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Andrea Theodore/Rolls Royce Yorkies reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 22, 2009. The latest review Selling Sick puppies was posted on Jun 22, 2009. The latest complaint Selling Sick puppies was resolved on Jun 22, 2009. Andrea Theodore/Rolls Royce Yorkies has an average consumer rating of 5 stars from 1 reviews. Andrea Theodore/Rolls Royce Yorkies has resolved 1 complaints.

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Andrea Theodore/Rolls Royce YorkiesSelling Sick puppies

On April 29th, 2009, as a favor to my brother who lives in Texas, I went to see a woman named Andrea Theodore, who placed an ad online for Yorkie puppies. Apparently Andrea is placing ads online but she is not a breeder. She is a middle man for a woman named Julie Soutullo. Rolls Royce Yorkies is not a business. She just uses that name. All you have to do is google "Julie Soutullo" and her business "Yorkilicious" and you will find case upon case of where she has sold people sick puppies who have died a few days later, and then she promises she is going to refund the money but then she disappears. The other name you want to look up is "Dixie Pups", a business that Julie owned that was shut down.

Andrea asked me to meet her at a store in Aventura, called Poochie Coochie, and when I got there, Julie Soutullo was there and Andrea was acting as a salesperson. The store is located at 19096 W Dixie Highway, in Aventura. It’s a very small dog boutique selling bowls and dog clothes. In the back, there were two cages on the floor, each with several puppies inside. Julie told me that she breeds the dogs in her house but she can’t sell dogs out of her house because it’s illegal, so she sells them out of her boutique. I was told I couldn’t handle the pups because they were too young, and did not have their shots yet. I thought this was odd, but I didn’t question it. I called my brother’s girlfriend from the store, told her I thought everything was a little odd, especially the way that this Andrea person was kind of like a middle man, but she really wanted the dog so I gave Andrea the money and left with a receipt for the dog that said Yorkilicious on it as the business name.

On May 8th, the puppy was shipped to my brother in Texas. Immediately, his girlfriend said the dog didn’t look like the same dog she sent her pictures of. In any event she was so excited about the dog she didn’t make a big deal about it. The dog was sick almost immediately after they got her. She was having seizures and weak. They took her to the vet where she stayed for a week. She was infested with internal parasites and bacteria called coccidia. She was so frail she could barely walk or stand. After a week in the vet, the pup was sent home and they had to wake up every 2 hours to feed her. They tried everything they could to keep her alive and get her better, but she died in my brother’s arms.

After this, they contacted Andrea. Andrea told them that the puppy was perfectly healthy when she sent her, and that she probably got sick at the airport or from something on the plane. They told her that this was not the case, because she obviously did not get parasites and bacteria on the plane, she was obviously in a very filthy place before she came to them. Andrea said she would send them a new puppy, or the money back and they told her they want their money back. Then Andrea started telling them that Julie's husband had a heart attack and she was dealing with that, and stopped answering their calls and text messages. Of course, this is just an excuse and you can read all the other cases online where she has made similar excuses to people who have bought her dogs.

They paid 1380.00 for the dog, and shipping. They spent thousands trying to save this poor little angel.

Just search Google and you will find many, many posts... It's very sad and nobody knows that the dogs they are buying from this woman Andrea, are actually from Julie. Beware and do not buy puppies from either person.

Selling Sick puppies

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    • Yo
      yolie valdivia Nov 20, 2009

      what to do, record armando or julie this will not be need in court, but it will help the da with their case. speaker personnally to armando and julie at different times record all dates and time and who you spoke with. Send email for contact first keep a copy of all emails, phone records etc. Even if your are purchasing a puppy from Armando and if Julie even speaks to you, gives you information, send you an email that mean she is still in the business, ask for the vet name who will be checking the puppy but ask for a puppy picture, she is trickly she will send you a picture and often times it is not the puppy you actually get.

