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I am sorry to say but I was also a victim of Daniel Fox. Back in November 08 I was contacted by one of his front line company that he hides behind for a home loan modification. I sent all the requested documentation along with 2, 100.00 for the modification. In February my house was sold back to the bank and Mr. Fox office never bother to contact my mortgage company. I called Mr. Fox office weekly to get a status of the loan and I was told repeatly that everything was going as planned. I was told that I did not need to pay November and December payments and Janaury's payment would be included in the loan modification therefore I would not need to pay a payment until February. Again, after several calls to office for a status, in February I called to see how much my new loan payment would be. His representative from his office told me to send in half a payment. She said that my loan company would send it back but at least they would have record that I tried to pay. This was a red flag for me so I called my loan. My loan company informed me that my house had been sold back to bank. I asked my loan company about the loan modification. She said she had no record of a loan modification. It turns out that no one from Mr. Fox's office had contacted my loan company. On several ocassion I asked Mary should I call my loan company she told me that they had it together and that is why I was paying them to contact my loan company on my behalf. After the loan was sold back to the back, Mr. Fox then contacted my loan company to try to work with them but it was too late. I requested a full refund from Mr. Fox. He told me he would give me my money back but as of today, I have not received any money.

Like many of the other victims, I feel so stupid to have fallen for such a scam. I've lost my house and my credit is rude! I have a lot of documentation that can prove that this man is a fraud. If ever there is a law suite I would love to be a part of it. You may contact me at [protected].

Maybe someone can explain to me why this man is not in jail. How can he continue to practice when he has hurt so many people. What can we do to stop him?

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