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Angel Baby BeddingCharged 30% restocking fee for an item that was never shipped

We had the same problem also, except they charged us a 30% restocking fee for an item that was never shipped. Our order was supposed to arrive "3-10 weeks" after ordering. We placed our order on Mar. 10, charged on April 15ish. May 19th was the 10 week deadline and still no word. We sent an email asking to cancel our order and we were charged a bogus 30% restocking it would make sense to charge that if the item was shipped but I doubt it even left the manufacturers warehouse. there were no tracking numbers or email saying it was shipped. And the owner,, sent and email after we disputed the 30% (direct quote)

"If you would prefer a 50% restock fee and store credit, we can alter the leniency on the account."

Oh, and in the email she basically threatened to sue for defamation or libel if negative information was posted.

"Customer publicly insults, degrades, lies or releases any information regarding an order (even if it is their order) on public forums, websites, discussion boards (or any other type of Internet site or public place). If a customer uses our business name in any way other than personal email's or referrals. Or in any way trying to negatively impact our gross sales verbally or printed online or off by stating not to do business with our company and/or "warning" others because of an issue you may have had with shipping, prices, policy, customer service, or any services provided to you that you agreed to when purchasing with Under defamation and/or libel."

Final word...Do not order from

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    • De
      Denise81 Nov 22, 2011

      ]This business has a special place reserved for them in hell!!! They PREY on pregnant women and elderly women buying their daughters/in laws nursery items... We had the worst experience ever. The owner is the worst individual ever. Who scams pregnant women?! I was pregnant last year with my 1st son and my mother in law purchased a nursery set as a gift 4 1/2 months before the due date. We never received anything! After texting countless times since nobody ever answers we were told we agreed to their terms when we ordered and treated terribly. I sent numerous emails and texts only to be threatened by the owner that if we try to say anything they would sue us etc.! I had to contact the BBB and we went through hell. My mother in law canceled after the 12 wk mark and we ordered the same exact set on another site for $135 less and it arrived in 4 days.. lol Angel Baby Bedding tried to claim it was on back order by manufacturer-which I personally called Lambs and Ivy and they said that was not the case and had them under a completely different business name. BBB tried helping but this place is so crooked my mother in law had to cancel her credit card. By this time they sent a crib sheet-lol we already had the set from another site and cancelled by their terms since nothing had arrived after 3 1/2 months. Then they sent an email stating the entire shipment had been sent out-WTH... It states they are not liable for damages done during shipping etc-in the small print so beware and NEVER accept anything from this scam artist!!! We refused the package and my Father in Law accidentally signed the package form-which the delivery driver said he had never seen a note like the one they had on the package in his entire career. It stated "If shipment is refused/returned it will be sent back as a gift to the sender". This lady was trying to keep $495.00 of our money and only sent us a $20.00 sheet. Angel Baby Bedding then tried to state to the credit card company that we accepted the delivery and had received all items originally ordered which was the biggest lie ever! The owner should spend time in jail for fraud, and most of all harassment and unnecessary stress to pregnant women. I thought my blood pressure was going to skyrocket with all of the stress she put us through. Angel Baby Bedding ruined my first nursery experience... Not to mention this took almost 9 months to resolve all together. Good luck to anybody who catches this before purchasing-if you already have and found the complaints after the fact like I did, my deepest sympathy and apologies to you.

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    • Co
      complaint54321 Mar 25, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I also had a horrrrrible experience with this bogus company and horrendous owner. I happily ordered some bedding for my first baby. I was so excited to get it and decorate the nursery. I had to wait about 3 months before I recieved anything, and only because I was able to track down the owner and call her personally about my order. She never replied to emails before then. I seriously thought this company was an internet scam. She also threatened me with legal action if I posted anything negative about my experiences with her online. What the hell?! Trying to suppress free speech, indeed. Clearly it is her who has posted on this website. She is a hooooorrrrriiiibbblllle business owner who does not care at all about her customers. I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from doing business with this charlatan.

