of the cargo, and we notified Mr. Naveed about this issue ( here Mr. Naveed wrote USD5000, if your airflight ticket, food and accommodation inside of it? If like this, it seems Mr. Naveed can even earn money from it.You are a good player! ). In another way, Mr. Naveed told us he will come to China to deal with it as his father is going to attend in Canton Fair, he will follow to come), then we were waiting for the coming of Mr. Naveed.

    After Mr. Naveed come to ShenZhen, he requested us to meet one forwarder called “ He Tian” for dealing with the cargo detained problems, and we didn’t ask about the charges about it, we did what you requested, but I know that there are 8 fake RMB Mr. Naveed gave to He Tian, surely it is not related to us, and after we did repair and gave the cargo to Mr. Naveed, at the same time, we recommended him our new products with touch screen, and then he told us you received the cargo and you show your satisfactory later.

    But after a short time, Mr. Naveed said he can’t sell out the products as the market price was changing, or Mr. Naveed lose the confidence on selling products on Ebay, and he told us he lend the money on this business from his father, if he lose money in this business, he dare not to tell his father.

    Now I am clearly remember of his coming to China, David and me come to receive him, on the way he was talking about the cartoons, at that time I thought he still retains childlike innocence, but after he mentioned about the cargo detained in customs, he can’t concentrate on driving the taxi, always run the red light, at that time we do understand your situations and we do fell very sorry for any inconvenience.

    But later, we were shocked for your requests that he would like to send back all the products repaired, he didn’t want anymore, and request us to replace to the other products with touch screen with same quantity (1:1), we do said we can discuss to change to other products, but need compare with the price difference, then he showed his crazy, and he threatened us and said if we didn’t change or didn’t return the fund to him, he will do something to us and make our company down. For this period, why Mr. Naveed didn’t mention about? Mr. Naveed..Man?!

    And then, Mr. Naveed returned us the unsold machines back to us, and gave us the final time limits, then we hurried to get ready the touch screen machine and did replaced to touch screen machine with equal cost to him, and free of shipping charge to him as for compensation.

    After Mr. Naveed received of the cargo, and he is going crazy, we really worried you run the red light when driving taxi as you said, we shows our politeness to you whenever we received of his emails. Above mentioned about USD8000, if including he thought he “will be rich in doing business in Ebay”? Including he owed his father? Including he visit China for business trip? Including he accounted to earn the money in Ebay but he didn’t earn whenever he thought all of this are our fault? If like this, I thought also, if he thought he will be a millionar in doing business in Ebay, maybe he will ask USD 1, 000, 000 from us ? we could say, Mr. Naveed, man likes property in right way. Mr. Naveed, you are not a king, business is business, we all have the same game rules, this is what we didn’t want mention about it! Now Aotop is still here, Michael, David and Tom are all still here, we accept all fair complaints and stands the responsibility, but we go againt all unfair complaints and all menace. From now on, , we will ask the lawyer to pay more attention and collected what Mr. Naveed said for testify, and in the suitable time, we will quit keeping silence in the right time, we will investigate for legal responsibility for your slander on our company seriously.
    BTW. thank you, Eric, thank you Dirk, I don't know that you have been here also . thank you very much! And thank all the friends that have pay attention for this case.

    The chinese original words typed by Michael himself as below,

    hi Neveed, 我就是你说的很危险的Michael, 之前我有听我们的客人Mr.Eric告诉我们你在发布诽谤我们公司的消息,但是一直没有去关注,因为我一直认为我们之间的事情已经完全结束了。

    我下面所说的话,愿意承担一切法律责任和后果。 希望Naveed先生也来看看。并能对他自己所说的话负责任。至少,Naveed先生,您敢不敢向您的阿拉保证你上面所说的所有的话都是事实?
    2006年,Naveed跟我们公司的David先生联系,并开始向我们订购了一批产品数量是75台,数月之后,我们收到Naveed 先生的邮e件,被告知此批货物有部分出现质量问题需要返修。我们同意并按照公司的返修制度通知了Naveed先生相关的返修条款和收货地址。



