Anchor of Milwaukeedo not rent to theora charleston brown and julius lee wiggins

R Nov 22, 2017

Do not rent to Theora Charleston Brown (Chicken Leg) and Julius Lee Wiggins, because they are a disgrace to Avenue West/Merrill Plaza Apartments, because Theora be getting drunk by drinking beer every day acting crazy, Starting fights and arguments with Julius every night and every morning while tenants be sleeping!!! Theora starts fights and arguments with good tenants inside the building, and when you live below her and Julius. If you tell her to keep it down, She'll tell you to shut up and stay away from her door.She lies, spread rumors, spread false accusations and false allegations to other tenants throughout the whole apartment building about that tenant to ruin their reputation!!! She talk and say bad things about good tenants throughout the whole apartment building.Craig Z the apartment manager won't evict them when they cause trouble in that apartment building. Craig sticks up for them and He protects them from getting evicted!!! Stay away from Craig Z, Theora Charleston Brown and Julius Lee Wiggins because they ain't nothing but trouble!!! Stay away from Avenue West/Merrill Plaza Apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin because they are not worth living and moving into!!!

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