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    • Cp
      CpaMo Nov 03, 2010

      BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. The article by the Better Business Bureau is absolutely TRUE. This business screwed me over too. I ordered two items. 12 weeks after I ordered them is when they shipped one item and then cancelled another item without giving any reason. They sent me several automated emails lying about my items ship times being within a couple of weeks...just to keep missing all their stated deadlines. They do not respond to voicemails or emails unlike their claims. It is also absurd to think a business that claims to have processed over 40, 000 orders would have a company phone number that leads to a cell phone's voicemail requesting that you text her for assistance...another one of the methods I tried to contact the vendor which was unreturned. Don't believe the one business owner or Karen but do believe the tons of complaints you will find with an online search. Even if they would process 40, 000 orders...which I don't believe...that is not an excuse for them to have a 1 star rating. Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Toys R Us, BabySuperMall process thousands of orders and they have 4 and 5 star ratings.

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    • Dw
      dwnwalston Jun 05, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I will protect my identity because of the defamation policy. This company is bad news. I am warning as many people as I can. The experiences I had are the same complaints others have had. Read the BBB article for yourself.
      The person who owns this company reads these reviews and thinks it's funny to bully people and create drama. Beware of this company and avoid them at all costs.

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    • Am
      Amber4504 May 17, 2010

      "buyerbeware" sent two emails saying she still wanted the order despite the back order. She was an international order. sent 11 emails to the customer, which i saw, customer responded she still wanted the order. customer then did a charge back without canceling, this delayed the order, as the customer still never canceled. Buyer then contacted the BBB, did not tell the entire truth, naturally, and still never canceled the order. Angelbabybedding shipped the order within the time frame the customer agreed to. Interesting. There are always two sides to a story. But when I was given this story to do BY the bbb for the story, unlike most reporting agencies, I declined until I knew both sides. I am glad I did. Felwsbowner you are correct in stating small businesses help our economy. They really are the backbone of our economy and I personally, as a journalist do no think it is fair to ruin small businesses based off of less than 1% consumer complaints. The bbb should be ashamed of themselves for even trying to hurt small businesses. The bbb also never really helps the buyers either. It is a money-grubbing organization that needs to quit wasting money.

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    • Fe
      Felwsbowner May 15, 2010

      I ordered from on April 30th and just received the items. It is online shopping and I do not know what is wrong with people, that lady causing all the problems, getting her money back and then contacting the Bbb? What is the point? I doubt any company would take from December to ship, unless the customer was notified. Sounds like the lady above is either lying or just really obtuse on timeframes? That lady made it personal she needs to grow up a little. I liked the service and the products and ship time is far from bad on their site. The same items on babiesrus were almost 100.00 more and their estimated time was also 2-3 weeks. I am also a small business owner and you can't make everyone happy!

      Good job amber. Small businesses help our economy, bad consumers are a drag.

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    • Am
      Amber4504 May 15, 2010

      1 Votes
    • Am
      Amber4504 May 15, 2010

      Or just follow these links in regards to the BBB... so who has more complaints?

      More information on the BBB can be found here:

      /URL removed/

      The complainant in the BBB report is that lady above.
      Contacting the company tomorrow for the rest of the story here. Unlike some news / media outlets, I always get both sides before writing. Full story will be published here as well.


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    • Bu
      BuyerBeware1 May 15, 2010

      Website for the Better Buisiness Bureau advisory on this company:

      -1 Votes
    • Bu
      BuyerBeware1 May 15, 2010

      Below is my experiences with Angel Baby Bedding, if even one person reads this and is detoured from using this company I will have been successful.

      On November 30, 2009 I ordered a baby room collection from the company Angel Baby bedding; the page stated it would take 2-3 weeks for shipping. When I looked at the policy page it stated that baby bedding from the Lamb’s and Ivy collection could take up to 10 weeks. I had over three months left before the baby was due so I wasn’t worried.

