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My Name is Timmy Ferguson. I currently have a car loan through The Anadarko Bank & Trust Co. My auto loan account number is 3005666. Since I purchased the car, my family and I have been flooded out of our home and I have changed jobs.
I worked for United General Contractors for three years at $14.50 per hour. In March I had gotten a new job with The Goodyear Tire Company at an hourly pay rate of $25.00 per hour. The problem is that the first six months I work at half pay. Then for the second six months I recieve three quarter pay. Three quarter pay began October 1st at $18.00 dollers per hour.
As a result of the temporary pay cut I had fallen behind on my car payment. I was unable to pay the full amount, however I paid at least $100.00 per week! As a result I became 30 days behind on my note.
My pay is directly deposited into my checking account every week at Anadarko Bank & Trust Co. My payroll is deposited into my account every friday. We were corrosponding our payment arrangements with an employee named Vera at the Anadarko Bank & Trust. We authorized Vera to deduct $100.00 dollars from our account on Friday.
On Monday another employee named Landon Jones removed our remaining balance of $250.oo Dollars from our checking account without permission, overdrafting our account by $20.00. I confronted Landon and he told me that Vera did not have the authority to make arrangements with us and he could leagelly take money from our account without our permission. I offered to simply turn the car in to him and he accused me of threaghtening him. Landon said that from now on I had better make my payments on time and not get thirty days past due.
Landon is aware that I had just received my first raise but is in no way interested in working with us to help us get current on our note. Because he overdrafted our account we have three checks for food and fuel that will no longer clear.
Landon Jones is not willing to work with their customers. I have a co-worker warn me about Landon Jones. This co-worker warned me that Landon would take everything from my account without permission leaving my family and myself in financial trouble. I should have listened.
I intened to close my account with Anadarko Bank & Trust Co. and strongly encourage others not only to do the same, but to never do buiseness with them again.

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    Landon J. Jones Mar 23, 2009

    Timmy - I, LANDON J. JONES - Entirely understand your position and I "Feel" very disquieted about anyone ELSE with MY name "Landon Jones" that regards anyone in the manor in which you've described in your UNILATERAL STATEMENT/POSITION decribing your Unfortunate situation.

    God Bless to you and your entrie Family during your thoughtful prayers, pleadings, and conversations with GOD Above as you continue to voice your concerns via the PUBLIC ACCESS Intetrnet. I have also suggested to some people in the NYC area that the "Village Vioce" Newspaper Classified Ads is also a viable alternative to seek the relief/satisfaction you may be in search of?

    Again, My Prayers are wiht you! Sincerely, Landon J. Jones

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