      Keep a log book of everything and don't beleive the ### that you can file with

      Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
      Division of Animal Industry
      ATTN: Diana Fuchs
      407 South Calhoun Street
      Tallahassee, FL [protected]
      Phone: [protected]
      Fax: [protected]

      because if Julie or Armando answer and denied it you automatic lose the case. She lied and said that the date for claiming was expire. I had all my documentation and still I lost. But anuyway file with them.

      If you live out of state Nicole had no power to help you, but in your home state you can file with you district attorney office and reference Nicole on the document. Send Nicole a copy of all you documents and copy of your case number and paperwork

      Please contact nicole johson at district attorney office
      [email protected]

      this is for new reporter

      Miami-Dade: 305-627-CLUE
      Broward: 954-921-CLUE
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Search Features
      Enter one or more search words:

      Carmel on the Case

      My phone number is [protected]

      I hope this helps anyone remember any communicat with julie and she is breaking probation.

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    • Wi
      Willwe'llfixit Nov 04, 2009

      This thief and liar is also ripping people off over the phone with tool scams as well! I'm out $300 dollars on a worthless tool under a 30 day risk free trial. Shipping both ways and a hold on the cod check for 30 days. Wrong! Three days after I got the tool and called to return the tool the check was already cashed! I have been lied to for a month now about returning my stolen money! She is doing business under the name of Tools At A Discount. I was recently contacted by one of her former employees who I had spoken with on the phone initially and she informed me that Tools at a Discount has been doing this sme dishonest thing to countless shops for a while now. This employee quit shortly after finding out these practices and has started legal action to protect her own name. Julie and her husband are liars and thieves and will do anything to get a dollar. They will pay in the long run and suffer for their sins. I just wish I had my money back!!

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    • Yo
      yollanda alavardo Aug 10, 2009

      This person have more names than I have underwear and sock combine. Her true idenity is Julie Soutullo and her husband Armando Soutullow, other names they use are: Wilma Harfenist, Marty Ginsburg, Alfonso Lopez, Merdith Harfenist.

      Companies name: Dixies Pups, Yorkilious, Poochie Koochie,
      the lastest company name is Milliondollarbaby

      Update anyone having problem with Julie Soutullo and Armando news alias names are Marge and Wilma Harfenist, Alfonso Lopez, Andrea Theordore and new phone numbers are [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]. So beware and check the web site for simial wording in the adversitment.

      Ask for current address she has two 19096 W. Dixie Hwy and 19416 NE 26 Ave #112., Maiami BCH Fl, 33180

      I 've been in contact with Nicole Johnson from Florida's District Attorney office; they have case pending against Julie case #M0742780 please contact her if you have a bad problem with Julie her phone is [protected] and Fredic Kerstien is fimialiar with case #F091912 for tax evasion and fraud contact number is direct line [protected] or [protected]


      She is now selling maltise so watch, buyer beware!!!
      LOUANN TEA CUP MALTISE - $1, 000.00

      - Breed: maltise
      - Ages: 8 weeks
      - Color: white
      - Weight: 130z

      Little Louann is the cutiest snow ball white maltise. She has a baby dollface, short legs, and tiny features. She weighs now 14oz and will be 3 pounds fully grown. Her parents are ... »

      8.2.2009 / Milliondollarbaby (Miami, Florida)
      Tel: [protected] Send e-mail

      Local News
      Friday, December 21, 2007 Print friendly version Watch the video
      Buzz up!vote now
      Pet store owner accused of selling sick puppies MIAMI (WSVN) -- Authorities seized a pet store after the owner is accused of selling sick puppies.

      According to officials, 52-year-old Julie Soutullo, owner of Poochie Koochie in Aventura, has not followed Florida's Pet Lemon Law. Soutullo is being accused of bringing puppies from puppy mills in South America. Experts say puppies that cost $10 in Argentina, can be sold here for a $1, 000. "This woman has a history of selling sick animals and just tearing people's families apart. It's horrible. And we're very pleased today to be here and be in the process of just shutting her down, " said Kathleen Labrada, Animal Services Investigator.