      On Dec 12, 2009 my credit card was charged for the order

      On January 7, 2010 I emailed the business owner, almost 6 weeks after placement inquiring about my order as it should have been shipped 3 weeks prior. She emailed me back the same day and told me the order was “slated to arrive two weeks from now (Jan21, 2010)” and that she would try to speed it up.

      On January 22, 2010, 8 weeks from the placement time, I emailed her again as I had not received any email or tracking ID and the order was to be shipped for sure on Jan 21, 2010. I recieved a read receipt but she did not reply to this email.

      On February 8, 2010 I emailed the company inquiring about cancelling my order. I had waited the ten weeks and still no baby bedding. This order was never back ordered so I inquired about the restocking fee if I were to cancel. She emailed me back that day and beat around the bush but would not tell me if I would be charged a restocking fee. I had looked up previous complaints and she had charged other consumers 25-50% restocking fees up to the 18 weeks mark, the 3-10 week shipping time plus a back order time of 3-8 weeks (these consumers were never told their orders were back ordered and upset by these charges) As far as I was concerned she was not receiving any of my money if did not get an order. I emailed her again inquiring about the restocking fees only to get no reply. I phoned this company only to have it ring and ring.

      On February 10, 2010, knowing I was not going to get my order and my baby was due on March 7, 2010 I ordered from Baby supermall the exact same order. I received this order on February 16, 2009, six days later from the same state as Angel Baby Bedding.

      On February 26, 2010 I sent another frustrated letter to the business owner only to get no reply. I also faxed a letter only to have it rejected and phoned only to have it ring and ring.
      I then on March 5, 2010 placed a complaint with the BBB, they attempted twice to contact the owner with no reply. I also gave a statement on an advisory for this company to inform the public about this company.

      On March 23, 2010 the charges on my Credit Card was reversed after several attempts by my Credit Card Company to contact the business owner.

      On April 6, 2010, 18 weeks and 1 day after the placement of the order, I cancelled through the Angel Baby Bedding website. No tracking ID was sent for my order and the time frame had expired. I have printed off copies of the cancellation as I knew this company was shady and I might need a copy of it. I also have copies of webpage history proving my cancellation of my order.

      April 14, 2010 I received shipping information for the order that had been cancelled. I emailed her back Stating that I had cancelled the order a week and half ago and did not want this order. Surprise surprise, I received a read receipt but no reply to this email.
      I entered the Tracking ID of CJ1052687 into UPS, the shipping company she states she used to ship my order on an email update, and it was invalid. I called the company and they stated they have no parcel in my name. My opinion is this order was never shipped.

      On April 15, 2010, instead of dealing with the disputed purchase on my credit card she made an unauthorized charge on my card on a cancelled order.

      It is now May 15, 1010; 24 weeks after I ordered my baby bedding and I still have nothing, she won't email/call me back and the tracking ID is still invalid. On the advice of the BBB and my credit card company I am to not to accept this package but to send it back to the buisness, if I ever indeed recieve it(Which I highly doubt)

      I feel sorry for all of the you consumers out there having to deal with this company, I feel your pain and frusteration. I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB as that is the only way to deal with this owner after you exhausted all other methods.

      -1 Votes
    • Am
      Amber4504 May 08, 2010

      Just got off the phone, and spoke with Laura. Yes on a Saturday. Was not hard to get through at all! Then sent an email to see if she would get it, she said she got it just fine and sent a reply tester.

      She looked over the complaints while I was on the phone and she said, "I feel horrible that these few people are unhappy. I wish I could make them all happy. Though, I can't, but I can try" and "out of over 40, 000 customer this year, we have had less than 1 percent complaints". She continued, "this is better than most, if not all, similar online stores".