    我们如实告诉了你这个情况,(这里请注意,Naveed向阿拉撒谎了,他上面写的是5000US$, 你把你的机票和食宿都算进去了吗?如果是这样似乎您还可以赚一些钱对吗)你一方面告诉我们,你会来中国处理,因为你父亲来中国参加广交会或者什么原因,你借这个机会过来。



    但是过了不长时间, 你说有一些DVD 你卖不出去了。因为市场价格在变化,或者是你对你的ebay生意也没有信心了。并且你告诉我说,做ebay生意的钱,是你父亲借给你的,你如果亏本了,都不敢告诉你父亲等等。

    我现在清楚记得你来中国,我和david去接你,在路上你一直跟我们讲的话题是动画片,我当时还在想您真是一个童心未泯的大男孩。 后来才知道,你提到产


    这个过程我怎么没有在你上面的抱怨信中看到呢?Mr.Naveed, Man ?!


    费用,包括你自己计算的你本来应该在ebay赚到但是因为你认为我们的原因而没有赚到的钱,甚至我想是不是都包括了从2006年到现在按你的方式所算出来的利息呢?如果是这样算来的。我可以告诉你,Naveed 先生,君子爱财,取之有道。你不是王。生意是生意,大家有相同的游戏规则。这就是我们一直不愿意去搭理你的原因。现在AOTOP公司还在这里,Michael,David, Tom 还在这里, 我们接受所有的公平的指责以及法律层面的追责。但是我们反对不公平的指责和一切威胁。从今天开始,Naveed先生在这里所有的言论我们将邀请我们的律师来特别关注并搜集相关的证明,在必要的时刻,我们会放弃保持沉默,我们会保留追究你诽谤我公司这件事情的法律责任的权利。

    Evening of 20/Nov/2012

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  • Tr
    TRUTH44 Jan 21, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mate I feel for you! i'm glad you left the comments open so that everybody can really share what this comapny is all about.
    We have 20 shops and we purchased some test model reverse camera mirrors to try as we are well aware of what most chinese companies are about, lying to your face whilst stealing your money and saying they have the best product on the market and giving you faulty products. so we finally got these test mirror that we orded which also come with windscreen mounting brackets to suit particular cars so we orded those as well to suit 3 company cars for ease of installation. we went to install the first mirror with full house features gps nav, mp3 player, front and rear dvr recording camera, reverse camera so we started well the mirror bracket orded specifically for our test van was not even close to fitting when confronted them about this they said they will be sending the right one out well we are still waiti ng 3 years later (not) as for the product review lol mp3 player ok how ever every time u start the car u have wait for sat nav to log in then u have to get out of sat nav to select media then select music then select the orignal track that was playing every frigin time seriously who designed that, sta nav works as per normal, but if you are in sat nav mode and your music album has finished playing good luck with that you either have to shut down sat nav (which is pretty stupid since u turned it on for directions) or hit the dvr camera button in order to get todvr screen which has a home button there so you hit the dvr button and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait hit it again as nothing is happening and then wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and you have finally got into dvr camera menu (most times this doesnt work) in order to select home button navigate to menu and then select music section then find new album hit play now you have to go back to setting sat nav again. overall waste of money and the comapny well dishonesty start from mangers and will of coarse be educated into the rest of the staff. just like the conversation I just had with may who started to tell me the new product, ofcourse its good its all good, and I lol so it appears this comapny is still a scam company full of lies! do not deal with aotop dishonest company who will screw you over to make money and do the chinese people ar disservice... and worse. another scam company and how things can go pear shape fast with the bad mannered chinese
    Mate should see the experience I had with this company spoke to jenny sunbobo who sent faulty products, then replaced them which was good of them the only issue was that we bought the top shelf units and we got delivered lo shelf products with 1/4 of the functions we asked and payed for. long story short when confronted jenny I was told thats all I was getting and I said well thats not what we paid for. well the conversation ended in ill send my immigrant friend down to deal with you! you better watch your head everyday. well it diarzied here now pointing back to jenny sunbobo.

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