Angry Birds Friendsgame is not saving my scores

S Aug 14, 2018

This is [censored] for the past 3 games when I complete the 6 games tournament eventually working my way to the number one spot using up all my powerups only to find im right back at the beginning with no score. All those hours wasted. All my credits used up as if im first starting the tournament. Whats up with that? Then im thinking ok maybe it wont happen again but it keeps happening. I play on a desktop and normally theres no problems. I have been playing for many years now and normally I hold the #1 spot every week. Can you please correct this obvious glitch. I play on facebook

  • Updated by Shawn Steven Rose · Aug 14, 2018

    i think i should be reimbursed for all my power ups i lost while achieving #1 status for every game in three tournaments. This is very frustrating.Makes me feel like i no longer want to play if this shit is gonna continue.YES IM ANGRY

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