      Unfortunately, since the people do not post their name on here, she could not look up their order directly. Though she ran an email search for the "dissapointed nana" email above and found the email. Apparently, this person, when auto-emailed, threatened legal action and requested a cancellation. Laura said that "those emails are very uncommon, but I just canceled her order for her as she requested, and of course no restock fee per policy". The products "nana" was ordering were not late according to her order date. Her product had a 2-6 week time frame in the policy. The actual time she waited was 5 weeks. This same customer on the cancellation form said "After nine (9) weeks of waiting" then in "nan's" email response back she said "After waiting seven weeks beyond your indicated shipping time, I am cancelling." Get your time frame right lady. Also, her crib set was due to ship within 24 hours when the cancellation was received, right on time.

      I am sorry, but I loved the customer service from angel baby bedding. I like Laura, she was very kind, sweet, very funny and when i could not find what I wanted, she spent over 30 minutes with me on the phone (which she called me back on THEIR dime to talk to me) and helped me decide.

      I think more companies need to be like this. You think babiesrus would do this? or walmart? People, you should be ashamed for being such ignorant consumers as to not even realize the way you treat a person is the way you will be treated.

      She also wanted me to post the contact information for the company, as a few people are saying they have not been able to get through.

      Remember, to leave information or a phone number at least when contacting because she said "a lot of the time, people just call and say "I need to know about my order" and hang up and they do not use the phone number to call that they ordered with"

      I can understand that, I mean if you cannot get back to someone due to a bounced email or no info... common sense people.

      Contact 24/7:

      Phone / TEXT: 573.366.1305 - they use a texting service too!
      Fax: [protected]
      Email: [email protected]
      Online chat - here:
      All online question forms through here:

      No, I am not in anyway employed by this company, I am a writer for a newspaper (thinking about doing a feel-good piece on the company actually), I loved the service they provided and KNEW there was more to these stories above.

      She also stated if people want to give their name on this forum, or the last four numbers of the order number, she will gladly call, email or otherwise contact them about their order.

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    • Am
      Amber4504 May 08, 2010

      I ordered in late Jan, but the policy time did say 3-10 weeks. I called in Feb, and spoke with Laura too. She stated there was a small back order and she sent me the email (which went into junk mail for some reason). She asked on the phone and in email is I wanted to cancel, so it wasn't like that option wasn't there the whole time (without a restock fee). But I did read the policy, and knew the ship times. I too am not understanding why the people on here are griping and the policy they agreed to. And, by the way, online store policies are legal binding contracts especially when they are agreed to.

      Jw and Karen are right. The only thing angel baby bedding is guilty of is having illiterate customers.

      I am going to call them back today, let them know what is being said on this board, because I can hardly believe it. I mean, really, mad about a restock fee? Most of the online stores today have that. Made about ship times? I am certain not all of their orders have back orders. Mad about an automated email? grow up. I think the statements are way too exaggerated, to say the least.

      1 Votes
    • Jw
      JW123 May 07, 2010

      I ordered from them in feb as well but read the policy duh people. It is right there. I think people just want to gripe . I will order from them in the future. As for the people above, I feel they are either really ignorant or illiterate. Good job Laura, the rep I talked to, keep up the good work and don't let these ###s bring you down . Jacob W. Ny, Ny

      1 Votes
    • Di
      Disappointed Nana Apr 23, 2010

      I wanted to recognize Angel Baby Bedding for doing the right thing.
      Twenty-four hours after I challenged their erroneous email response to my cancellation notice, they responded by sending another email, confirming my cancellation.

      Since the order had not been charged to my credit card, no restocking fee or store credit was involved.

      Hopefully, the customer service and response times can be improved to all Angel Baby Bedding to be successful.

      -1 Votes
    • Di
      Disappointed Nana Apr 22, 2010

      After cancelling my order with Angel Baby Bedding, I finally got an email response from them (within 24 hours - not 2-12 hours as stated on their web site), saying:

      "Thank you, your order was for lams and ivy products, which on the policy
      page ships at 3-10 weeks. Did you want the store credit per cancellation
      policy, or would you like the products?
      currently all lambs and ivy orders are shipping within 4-7 business days.
      Once your items ship out, you will receive a tracking ID via email."