      Soutullo was selling animals without the official certificate of veterinary inspection, officials said. One of her clients, Lee Aken says he bought a puppy for his children from Soutullo, and it died a day and a half later. "And devastating. I mean, here you bring home a puppy. They want to play with it. They're looking at it and they can't get near it. I'm keeping it alive, i'm keeping it away from them because there's something wrong, " said Aken. At the pet store, agents say they found medicine for treating sick puppies.

      The Department of Revenue seized boxes of records and computers. According to the search warrant, the state suspects the failure to pay sales tax, file returns and the filing of false or fraudulent returns.

      Authorities say before Soutullo opened Poochie Koochie, she operated Dixie Pups. Both businesses have generated multiple complaints.

      (Copyright 2007 by Sunbeam Television Corp. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

      I file a complaint with rip of report under the name ANNOYMOUS, SIMI VALLEY CALIFORNIA
      June 21 first contact (internet email [email protected]) purchase male yorkie deposit $1, 475.00 into Bank of America account# [protected]. Puppy shipped June 23, 2008 via Continental l Airlines. Puppy dies of PRAVO on July 10, 2008.

      I send her via email the letter from the veterinary statement for the dead puppy. Julie promises my daughter on the phone to asap send another puppy. After two month of sad excuses of my mother is sick, my husband is sick, I am sick and at right now I am at the doctor's office. I finally gave up in Sep 2009 I told her to refund my money. She claims that she would send me the money asap after getting the original veterinary statement. She sends me a letter envelope dated Sep 12, 2008 requesting the statement.

      I sent the packet with everything including the Veterinary statement, all the bills vet, supplies to disinfect the Pravo, gas for traveling to airport, phone bills, toys, sleeping supplies etc. She refuses to accept the package I send her. I phone her and again she lied. She claim her friend refuse the package to resend it to her.
      I file with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
      Division of Animal Industry and she lied again claiming the puppy I brought was pay for in March. Not true I have the original shipper dated June 23rd and have her husband signature on it.
      I mailed all my documents to the State District Attorney office. District Attorney Kershien and Nicole Johnson, Nicole is handling one case and her number is [protected] case number is F091912 and another is M0742780. It seems it is on going case.

      At this time she as accept a plea bargains of 3 years probation and ONLY 20 day house arrest. What is wrong this pictures. We the victims suffer more than she will. We the victim cried because of Provo infective germ in the house with the possibility of killing our other pets, We the victim that had to suffer watching that little puppy suffer. We the Victim who suffer long after Julie's complete her 3 year probation and ONLY 20 DAYS house arrest. What kind of justice is this, where is our Judicatory system, it is not working to protect the innocent both man and animal. The sentence is repulsive and tasteless it is not sufficient. SHE IS MURDERING PUPPIES. She puts all puppies together in a place that it is not disinfected to protect those other little innocent puppies who at the time does not have Pravo. THAT IS MURDER!!!
      Julie's sentence is not acceptable!!!
      Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
      Division of Animal Industry
      ATTN: Diana Fuchs
      407 South Calhoun Street
      Tallahassee, FL [protected]
      Phone: [protected]
      Fax: [protected]
      Better Business Bureau
      Broward County State Attorney's Office
      201 Southeast 6th Street
      Fort Lauderdale, FL33301
      Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine
      Executive Director: Juanita Chastain
      1940 North Monroe Street
      Tallahassee, FL32399-0773
      Phone: 850.487.1395
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Please include "Veterinary" in the subject line.
      Contact the Humane Society of the United States by filling out there form at They use this information in a database to search and accurately track problem sellers to help the fight against puppy mills.
      Please email at [email protected] and tell your stories so it can pass the along the information as well.

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