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treated with disrespect

on september 17, 2008 my wife and went out for dinner to resturant that a freind recomended, we where in search of a resturant where we would like to have my moms 70th birthday night out, everything was great until a family came in with two obnoxious children that were sat in our area not with the parents and friends, the children began to interup our dinner by making face and obnoxious comments to us, when i confronted the father he clearly stated that i was a ### and should shut my mouth, at first i tried to handle it diplomaticly but was getting no where and then the physical threats started by both of us and i will admit that, it all could of been handled better if these people really could reconize that there children are misbehaved animals, when the owner caught wind he then put his tough guy show on and tried to impress his regular customers by throwing my wife and i out of the resturant during our exit the owner shuffed my wife as were at the door, this man is a coward and probably hits his own wife, and if he had touch me he would be nursing a broken nose, my complaint is that you never treat people like this and you do not get physical with customers, i will go to all ends to let people know that this resturant is clueless on how to operate a business with respect to all, all my friends and family of syossett will be made aware of this and i guarantee will never eat there. your lose you losers.