      They couldn't get the order right, couldn't respond until receiving cancellation, have yet to ship my correct order. Something is definitely NOT right here.

      Perhaps the Better Business Bureau should be contacted.

      -1 Votes
    • Di
      Disappointed Nana Apr 21, 2010

      I, too, placed an on-line order on Feb 21 2010 with Angel Baby Bedding for a 6-piece crib bedding set. I had located the Cocalo pattern I liked, and chose Angel Baby Bedding because they offered so many pieces of this pattern at the best price with free shipping. I wish I had checked for on-line complaints before I ordered. I did get an email confirmation that my order had been received. I also got an email concerning the shipping status of my order. While the the Angel Baby Bedding web site indicates a 2-8 week wait for Cocalo, the order status indicated that my order would ship in 2-3 weeks. It is now Week 9 and my order has yet to arrive. I sent 2 email inquiries and called the difficult-to-find phone number, only to have it ring without any answer or voice mail. I am so disappointed, as well as concerned, as I used a credit card to order. I have doubts that my info is secure. I believe Angel Baby Bedding should close their web site if they are not going to ship orders or respond to customer inquiries.

      -1 Votes
    • Wi
      winnie07 Apr 01, 2010

      I ordered from AngelBabyBedding in February. I still have a week or two until my item is due to arrive, I've already been charged as of March 22nd. I had a bad feeling and went online to check up...and this forum is what I found. It's very disturbing and unsettling to me. I'll keep the site posted as to if my item ever arrived, if it was on time and if it was in good, quality condition. I hope I wasn't scammed.

      As for Karen W and her comment " it kills me how daft, rude and ignorant retail customers can be" I've worked customer service and in the retail industry for 14 years, serving those customers. IT KILLS ME that you still have a functioning business with that negative, condescending, sarcastic attitude. God help me if I ever do business with your company. I wish you would be so bold as to post the name of your company so that we are all forewarned not to do business with the likes of you. Geez, learn some acumen lady!

      0 Votes
    • Bu
      Buystuff Mar 10, 2010

      I have been trying to contact Angel Bedding Baby for over 2 weeks now for an update on our order. We placed an order in February 2010. Their so-called "shipping policy" states 2-3 weeks. Well, it's been over 5 weeks and still nothing. I have sent 3 e-mails that have gone unanswered, have made dozens of phone calls that ring until the phone disconnects, and have tried faxing to them only to have the fax machine time out because there is no answer. This is obviously a fraudulent company. Any company that put's so much emphasis on their ridiculous policies and has to constantly refer to them as a solution is clearly not doing something right. And I agree completely with the last post. There is a thing in this country called free speech and no one can suppress that. The internet is a public domain and anyone can post anything about anyone they choose. If Angel Bedding Baby is so overly concerned about getting bad publicity, perhaps they should run a reputable business.

      0 Votes
    • Gu
      guesswho? Mar 01, 2010

      If Angel Baby Bedding, or any other company in the US, believes they can suppress free speech with a ridiculous contract phrase such as the one restated below found on their web site, then they obviously have much to be concerned about regarding their customer service, ability to execute orders and meet or even exceed customers' expectations. I strongly doubt a silly clause like this would hold up in any court in the US. It should however help deter individuals from doing business with a flaky company such as Angel Baby Bedding. Thanks for the heads up!

      "Customer publicly insults, degrades, lies or releases any information regarding an order (even if it is their order) on public forums, websites, discussion boards (or any other type of Internet site or public place). If a customer uses our business name in any way other than personal email's or referrals. Or in any way trying to negatively impact our gross sales verbally or printed online or off by stating not to do business with our company and/or "warning" others because of an issue you may have had with shipping, prices, policy, customer service, or any services provided to you that you agreed to when purchasing with Under defamation and/or libel."

      -1 Votes
    • Ka
      KarenW Dec 03, 2009

      Oh please lol This is what I am talking about on my other posts too. How does a company "rob" a person when the policy is in their face? For one day it would be nice for a customer to actually have to sell goods, make MAYBE 2.00 per sale in this economy on a 200.00 item, then have to listen to their customers complain about a policy they agreed to lol Check my other posts... same stuff and it kills me how daft, rude and ignorant retail customers can be.

      -1 Votes
    • 57
      57chevy Sep 09, 2009

      Karen W - nothing you've said is positive in nature. Angel Baby Bedding is rotten throughout. Please take a class in customer service before you rob an unsuspecting first time grandmother.

      1 Votes
    • Ka
      KarenW Sep 03, 2009

      My point on people and their ability to gripe and not praise. have a look :

      Salvation Army Shelter — food handling/preparing/serving (interesting how people can be)

      Conroe Family YMCA Childcare — uncleanliness, unsanitary (note these are volunteers that work here).

      eBay / Paypal — selling on ebay & using paypal services? heed my warning (since when was paypal and ebay a bad thing? )

      FDC&F — medicaid and healthease (griping about money they are getting - it could be worse. they could get none at all)

      See what I mean? Playing the blame game always makes you the loser.

      0 Votes
    • Ka
      KarenW Sep 03, 2009

      Sounds like you work for a competing company. Like I said, if people actually read an online store policy, no one would have an issue. The only one to blame is yourself.

      4 Votes
    • Jo
      joyous blessing Sep 02, 2009

      If you're a reputible company you will 1. speak with the customer especially with concerns/questions; 2. you will answer emails with direct answers to their questions and not a copy and paste general canned message; 3. you will not have such a window of time in which to ship a product. I think this company needs to learn a few things from Lands End, Zappos and Baby Supermall. And how despicable to prey on those engaged in the joyous arrival of a newborn. Shame on you.

      -3 Votes
    • Ka
      KarenW Aug 31, 2009

      No i do not work for them, i do run a small business though and I am sick of doing business with customers that are online constantly griping instead of praising. I would like to know how many posts you all have done with praising a company, rather than bashing it. It is silly. read a policy before you agree to it. The only person you should be upset with is yourself.

      2 Votes
    • St
      stratoninja Jul 12, 2009

      I agree with randomconsumer11. Funny, seems my wife got another bullying email threatening legal action from laura h. (owner of angelbabybedding) the same day that KAREN W posted that response...sounds like a ghost writer for angel baby.
      It looks like the owner of angelbabybedding prolly prowls review websites and complaints boards for negative information and tries to bully people into taking down their opinions. Horrible business practices.

      0 Votes
    • Ra
      randomconsumer11 Jul 12, 2009

      Umm...karen w. U work for angelbaby huh?

      0 Votes
    • Ka
      KarenW Jul 10, 2009

      Also, this is part of the terms of service i read, not an email - "Customer publicly insults, degrades, lies or releases any information regarding an order (even if it is their order) on public forums, websites, discussion boards (or any other type of Internet site or public place). If a customer uses our business name in any way other than personal email's or referrals. Or in any way trying to negatively impact our gross sales verbally or printed online or off by stating not to do business with our company and/or "warning" others because of an issue you may have had with shipping, prices, policy, customer service, or any services provided to you that you agreed to when purchasing with Under defamation and/or libel."

      0 Votes
    • Ka
      KarenW Jul 10, 2009

      I feel that you probably should not agree to a policy, unless you read it.

      So I read here:
      "I ordered would be shipped w/in 1-6 weeks" then "May 20th and as of June 22nd" - so that is 4 weeks and 2 days - within the 1-6 time frame agreed to (Not counting in business days). Then you were refunded in full because the items were not available from the manufacturer - also in the policy I read and not the retailer fault - the manufacturer fault.

      Basically sounds like you did not read the policy on new collection offered and you are mad because you did not get your way. How do you think the retailer felt when they had to cancel orders based on the manufacturer defaulting on a product line?

      Same thing for the lady with the restock fee - then do not cancel the order when it is still within ship time - or at least read a policy before you agree to it.

      1 Votes


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